Taylor Momsen Screens TWO LOVERS

Taylor Momsen
strutted her stuff in a sultry black dress at a Two Lovers special screening in New York City, Wednesday night. Photos: INF, Fame. +7 under cut!

  • Saaaami

    I can’t believe I am older than her.
    She looks like she’s in her 20’s.

  • Anonymous

    wow i love the 1st picture, it looks very artistic… ^^

  • Anonymous


  • carrie

    she’s kind of skiny, isn’t she? i can see her bones, that’s not vert pretty, other than that, she looks so gorgeous, her dress is flawless and yes she IS wearing the adorable alexander mcqueen shoes! i love her style!

  • http://itcelebrity.blogspot.com mrx

    nice :)

  • . . .

    ugh!! she’s such a friggin slut!! i hate her! :&&

  • Anonymous

    she looks high

  • quackquack

    shes only 15?!?!?!?!?
    hhahahah and she made out with chase crawford in an episode of gossip girl
    shes the luckiest 15 year old i know….
    and it was a FULL ON MAKE OUT SESSION


    i miss her spy kids days :(

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Role model?
    LOL, just find it a tad funny..

  • Anonymous

    Agreed 100%.
    SO many older people try to look younger, i mean why make yourself grow up so fast.
    (Life, Is short, live in the moment. )

  • Luana

    Hate Miley
    LOVE Taylor <3

  • lolly

    shes so beautiful
    love her

  • sam

    what does this have to do with miley?

    and tay is prettay
    love GG

  • vanessa

    its kinda weird tht shes 15 and im 14 and she looks totally older than me i guess thts how the fame world looks if your young u need to lokke older if your older need to look younger lolololololol………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    i miss her
    grinch days .
    she was uber cute in that movie :(

  • Anonymous

    she does not look 15.
    she’s gorgeous!

  • letmebe

    she looks awkward in the first picture. and i dont like howw she’s only 15 and already trying so hard to make statements about how famous she is. she doesnt need to look like courtney love with racoon eyes to show her edginess

  • trisha

    omg i love her shoes, i want a pair now (:

  • Cami

    She looks gorgeous.

  • mmm

    i love alexander mcqueen pumps.

  • TINA

    dude shes a bra stuffer. you can easily tell. she’s turning into those wannabes.

  • Anonymous

    How does she sit down in that dress? Yikes

  • amanda

    lol! she looks old enough to be a model.

  • Anonymous

    cant believe she’s 15

  • Anonymous


  • Jane

    she seriously needs to get her life in order!

  • Anonymous

    yeah, she seems so much older.

  • Jodi

    shes stunning, shes my rolemodel

  • Anonymous

    She looks beautiful!!!!!
    and her shoess are ADORABLE!

  • Anonymous

    ew, she’s wearing the alexander mcqueen shoes? that shits UGLY

  • Anonymous

    she looks high

  • Anonymous

    UM, that dress is a little short don’t ya think? She’s 15! She’s worse then MILEY! That’s a whole lot of worse-ness_ If that even is a word :P)

    if bitch got it,
    bitch gonna flaunt it. :)

  • jackson rathbone lover

    she look so good! the shoes were a nice touch!
    love them!
    oh btw shes really pretty!

  • Anonymous

    i know! and she has a bangin body! i’m jealous! she’s my body icon lol

  • Anonymous

    UM, that dress is a little short don’t ya think? She’s 15! She’s worse then MILEY! That’s a whole lot of worse-ness_ If that even is a word :P)

  • Amy

    she is pretty but to believe that she is only 15 (or is it 16) is sad.
    i wish she could show her natural beauty and live a life that fits to her age.

    if this was one of those show that people guess how old the person look, the show would be called “how to look 10 years older”.

    she is beautiful, but i really dont think she needs that amount of makeup and type of clothe to show her self.