Poised Keke Palmer waltzed down the red carpet at 40th NAACP Image Awards in Los Angeles on Friday night. Photos: Fame, Juan Rico. Myspace blog:
Hey guys,

I am back in Los Angeles, had a great time in New York so excited about tonight!

Remember when I wrote about how getting up very early in the morning is a bad part of being in show business. Well attending award shows where you meet celebrities that you have been watching on TV for your whole life..

..people like Halle Berry, Denzel Washington, Whitney Houston, well this is one of the good parts.

Some people that I want to meet tonight are Beyonce [I met her sister Solange before she was cool] I actually met Kanye once before he told me how much he liked Akeelah and The Bee.

Maybe I can talk him into doing a song or 2 on my new CD, he’s probably too busy, but hey maybe he will show me some Chi -Town love. I want to meet Diddy because he is so smart and just seems to have so much drive and energy that’s something that people say I have too..

..I don’t know I just try to stay focused on my goals.

I just realized that Jennifer Hudson, Kanye and I are all from Chicago amazing!
Wow, True Jackson VP is a HIT! God is so good! Thank you all again for supporting the show, me and my cast will continue to work hard we will not take your support for granted.

Each show we will try to get better and better to keep you watching and spreading the good word about the show! I have to run, on my way to the salon to get all pretty for tonight! Guys this is what dreams are made of, don’t ever stop dreaming because I am proof that they can come true..

  • Nikki

    I love Keke!
    I can’t believe she’s from Chicago! Finally someone that’s from Chicago:)

  • oh hay

    she’s wearing the same dress that demi wore during the twilight premiere.

  • bernadette J

    wellls…. she looks really black. hah no jk jk. but she dosnt look nice. i love her songs

  • Anonymous

    Pretty girl

  • Anonymous

    She is very gorgeous and I love the dress.



  • Anonymous

    i think she looks oily in that pic.
    but besides that….she’s really gorgeous!!!!

  • Jane

    she’s really pretty

  • Anonymous

    I love her!! It seems like there are alot of racist people who leave rude comments on posts about her on this website tho.

  • Hanah


    shes so pretty,(:

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i wish nick j would date her

  • lauren

    :D she’s awsome

  • Anonymous