Shenae Grimes Swarmed On Robertson

Tisdale-in-training Shenae Grimes soaked up fan and paparazzi attention as she left a shopping spree on Robertson Boulevard in Beverly Hills, Thursday afternoon. Photos: Fame. +10!

  • heather

    aww shes sooooo cute

  • andrew

    she is ugly

  • Anonymous

    ahh i love her! =)

  • Jane

    something about her bothers me…i don’t think she’s that pretty

  • Anonymous

    i love her haair
    can u do that with a flat iron?

  • e

    ugh i hate her. she thinks she’s all that but she’s ugly, she can’t act, and she ruins 90210…

  • Megan!

    Aww i love her and 90210!
    Woo Canada!

  • Megan!

    Aww i love her and 90210!
    Woo Canada!

  • c

    she’s so pretty :]

  • Anonymous

    i miss her on degrassi

  • hehe

    she needds to go back on!

  • Anonymous

    I feel like hollywood will change her. I miss the innocent Darcy from Degrassi! Well as she got older, she wasn’t so innocent lol.


    I went to high school with her and she actually deserves this the least out of anyone I know. she was a stuck up whore and she definitely is NOT nice. Yeah, its not a flat iron, its called EXTENSIONS.

  • Rachel

    I like her sunglasses and her red shoes that its :D

  • kateeee

    she is so prettayyy.
    i remember her degrassi days. lol.

  • Lovely_Gema_!23

    Shes alright.
    Like her outfit(Hate the shoes)

  • click

    sexy babe=]]]]

  • Marta1428 – fan from Poland

    i love her styl ;D
    she’s so awesome!

  • Anonymous

    she’s freaking GORGEOUS.

  • Anonymous

    such a cute girl :)

  • Anonymous


  • SelenaFan


  • http://sfA A

    i dont even know who she is

  • lc

    she does look a lot like ashley!first?

  • TINA

    i know she does look like a tisdale.
    if you look at picture 8.
    you can see those clear retainers sliding off her

  • Anonymous

    go back to canada

  • nathaly pont

    OMG!!! I love you so much and I think that you are verry verry prety , beautiful , person with a beautiful hare , and I realy admire you and I will like to met you. I love you so much……. my number 6464290 …… and when a saw you program of 90210 beberly hills…. I realized that only 4 episodes were missing and began to watch the episodes online and now I am aware I realy love you PLEACE give me a chance to met you pleace call me ….. love you <3 NATHALY

  • cat

    love her!

  • Alli

    She wears weird clothes, but she makes it work.

  • Dwayne

    All the girls on the show are cute

  • JhrPlm

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