AnnaLynne McCord spilled to MTV News how badly she wants a role in New Moon: ‘As badly as Edward wants Bella. As badly as Victoria hungers for revenge. As badly as.. well, you get the point.’

Can I just tell you how much of a dork I am?I used to wear vampire teeth for like, a year straight. I’d go to the grocery store, and as I was checking out I’d look up and be like, ‘Arrgh!’ Like, I’m hardcore! This is way before [Stephenie Meyer’s books], and then ‘Twilight’ was awesome.’

We are in negotiations. It’s definitely something I’d love to do; as most people know, I am obsessed with vampires. I’m a true-blood ‘Twilight’ fan all the way. There’s some scheduling conflicts [With 90210], and we’re trying to work that out now. We’ll see what happens with it, but hopefully, fingers crossed, it’ll smooth over and we’ll be able to work it out.’

AnnaLynne nearly played Nikki Reed‘s part in the original film: ‘They wanted me to play Rosalie. I met with the producers when ‘Twilight’ was casting, the original. I was on ‘Nip/Tuck’ at the time. And they were like, ‘We’d love to have you in this little film we’re doing called ‘Twilight,’ but the family only has small roles.’ They were like, ‘It shoots in Oregon, so you probably couldn’t do it anyway.’ And I was like, ‘If it shot [in LA] that would be cool. Then this little film ‘Twilight’ blows up, crazy. So, I came back in for a [Recent ‘New Moon’] meeting and was like, ‘Hey, remember me? I supported you way back when!’ I’m like, ‘Let’s do this!”

AnnaLynne would play the small but pivotal role of Heidi, described in the books as an exceptional beauty who lures humans to the Volturi to be feasted upon: ‘I love Heidi. She’s obviously very sexy. She’s the fisherman; she’s the bait. It’s a fun character to play. But she’s also a thousand-year-old vampire, so that’s
kind of badass.’

She also talked about hooking up with her former Abercrombie & Fitch model/ co-worker Kellan Lutz: ‘We did those [Ad campaigns], forever ago. Like, when I was 16. And so it’s been really cool. Ever since he came back on [‘90210′] we’ve been able to hook back up and hang out again.’

On Ashley Greene: ‘I love Ashley, I’ve known her for awhile. It’s really cool that we all know each other. We’re all friends, and we all spent New Year’s together, and it would be really cool to be in Vancouver together shooting. I hope it all works out, and [Kellan] definitely, definitely hopes it works out as well.’

  • lily

    everyone, this is mileys real myspace! shes really nice!:)
    add her!

  • Lily

    everyone, this is mileys real myspace! shes really nice!:)

  • kamilah

    oh never mind i didnt read all of it lol. heidi has like the smallest role in the book. yah it does sound like she just wants to be in the movie now because its big now. i mean rosalies character is a much bigger role than heidies so she down graded big time.

  • Anonymous

    she’s so hot

  • 90210 fan

    haha she’s hot! I love her. Ironic she’s supposed to be Rosalie who’s Emmett’s love interests and Emett is played by Kellan Lutz who’s her boyfriend in real life

  • Lily

    OMG everyone, this is mileys real myspace! shes really nice!:)
    add her!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    She would have done such a good job as rosalie

    She’s much more how I imagined her than the actress that played her

  • Anonymous

    baha, i dont think anyone could perfectly fit the role of rosalie.
    the most gorgeous person on the planet who’s blonde and is supposed to look around 18?
    yeah um..

  • Anonymous

    she is soo UGLY!

  • Anonymous

    shes really pretty, but her face kinda scares me. she look evil. lol.

  • Anonymous

    Loveee her she’s amazing!!!!! Hope it all works out!

  • Fletcher

    she’s hot but my heart belongs to Miley.

  • mel

    she didn’t say she didn’t want the role because twilight didnt seem to have all the fame, she has a bigger role on nip/tuck, and exchanging it for a little part in one movie would not have been a smart idea.

  • Anonymouse

    she mad pretty thou
    but nope i like nikki reed
    i think shes perfect for it,
    she should be Heidi!

  • Anonymous

    Ok no, she sounds completely obsessed and practically demands the role… wow seeking popularity much? Even though the role for Heidi is really small seriously NO! I don’t want her part of New Moon!

  • Jane

    she sounds really desperate to be in it. but she’s pretty, i think she would be good

  • Anonymous

    shes really pretty, but her face kinda scares me. she look evil. lol.


    But i think that would work out since
    she is campaigning to be a “bad” vampire….
    I think that she would be perfect for heidi!!!

  • Melrose

    Might as well write
    “I NEED TO BE IN NEW MOON!!” on her face.

  • hehe

    ew wtf? dirty picture

  • Anonymous

    no one wants a porn star in new moon hun..



  • Jonas 4 Canada !

    Shes so pretty!
    She probably wants a role to be with Kellan!

  • Rockingtheace

    No not Heidi, be Jane! Waay better than Dakota (UGH) but sereiously? That’s wack, she didn’t want to be in Twilight?LITTLE MOVIE???hahahaha. Looks like you made a bad choice!
    But she could have been a good Rosalie, but I like Nikki so it’s all good. She shouldn’t be Heidi though, Heidi will probably get cut from the movie. So she should be Jane…

  • Kristen

    uh nice picture oceanup. ew.

  • RRose

    I feel the same way it’s annoying when I started reading it back in 05′ 06′ everyone thought I was goth or weird for reading a book about vampires.Now EVERYONE is obessed with if they love it so much why didn’t you notice the book when it came out?! I hate those contests where their like “whose the biggest twilight fan” and the person who always wins is a 11 year old girl who didn’t even know about the book until the movie came out and probably doesn’t even know what half of the words in the book means.It’s extremely annoying.

  • Anonymous


  • soulie

    wait wait wait….so before twilight was such a big hype she couldn’t care less about it, but since its so huge she wants in? I mean i get it, but couldn’t she be a little more subtle about it without sounding so eager for fame?

  • taLoRsWiFtBFF

    ew ew ew ew ew e w ew e w e w e w e w yyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • S !

    lemme get this striaght

    she’s a ‘hardcore’ twilight books fna but didn’t even want to be in the movie BEFORE she found its huge??? if she was a big fan of twilight she wuda known hw amny people like it& how big itll obviously be

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  • Anonymous

    omg she makes hrself seem so desperate

  • Anonymous

    she is sooo pretty

  • h

    from reading what she said, i dont like her

  • Anonymous

    im so over all this hype of twilight.
    and dont get me wrong.
    i started reading twilight just when new moon came out.
    sick of it.
    and now all these actors.
    vanessa, daokta, hilary and now this one.

  • oohthisisansos x3

    aww thats cool
    i kinda think she would’ve been a better Rose
    i mean Nikki is pretty and its adorable she &kristin are like sisters
    but really she’d be an awesome Rose

    but idk its weird that she wasn’t nearly as eager before it was a big fame

  • Anonymous

    What a whore-like picture oceanUp

  • djfjd

    Awww she looks like she really wants it & even is a big fan so I think she should get it. Unlike Hilary who thinks she’ an actress hahaha.

  • Anonymous

    i love annalynn on 90210 :D

  • Anonymous

    shes really pretty, i think she looks more of how i pictured rosalie to be. i love Nikki Reed as Rose but i think AnnaLynn wouldve been a better Rosalie. She’d be a great Heidi though, I’m jealous shes gets in on New Moon! I love the books / twilight movie :)

  • Liss

    You know… I actually think she would be a great Heidi. I Any other role, and I’d be pissed – but I can totally see her as Heidi.

  • Anonymous

    shes be a great heidi, or a rosalie, too bad rosalies taken but nikki reeds pretty good @ rosalie. OMFG HER BELLYBUTTON IN THAT PICTURE, lol it looks funny, but gorgeous none-the-less.

  • Anonymous

    nikki plays a better rosalie.

  • Anonymous

    honestly, i dont think shes pretty enough.
    yeah shes pretty, but, idk-

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    arent they shooting in like march? i mean they better figure out who’s gonna play her and everyone else that isnt casted.

    alothough heidi literally has like, 1 line.

  • scenestarr

    I LOVE HER. She’s amazing in nip/tuck she’d probably be pretty good in twilight. ive had enough of these disney stars getting all the suspecting roles. -.-

  • kamilah

    okay my mind is coming up blank. who is heidi in new moon. i dont remember that character at all.

    but anyways i could def. see her playing a bad vampire and she def. would have fit rosalies charcater better than nikki (i love nikki though, i like her as rosalie its just that i pictured the character differently) but i still think they shouldnt cast a lot of known actors. its going to throw the movie off.


    lol she trys SOOOO hard

    “as bad as edward wants bella”
    “as bad as victoria HUNGERS for bellas blood”
    like SHUTUP, your annoying and your going to ruin new