Twilight beauty Ashley Greene enjoyed a lively night out at Club DeLux in Hollywood on Thursday night with friends. Photos: Fame. +4 more under!

  • Rachel=]]]

    She’s sooo pretty!!!

  • Anonymous

    i have the exact same boots!!!!

  • keyla

    i love her she rocks at big time!

  • Nikki

    i love her!
    she is really pretty and she plays the perfect Alice Cullen!!

  • Anonymous

    i have that scarf. its from target.

  • B.

    nice party wear

  • Anonymous

    She AWESOME!

  • Anonymous

    she looks soooo different than she did in twilight
    i didn’t even recognize her. lmao
    but she’s really prettyy

  • ashleyfan

    love ashley, i think she suits alice perfectly.

    She has got natural beauty.

  • Jane

    she’s really pretty

  • Anonymous

    she’s GORGEOUS.
    i love her

  • anna

    i love her soo muchh!
    she is awesomeee!

  • mirna

    she is gorgeous

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I seriously think she is so pretty

  • aly

    She’s really pretty:)

  • crys


  • Anonymous

    whoa i totally didn’t recognize her without the short, spikey hair.
    she’s gorgeous though!

  • KaiRob

    She has a nose exactly like Michael Jackson’s. O_O

  • Cami

    She’s so pretty!

  • Anonymous

    sshes awesome i love alice

  • Stephanie

    I LOVE ASHLEYYY!!!!! She is so prettyy! =]

  • Kristen Lyn

    wow, she’s really pretty.

  • Anonymous

    She’s cute.

  • ~Yasso~

    luv her!!