• Anonymous

    KEKE wore it wayy better!! Demi’s skin blends in with the dress while Keke’s made it pop, also her added curves made the dress really shine!! Demi is cool but KEKE OWNED THIS HANDS DOWN!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    who the hell cared about keke

  • Anonymous

    demi is sooo fat

  • Me

    It looks better on Demi, paleness suits that dress. There’s too much contrast on keke, you’re drawn more to her face and arms than you are to the dress.

  • Dumm Blonnd

    First vote!

  • Katie

    firstt!! demiii is better :D

  • hannah

    first!!demi wore it better

  • Anonymous

    it isn’t about knowing who it is. It’s who wears the dress better. Just gave proof that she’s only winning by popularity.

  • Anonymous

    demi looks weird how does she look better
    ur prob just racist dats y

  • team jonas

    demi . even though she blends in with the dress xD

  • ILoveTaylorLautner

    i love love love Demi but Keke wore it better.
    Demi’s skin is o pale for that dress!

  • Anonymous

    Yes, it is the same dress. Different lighting and different body.

    To YOUTUBER: She didn’t wear it loose, her body type is different. You can’t pull off that dress with no curves.

  • Anonymous

    I love demi and dont care about keke…but obviously, it looked better on Keke than on Demi :/

  • Em

    I think it looks better on Demi with her plane skin actually. You would think it wouldn’t because the dress and her skin are both a light color. I love Demi’s skin! I wish I had her skin! lol. Keke looks pretty in hers it’s just not as pretty and flattering on her as it is on Demi in my opinion. They’re both pretty awesome. Except that True Jackson show is stupid. But Sonny With A Chance is stupid too. lol.

  • Anonymous

    looks better on demi

  • RawRR_itzEM(ily)

    i LUV demi and i think shez really prettyy…but truthfully keke wore it better..demi is too pale and it kinda all jus blends in together.

  • Anonymous

    keke palmer wore it best is just that demi lovato is more popular so that’s why she is winning…dont like demi lovato…

  • Anonymous

    are you kidding me keke wore it better, demi made it look like a old womans dress, ewww. see everyone is choosing who they like better, cus keke rocked tht dress

  • fjfd

    Im not going to vote cause it looks cute on both of them.

  • Anonymous

    Demi is too pale for the dress.It also fits and hugs Kekes body better :)

  • Anonymous

    demi! don’t even know who the other girl is..

  • andrew

    hate demi so for me keke wear it better

  • http://www.youtube.com/dustieandkristen Kristen Lyn

    i think they both look gorgeous in it.


    you know why?

  • Anonymous


  • duh

    Thats not even the same dress but Keke wore it better.

  • me

    LOVE Demi but she’s too pale or that dress.

  • Alissa

    Demi soo suits that dress expeically hr paleness whoever Said that she doesent is relle that stupoid cuz colour dont match and yu guys are soo recist to pale people. I mean i LOVE Keke and all but i feel badd for Demi now, but still SHUT UPP AND STOP BEIN’ RACIST TO PALE PEOPLE

  • Anonymous

    KeKe should win this by a long shot. It looks boring and drab on Demi. It just doesn’t fit her well at all.

    It looks amazing and cute on KeKe.

  • Anonymous

    This is one of those things that not everyone can pull off. This comparison proves it.

  • heather

    demi looked like a ghost and I HATE her shoes so obviously keke. just bcuz demi is more popular doesn’t mean she looks better. and i LOVE kekes shoes

  • Anonymous

    of course keke wore it better. demi looks sooo washed out in that color.

  • Anonymous

    the dress is just hanging on demi.
    love them both but kekes silloette looks better.
    plus demi is too pale.

  • catherine

    Keke wore it best, she has the figure for it.
    I love Demi still though.,

  • http://twitter.com/KaiRobinson KaiRob

    Keke wore it better. It looked more fitting on her.
    I love Demi but she didn’t pull it off as well as KeKe and the only reason people are voting for Demi is because of her popularity. This isn’t a popularity poll, though. IT’s about the dress, not who’s in it so just put the HONEST votes in. -_-

  • Anonymous


    YEAH, she looks pale
    but she was going to a twilight premier

    hello, vampire? hahah

    i think she looks very audrey hepburn and elegant!

  • Bella

    You know what Anonymous you shut-up. Demi is NOT fat, and we are NOT racist. Just because we like Demi better
    than Keke does NOT mean we are racist. And for your information I am white and I voted for Keke so STOP saying peole are racist.

  • valeria

    i kinda agree. I like demi better, and i like her har, but Keke pulled it off. People just picked Demi bc they like her. But Keke looks great.

  • Anonymous

    wow, demi slimmed down!

  • kjonasrocksss(:


    love you kid.


  • lenny

    demi lovato !!!!!
    are you serous ?

  • cookiemonster

    They both wore it beautifully! They are both gorgeous girls but I think Demi looks better in the dress just by a smidgen. It was a tough call!

  • Anonymous

    demi looks like ghost. good for her.


    Wow u didnt want keke palmer just because she isnt cute dude yes she is demi’s a faggot she fat and acts like miley now

  • sofila

    it’s not the same dress….


    i love the way demi wore it kinda loose.
    i just love that idea.
    and brw. i like keke but she had it on too tight
    and it looks like she trying too hard,
    while demi just had fun with it.
    and could actually breath while wearing it.

  • Anonymous

    i bet people who voted for demi are racist

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    demi is too pale for this dress!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I think keke wore it etter ecause she feels it out as of demi’s is just flat and no ounce to it! Keke rules!

  • maxine

    demi lovato is better :))

  • Anonymous

    ok first it is keke ppl r icking demi cus shes more popular. honestly when i look at the outfits i only look at the outfits not whose wearing it like that. and on demi it looks like nothing just this flat shish kabob or sumthing and she looks as flat as aboard. KEKE all the way

  • Anonymous

    Exactly thank you to the ppl that understand they are picking demi cus shes all popular! i mean i like her but still keke wore it great it ha flair and still some volume in the chest demi is wayy to pale and looks like a cloud and its as flat as a board!!

  • latte911

    keke palmer is cute demi lovate cut too but demi look good in her dress

  • Anonymous

    right wins.

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  • AnonymousJ

    Keke wore it better cause Demi’s skin color blended in with the dress.Keke wore it netter cause she made the dress pop and she made it look better with her edges!