Hilary Duff NEW MOON-ER?

Hilary Duff wants to play a vampire in New Moon. Hils’ was heard backstage at Mercedes Benz Fashion week talking to Twilight star Peter Facinelli about how badly she wants a role in the upcoming blockbuster.

The source revealed to Hollyscoop: ‘Hilary told Peter how bad she wants
to be in the next Twilight movie. Hilary said that she would want to be one
of the vampires in the movie.’

  • Bella M

    Yay I love hilary her movies are so much better now, Stay cool looks really good and MTV said its one of the best movies for 09, greta looks really good so does safety glass and bonnie and clyde sounds good. So go hilary! she should be jane or Heidi. xxxxx

  • Anonymous

    WHAT?!?!?! NOOOOOO SHE HAS NO TALENT!!! FUCK NOOOOOOOOO!!! GO AWAY, GO AWAY…. GO FILM BONNIE AND CLYDE or they should at least cast a real actres!!! (hehehehehe)

  • Anonymous

    ughhh. are they like trying to put every single celeb in this movie. like WOW! nxt thing u noe brad and angelina will be in it too!

    dnt get my rong! i love hilary duff. but

  • Anonymous

    no!!! she would ruin the movie.
    i would like it better if wasn’t so many known actors in it. she just wants more fame and business.

  • She could play the girl(forgot her name)that brings people to the volturiso they can kill/drink there blood after bella and edward leave with alice and are in the “waiting room”


  • Anonymous

    Twilight makes actors into horrible actors. i do not understand why everyone wants to be in it? i watched the first movie, and like robert pattinson was not good. i think he is an amazing actor. these people just fame and money.

  • Anonymous
  • h

    i would love if shes in it but i dont kno who she could play?

  • Alli

    she should play jane instead of dakota fanningg.

  • Kaitlin

    I like Hilary, but I think they are trying to get too big of names to be in this movie. I liked how in Twilight, almost everyone was pretty unknown.
    I could picture her as Jane, though.
    I think im just jealous because I want to be Jane. =] haha

  • aly

    Everyone wants in New Moon because of how much Twilight made and they want the money and fame and shit. If Hilary was in the movie, she’d have to have a non speaking role because I think she sucks at acting.
    I’m in favor of Dakota fanning playing Jane:)
    Screw all those superstars who want in the movie. They’ll ruin it.

  • katy

    shes allowed in.
    i approve.

    uhmmm she could play……
    just one of the volturi i guess….
    or maybe like tonya i guess…
    maybe if she just gets some strawberry blonde stuff done… lol but thats eclipse or breaking dawn isnt it?
    breaking dawn.

  • bri

    ppl that say she is talentless are obviously blind and deaf. shes AMAZING at acting and i think she would b great as one of the vampires… im thinking well i can think of her name… she went “fishing” for the volturi OR maybe sams GF who i also cant think of her name.

  • kdjfj

    Hilary need to get lost pronto. First she wants to ruin the classic “Bonnie & Clyde” which she is in the process of ruining & she even goes as far as to diss her fans saying they don’t know about Faye Dunaway & now this. Who the hell does Hilary think she is, she’s not even a good actress.

  • gergtrg

    Absolutly, not!

  • Anonymous

    why are all these disney stars basically linning up to be in it?

  • Anonymous

    but she has talent why does it matter why she wants the role? I say She’d be awesome in the movie preferably not as a good guy!!! Selena gomez is still too disney

  • twilight fan

    No freaking wayy. She can’t actt!
    Sorry I like her but she just isn’t fit for any of the characters.


  • Jessica

    Ew!!!!!! I hate Hilary Duff and I love Twilight! but i dont think she will make a good vampire and ALOT of people dont like her soooo no i dont think she should!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Love the movie but I don’t think Hilary would be good in New Moon.
    I don’t think she could bring that uniqueness like the cast of Twilight can.

  • marie

    sucker ¬¬

  • Jane

    why does everyone want to be in it? i mean it was good but not AMAZING

  • Jessica J

    She could play the girl(forgot her name)that brings people to the volturiso they can kill/drink there blood after bella and edward leave with alice and are in the “waiting room”

  • Jessica J

    i rather have her then selena,i rather have anybody else then selena!selena is every where its so annoying im so glad she hasnt even said the word “twilight”

  • http://lilly_hannah_vance_hottie mitchie

    She could play one of the vampires in Eclipse. I could so see Dakota Fanning playing Jane. Hilery Duff is to old to play Jane, she would do good as Tanya, or maybe even Irina

  • Anonymous

    hell no.

  • Anonymous


  • natalieee


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • jessica

    YAY HIL!!!
    i hope she is in New Moon !!!!


  • Anonymous

    i mean i like her
    but noo
    i dont want all these known actors in the next twilight

  • lauren

    geez everyone wants to be in that movie.
    but who would she play?

  • lmmmmmmmmo

    love the movie,
    but i think they should stick with unknown characters.. makes it more mysteriousss in a wwayyyy

  • Anonymous

    wow she doesnt even know who the vampires were
    she just went i want one of the vampires

    id rather to see selena gomez to see in new moon
    than hilary duff.
    she’s too old.

    and she only gonna use this to make her famous again
    but too bad cause aint that gonna happen.

  • uhh…..

    I wanna see her as a vampire
    but not in the New Moon
    the vamps come out in the Eclipes tho

    “id rather to see selena gomez to see in new moon
    than hilary duff”
    Selena Gomez??
    sounds cool but not really
    but then again I could see Selena with Fangs

  • isabel

    eww no.

  • Anonymous

    im sorry but i hate how a bunch of famous actors are gonna be in new moon. i think they should just have non-famous actors.
    seriously? hilary duff?

  • Anonymous

    nooooooooo!!!!!!!! She can’t act! She can mess with bonnie and cylde but not new moon!

  • Anonymous

    hell no! eww like everyone wants to be in new moon but come on people you only want to be in it to revive your movie career that’s D.E.A.D. look you had a shot at fame and you obviously well yeah you faded away.
    NO HIL.
    NO VANESSA (tho i love her).

  • Anonymous

    FUCK NO!

  • mojo

    She can “moon” me anytime! :P

    (She has a nice butt)

  • sierra

    i have a feeling she doesn’t really give a shit about twilight but just wants to be apart of it because its the “hot” series right now. this failed actress is just itching for some exposure. someone who’s been in the business as long as she has should have graduated on to more mature roles by now. its quite pathetic that she’s still stuck doing the teen shit.

  • Anonymous

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SHE’S TALENTLESS!!!! Cast a real actress!!!!! (hehehehehehehehehehheheh)