Adrienne Bailon HOT PINK ORANGE

New MTV VJ Adrienne Bailon rocked orange skin and a hot pink ruffed mini to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City this evening. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! :] Photos: Fame. +3!

  • anne.

    her earrings are ugly.
    that picture of her with her taking a picture
    of her ass is all i think about when i see a picture og her..

  • Anonymous

    woah babyyyy

  • tonya,

    she is ugly.
    that dress looks horrible.
    fail of a picture.

  • kjonasrocksss(:

    Hahaha that tan’s a fail. Nobody likes her anymore. :/

  • :)

    uhh whats up with her dress…??

  • saltt.

    shes an old fart.

  • brettyyy

    shes ugly

  • Sarah

    she used to be pretty now shes just ruined her face and terrible dress sense. eurgh

  • Anonymous

    orange skin is not pretty.
    why do so many girls think it is?

    and anyone else notice that miley is getting orange-er?

  • Anonymous

    she’s not famousss stop posting on her oceanup!!! jeesseee

  • Anonymous

    haha i love how every comment about her is negative…
    but jeez that is not a good look

  • kels

    Boooo… she needs to stop acting like she’s famous.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    adrienne bailon is the new kim kardashian

    shes perfect for the z-list

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous
  • ew.ew.

    what happened to her????

  • Anonymous

    two words, HOTTTTT MESSSSS!!!!!


    You look like you’ve been at the beach for a long time, a little TOO long!!
    What’s with the frilly poof poof dress?? :/
    Your old style was so much better! When you were at the Cheetha Girls movie you were the prettiest one ever!
    But you have changed ://
    So sad to see that. Hope you get back to normal

  • jonasLOVEE

    Hahaha that tan’s a fail. Nobody likes her anymore. :/
    hehe no1 liked her to begin with..

  • Anonymous

    I hate her. She annoys the FRAK out of me.
    In one of the Special Features of Cheetah Girls she said to be a girl you HAVE to HAVE you ears piearced. If not.

    she is such a bitch.
    how did she ever become famous….?????

  • amy

    shes trying to go for that look that xtina had at the ’03
    we obviously know who won that
    not trying to be mean

  • Anabel

    She needs to dye her hair back to that dirty blondish thing she had goin on. With dark hair she looks like a crazy bitch.

  • Anonymous

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  • Lacey

    is she wearing!?

  • Anonymous

    off topic but i was watching the new episode of HM and billy was like “some friends come in your life for a reason, others only for a season” reminds me of jb

  • Jonas 4 Canada !

    Thats a bad tan, but she is REALLY pretty!

  • ashy

    ughhhh gosh its so lame here on saturdays….
    arent there any posts oceanUP ?????
    im bored as hell

  • Anonymous

    dont u mean sundays but yea i agree im so bored

  • Anonymous


  • fordglen

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  • j

    havent u watched twilight?

    pale is the new tanned

  • Patricia

    the dress is gross

  • Anonymous

    that dress

    is disgusting.

  • Anonymous

    she’s a beautiful girl, but she needs to keep it natural for sure…this look is not working for her.

  • hukhkh

    uhhh…oceanUP…i dont think it was supposed to be orange.

  • Anonymous

    She’s pretty but holy shit, what the hell is she doing to herself?
    She was 1,000 times prettier in like…the Cheetah movie.
    The millions of earrings are gross, her eyelashes make her look posessed, her skin color is…off, her legs are like toothpicks.
    What HAPPENED to her?
    Shes gorgeous thouhgh I wish she’d go back to her old look.

  • Sara


    why do you even post about her?
    know one even cares!

  • =/

    this is really sad because she has so much natural beauty and she really doesnt need all of the fake tan; it makes her look ulgy in my opion – she needs to go back to her look when she was with disney

  • Anonymous


    She looks disgusting.
    Her dress, ew.
    Her 3479 earrings, ew.
    Her sking, ew.
    Her 6 foot eyelashes, ew.

    She’s so pretty but this look isn’t working for her.
    Wouldn’t work for anybody.

  • Anonymous

    her makeup artist hates her

  • Sofia


  • Anonymous

    looks like she got a badd tan XD .
    sorry i just said to say that , kind of reminds me of bride wars hahaha .

  • pat

    she looks ugly.
    horrible earrings and dress!
    i remember the cheetah movie, she was gorgeous!
    wake up adrienne!

  • askjhskad


  • hehe

    lots of piercings

  • kelsey

    i wish she would take some of those earrings out…

  • mari

    What the hell..
    Why would she go out looking like this?

  • Anonymous

    oompa loompa

  • Anonymous

    God, she looks so aweful.Blech =(

  • JhrPlm

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  • Dave

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