Sara Diamond won the vacant spot in Clique Girlz. Aria Wallace blogged about what went down in the competition: Hey Everyone! I hope everybody is doin awesome! Ya’ll will never guess what I got to do these past few days!

OMW, I got to audition to be the new Clique Girl! They are two sisters named Destinee and Paris Monroe, and their third girl, Ariel, quit. So they auditioned thousands of girls all over the United States and even in Canada.. be the new third! I auditioned and got a callback! There were 35 girls that got called back (including me), and I’m
telling you, every girl was AMAZING! They had voices like nobody else,
and could reach incredible heights! After the audition on Saturday, we
who got called back had that night to learn..

.. and know the Clique Girlz’
two hit songs, Incredible and You Think.
So I got to work! I woke
up on Sunday morning, and I was sick and had NO VOICE! I didn’t know
what I was going to do! But, after drinking a lot of tea, and singing a
lot, I pulled through the hoarseness somehow!!

Which was awesome,
because out of the 35 girls they called back, and after all the intense
cutting of girls, they had 14 left! Also including me! Yay! Then with
the 14 left, we got to go in and learn harmonies with Destinee and

It was so cool, and they are the sweetest girls ever! Then came
the time to cut more girls, out of the 14, and after what they saw
through the harmonies in each girl! I ended up being one of the final
3! I couldn’t believe it!!

The next day we
got to know Paris and Destinee more! They are the coolest most
incredible girls I’ve ever met, and it was such an honor getting to
meet and work with them! We rehearsed all of Monday to perform for
Jimmy Iovine (the head CEO and producer of Interscope Records!)!

He was
the one that would make the final decision on who would be the next
Clique Girl, based on what he himself heard out of each of the three
girls! I did my best, but it turned out that my voice by the time it
was time to perform for Mr. Iovine, just gave out! I had lost my voice
and just felt awful.

I was so disappointed, but I guess I did the best
I could at the time, and that was all I could do. Anyways, I didn’t get
to be the 3rd Clique Girl, but I’m very happy for Sarah Diamond,
and I would like to wish her all of my congratulations!

I really had an
amazing time throughout this process, and it was a dream come true to
even get to audition! It was the opportunity of a lifetime! I truly
enjoyed it! And a shout of to Destinee and Paris: Ya’ll are both ‘incredible’ (no pun intented, lol!)!

I hope to see both of you again
in the near future, and good luck with everything! Anyways, I hope
everybody had a great weekend (I sure did, lol!), and I’ll write again
Much Love,


  • kathy

    two blondes and a brunette?

  • LaurenBaybee[x

    i wanted to slap her, fckin ell YEAHH YEAHHH i felt like singin NOOOOOO!

  • Ana

    She’s WAY TOO good to be in the Clique Girls. I feel bad for her. I think she should wait till she’s 16 and audition for American Idol.

  • Anonymous

    Me too!!

  • Rachel

    im so happy she got the part.

  • Nina

    YAY,now clique girls will blow up…
    and again,i’ll grab the bomb

  • Haylie

    The CLIT girlz are so fucking gay.

    But this Sarah girl has a kick ass voice.
    Too bad she’s wasting her time with the pathetic little CLIT girlz.

  • Jane

    hahaha the clique girls suck

  • Anonymous

    wow. shes good.
    she shouldve waited til she was older to start her career instead of being in one of the stupidest bands ever.
    i feel bad for her, shes that good and this is the best she can get?

  • Anonymous

    she songs really good!!!
    too bad she has to be with the clique girlz!!!

  • Anonymous

    she is too good for those suckish blonde wannabe’s.
    i feel bad for her.

  • Anonymous

    shes not blonde
    since they auditioned soo many girls for this spot they r obviously more talented then the original girls who started it
    hahahaah shes gonnna be like the lead of it obvi

  • team jonas

    …………. she`s gotta bleach her hair , right ? haha . . . wowww o.O stinks for her , she`s not gonna go anywhere but down with those hannah montana wannabes .

  • shera morrison

    you guysare oblivious and RUDE
    has anyone thought to give her a chance??!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?

  • Anonymous

    she is going to outshine paris and destiny, therefore she will get the boot. i give it a couple months at the most.

  • Anonymous

    watch her dye her hair blonde.

  • Mattie

    im thinkin they just picked the girl whos voice sounded like Ariels the most. no offense, she has a good voice, but im sure the other contestants had just as good voices. But this girls voice sounds alot like Ariels. They probably did this so the Clique Girlz sound was the same

  • Anonymous

    this girl got to be the third clique girl .. are you effing kidding me? :O that video sounded like she couldn’t hear herself. i’m not being envious i mean i’m sure shes a lovely girl. but come on there’s millions of people out there who can sing better than that.

  • Anonymous

    She is so good!
    Congrats SARA!!!!
    You are going to be amazing!!!

  • Anonymous

    They’re not even that good. They can’t sing.
    They also act like 16 years with the way they dress & how they act. It’s a good thing Ariel quit.

  • anonymous

    sorry but nobody can replace Ariel :)

    im glad shes doing her own thing

  • :b

    OMG, freak out much?! You’re kinda ridiculous!!
    Take a chillpill, or do you want a cryer-cracker?
    Seriously, YOU don’t even know her yourself, so how can you tell that she’s just the nicest girl in the world?
    I’m not saying she isn’t, but sounds like you know, and I think that you don’t know her (::

  • anonymous

    they are growing back their brown hair so they will all be brunette.

  • http://hjjjjjjiuii ;.;[p[]p[[oiyu8uyguyuiy

    oioiolkilipio she sucks

  • Caitlynne Hans

    OMG, obnoxious much?
    I never said that she was the nicest girl in world… maybe she’s not. All I said was that she COULD be a really sweet girl who’s worked really hard to get to where she is and now all people are doing is judging her and saying that she’s obnoxious. Who knows, maybe she IS awful and stuck up, but you don’t know that for sure so you have to give her a chance.
    And btw you’re the ridiculous one!

  • Anonymous

    She would have to be american in order to do that.

  • Anonymous

    i dont like her

  • Dezarea

    Arial was WAY better then this stupid “sara Diamond” can someone plz tell me why ariel “qiut”

  • Elle Ryan

    Sara Diamond has an amazing voice!
    She has sooo much potential.
    Give her a chance, when she sings
    she’ll blow you away.

    Stop commenting rude comments,
    all that you are proving is that you are not
    mature enough to accept how talented she is.
    You are all jealous because you can’t sing
    like that! Sara is very strong and none of these bad
    comments will get to her. So why waste your time.

  • Caitlynne Hans

    Who do you think you are talking about her like that? You’ve never even met this girl and yet for some reason you seem to think that you’re allowed to critize her. I bet that you can’t hit half the notes that Sara can hit. Did you ever think that maybe she actually can do all those things? She doesn’t have to be a super girl to be good in school, to have an amazing voice and to be a much better person than you are being by commenting like that. I don’t know if you’re jealous of her and that’s why you’ve decided to talk about her like this but no matter what, you have absolutely no right to say that you don’t like her attitude because incase you haven’t already noticed, YOU DON’T KNOW HER ATTITUDE! So just stop being rude and leave her alone!

  • gossipgirlxoxo

    PFFFF….. i bet the clique girlz (tacky that it ends with a z, if you ask me) are gonna go downhill… and their *CAREER*, if you can call whatever they have a career, will end in this stupid little group!


  • Anonymous

    she’s too good to be in that band they aren’t even famous. she should just like
    go on american idol when shes older.

  • sarah

    shes actually good she will dye her hair blonde then be too good for them and get kicked out.

  • :b

    OMG Caitlynne. Why are you saying that I’m talking bad about her when all I said was that you should calm the heck down, and that you probably don’t know her. And now you’re saying I should give her a chance.?! Have I ever said I wouldn’t give her a chance?!! You’re seriously freaking out about NOTHING!! Read my message again and you’ll see that I wrote that “I’m not saying she isn’t the nicest girl in the world”.
    WHOOPS!! I’m not talking bad about her, and I’m not saying it’s ok to talk bad about her, so please – let’s get this straight!! I’m not talking bad about her, and you should calm a little down?! That’s all I’m saying…

  • Anonymous

    i know….

  • Anonymous

    she sucks

  • Anonymous


  • megan

    i dont think shes thaaaat good… ive heard better

  • Anonymous

    shes not blonde


    You need help!!

    And all the people saying she should wait till she’s 16 and then go to audition for American Idol, come on!!
    That girl isn’t that good, she isn’t even hitting the high notes in the song “No One”. She’s just improvising too much. It irretated me in the end.
    And has anyone seen her myspace, she seems to be some super girl cause it’s like she can handle anything. She’s “pretty, A-student, lots and lots of skills” and alot of other thing, see for yourself:

    like her voice in her own songs, hate it in cover songs, hate her attitude. She’s good enought for CGZ

  • Anonymous

    woahhh shes brunette.

  • Anonymous


  • Smiley

    Oceanup…. this is lame! I totally sent this info to you and I wasn’t credited. Thats stupid.

  • Anonymous

    omg ive totally seen her on youtube singing at last..
    BUT she just deleted her account.
    thats wierd

  • Nickjerryluver


  • Anonymous

    too good to be in that dumb band, i feel bad for her.

  • sara

    she’s already obnoxious.
    and she’s not blonde… im suprised the cult let her join.

  • Anonymous

    the clique girls altogether suck ass.

  • Anonymous


  • Libby

    She’s good, but I can’t really picture her in a music group.

  • niley fan

    tht band isnt evn good..or big..jonas miley demi or selena r like good but not the clique girlz

  • Emily

    I’m sorry but I will laugh if she goes blonde, it will be funny, I’m sure she’ll look beautiful … but that would be comical.

  • Anonymous

    her voice is fricken aggravating as hell… destinee and pariss are way better than her

  • Anonymous

    she does too much of the ah.ah.ah.ahs
    like the fluctuating of her voice
    and its really annoying