Shia LaBeouf DIRECTED Music Video

Shia LaBeouf
directed this Rumspringa video called ‘Minds Awake’.

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    shia is a very good director(:
    hes amazing , although his drinking problem , i
    think he’s extremely talented . haha and yeah why does
    this only have so little comments and yet the other
    posts of stuff aren’t really amazing as this one .

  • summer

    I agree… Shia is amazing at everything he does and he is extremely creative and talented. This video is definitely proof of that. I’m so glad we have someone in this industry like him :)

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  • maya

    That’s a well done video. Can’t believe this has only gotten several comments. As compared to a Miley Cyrus post which gets hundreds. This is probably one of the few young stars that actually has talent. Scratch that, he’s not a star he’s a talented young actor. The rest of the ridiculous kids on this site are stars, because they have no talent. Shia shouldn’t even be among them.

    (Efron could potentionally break out though, his apperance on ER a couple years ago was very good)

  • Emma

    I love Shia!
    He is so talented!

  • Anonymous

    This is a REALLY creative vid.YOU GO SHIA!!

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    this is a really good video! i didn’t know how talented shia was in directing as well as acting.

  • Shea

    I loved this vid. I think Shia is going to be one of those talents that is around for the long hall. Let’s hope so because along with the talent he is also very easy on the eyes. Hope he can direct some more things soon. I am always interested in seeing what he is doing.

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    love him

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    He is sooo awesome.Multi-talented and seems to have had a tough life yet he over come it.He also leads a normal life style and doesnt spend to much and lives in a normal eviroment.He’s gonna on the the seen long after all the crappy no talent tween stars are gone because he has real talent.YOU GO SHIA!!he’s also really gorgeous!!This a very creative video

    ….Sorry for the novel.Haha

  • Shia pawns you all.

    seriously why does this have only 11 comments??
    I guess its because all the tweens
    are too busy kissing the Jonas Brothers
    feet. So sad. Everyone just feeds into the media.

  • Anonymous

    unless shia grows to more than 5’7″ his acting career won’t go far once he gets older. so it’s good he can do something else in the business.

  • Who gives a shit

    who gives a shit what he looks like, “ahh shia is so hot” get the fuck out of here, it is not about Shia, i mean he did a great job, directing this video but it is the band and the song, don’t come on this talented page talking about how hot Shia is because you look like a jackass.

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    Lol, does anyone on this site care about anything but how hot guys are? Does anyone appreciate the creativity and thought that went in to this? I direct my own movies with friends, and am thinking about getting into directing so this is pretty rad. Shia’s obviously a very talented kid :D

  • sara

    that is one seriously cool video.

  • Anonymous

    Excellent cinematography.

  • hot-t

    shia is so hot!

  • GottaCthis

    Very interesting blog about Shia and this video!!!

  • LaLa Land

    aww shia!

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    don’t forget to look at the comments too, that is about Shia as well