Tiffany Giardina Corbin Bleu DO NBA

Tiffany Giardina sang the National Anthem at the NBA’s Rookie Challenge and Fan Jam in Phoenix, Arizona. She uploaded Myspace pictures with Corbin Bleu and a video. Thx JC! 10+

  • brettyyy

    she probably sings better than all of you guys,
    stop hating
    i think she is very goood.

  • Anonymous

    the video speaks for itself GREAT JOB WOW !!!

  • Claire

    she did great.

  • Anonymous

    i think shes amazing.
    she was featured in J14.

  • Cece2323

    Lucky b!tch gets to stnad beside Corbin Bleu….Who is she anyway?

    God Corbin is gorgeous…..

  • steff

    amazing (:
    great pictures, she’s really lucky (:

    she has a great voice, it will take her far, definitly

  • stacy

    i love tiffany!!

    she rocks, thanks for posting

  • Anonymous

    Who the hell is this broad.

  • Anonymous

    voice of an angel, honestly.
    she is the best new artist (:

  • Jane

    she’s not that famous or super pretty

  • Anonymous

    love herrr.
    she’s so talented
    i heard her song dream away in the end of 2007 and always played that in my room everday until her songs hurry up and save me, no average angel, and shine finally came out
    soon enough, her debut album was released
    she’s SOOOOOOOOO talented and is such a sweetheart
    i have a bunch of friends that are tight w/ her and i live really close 2 her
    i’ve seen her perform and met her twice and she’s going to be performing 3 shows w/ push play!
    love you tiff

  • MElliSa.

    i recently became a HUGE fan of herr!
    she’s awesome (;

  • Jamie

    I want to be friends with the JB so I can become famous. OMG Zoe Meyers was just in the video and now she thinks she can sing. This girl here is a F___King friend? The one that really bothers me is that Mandy who the heck she is a friend of the JB and thinks she is mighty mouse. She even has a page on Popstar magazine like she knows everything. OMG.

  • Anonymous

    she has such an amazing voice, like wow!
    such a big voice for such a little girl lols
    you can count me as a fan of hers :)

  • jenn

    so cute :) tiff and corbin look good together………

  • Anonymous

    great voice!!!

  • Anonymous

    haha i lovee the pic of her jumping with the sunglasses!! haha
    and amazing vocals as usual

  • Anonymous

    WOW! amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    this girl has some raw talent
    such a great voice
    and she’s beautifullllll
    im a fann

  • kerryann

    i love tiffany so much shes my fave singer

  • alexis

    i love tiffany so much
    im her #1 fan

  • julianna jonas

    omj she nos my husband nick

  • allie

    loveee her!

  • mrs nick jonas

    i love her so much
    i love her love story cover alot

  • toriiiiiii

    yay :)
    i love tiff
    more of her on oceanup!

  • jolie

    tiffany giardina= lover

  • Anonymous

    she sounds great!! she just proved herself in my mind not many people can sing the national anthem good!!

    way to go tiff

  • haylie

    love her national anthem was soo good

  • courtney

    i met her
    i love her cd so much

  • Anonymous

    Stop and listen
    Her voice has nothing to with anyone but herself

    She is talent !
    Go tiff !

  • katieeeeeee

    wow she nailed itttt

  • Anonymous

    wow i didnt think she was that great until now…that just changed my mind about her

    and shes super pretty

  • christina

    shes SO talented!
    its nice to hear someone other than miley/demi/selena
    she has her own sound.

  • anonymous

    Guys, seriously. Grow up! She’s amazing. She’s the sweetest ever and all the hating needs to stop.

    Why is she famous?
    She’s not so famous now, but she will be.

    She’s got her own sound and she’s a fresh face…


  • michelle

    i love tiffany
    and corbin
    are they touring together?

  • Anonymous

    ive heard her album…. shes good!

  • Anonymous

    i love tiffany so much, she is so talented

  • Maria

    She’s soo sweeet and talentet!!!

  • julia

    wow, did you HEAR her sing?!
    she nailed it!

  • desirae

    shes awkward looking ha.

  • hilarie

    wow she sang the national anthem wayyyy better than demi!


  • renee

    all i can say is WOW, that was amazing

  • cindy

    tiffany is such a cool girl!
    she’s gonna be huge one day!

  • rachel

    hmm, her and corbin bleu would sound very nice together.
    duet, maybe?!

  • Anonymous

    they look good together!! lol

  • Anonymous

    this is proof shes a great singer.


    tiffany rocks!!!
    i love her new album!

  • Anonymous

    very cute! this girl is amazing :]

  • Anonymous

    this seriously sounds realli good. congrats tiffany

  • Anonymous

    nba is big time!! way to go tiffany

  • anonymous
  • taraaaa

    woahh, that was AWESOME.
    i wish i could sing like that!

  • Anonymous

    come sing the anthem at a lakers game i want to hear her!!

  • anonymous

    that girl has talent right there

  • Anonymous

    oceanup should link her. are there more stories on her?
    i sorta love her.

  • jonas girl

    this is for realz amazingggg!
    i’m deffinitely a fan!

  • Anonymous

    she’s super pretty and soooo talented! i love her!

  • Anonymous

    woaaah this is aaaamazing!

  • anonymous


    you have exceeded my expectations.


  • Samrah.

    Corbin Bleu is cool too!

  • jessica

    now that’s talent right there ;]

  • mandy

    i dont know why, but everytime i hear the national anthem, i cry :-)

  • Anonymous

    wish i could’ve been there!!!
    this is sooooo good!

  • anonymous



  • Anonymous

    sooo good…sooo good…sooo good

  • anonymous

    this girl is incredible.

  • Kat

    i hate her
    shes only famous cause she used the jonas brothers as bait for her “fans”
    just like push play…i garrentee every single one of push plays fans or tiffany giardinas fans are all jonas brothers fans

  • jennifferanne

    i want to be herr!



  • anonymous

    tiffany giardina is the next big thing.

  • Anonymous

    Tiffany Giardina is absolutelyyy amazingggg!
    she has an awesomeee voiceeee
    and i loveeeee her album(:

  • Anonymous

    omg omg omg this is realli good

  • brittanylee

    that girl is so talented! loveee her!

  • anonymous

    she never used them.

    she knew them before she was famous.

    if she used them, she would get them to go do shows with her or something like that.

    i’ve met her and she’s not a user.


  • ryan

    she’s hott ;]

  • anonymous



  • stephanie

    that was totally amazing!
    great job tiffany!

  • anonymous
  • rochelle


  • Mitchell Musso Lover

    i love hurry up and save me

  • Anonymous


  • amysmom

    my daughters love her!
    she is such a good influence and is so much fun for mu girls!

  • Anonymous

    shes aweesomee!!!!

  • clara

    tiffany giardina=deffinition of amazing :]

  • Anonymous

    she’s sooo prettyy!!!

  • jack

    she’s pretty rad :D

  • Anonymous

    she’s such a talented singer!

  • Anonymous

    soooo good!!

  • Anonymous

    she used to be bffs with the jobros.
    when they were younger.

  • Anonymous

    oh please, why is she even “famous”?
    oh yeah, she’s nick’s friend, wow, big deal ¬¬
    she can’t sing for her life

  • tyurfyv


  • Lauren

    tiffany is comin to my school at the end of this month to perform!!! no joke

  • Anonymous

    love her!

  • nikki

    i love her album!
    shes gonna be huge soon, then you all will love her…

  • Danii

    TIFFANY IS AMAZING. really, you guys who are dissing her probably haven’t even heard her sing. she’s incredible. don’t be jealous just because she deserves fame and you don’t. i think tiff’s awesome(:

  • Shanze Zar

    who is she?
    this is a serious question,
    nobody tell me to “fuck myself, or go to hell”.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed. Also just because she sang a song on the Another Cinderella Story soundtrack. BIG WHOOP.

  • Anonymous

    she is a singer/songwriter.
    she has a new album out
    and shes on Radio Disney all the time, and on the Top 30 countdown.

    her hit song is hurry up and save me. also no average angel.
    they were both in selena gomez’s movie Another Cinderella Story.

    check her out on itunes.

  • asas

    who the hell is she? i never heard, and hope i never will

  • Jonas 4 Canada !

    i’m so jealous of her!
    she knows jb, and shes so thin!
    i would totally want her body!

  • Anonymous


  • Melissa

    are you kidding, she did amazing!