Jesse McCartney DOES DALLAS

Jesse McCartney performed at the Palladium Ballroom in Dallas, Texas on Friday night. From Mandy: ‘Jesse’s opening act was kinda weird, she dressed like Hannah Montana, but her music was good. I think her name was Anjulie.

Jesse was amazing, he sounds great live. Then he pulled a girl on stage and sang Oxygen to her. I probably would’ve passed out if they picked me!’ More pictures, clips under.’

  • LaLa Land

    …. ech

  • Anonymous

    WOAHHH :|

  • laura

    wwwooooaaah <3

  • Anonymous

    i want to see the opening act BRAZIL BRAZIL!

  • joe

    in the first pic hes grabing his dick

  • Steph

    Hottie! He came to Houston too but I didn’t go see him. I wonder if he’s any good live?

  • Shahanna

    when will he ever come to Canada!

  • ……


  • liv

    LOVE HIM <3 hes sooo hot and a great musician



  • Nikki

    how long did the concert last?

  • asd;lkfjasfd

    oh girl. you annoy me. no one’s lying here, mmkay?
    just read the girl above me’s post.

  • Anonymous

    i fucked him

  • DALLASjonas

    AHHHH the ONLY time he comes to DALLAS and i cant go



    && he was on good morning tx, and did i go see him…no :/

  • Andrew

    whoa, i absolutely love him, for more hot vids of him visit


  • Lynne

    To meet Jesse at concerts, you have to be apart of his fanclub and sign up for meet and greets. Anybody whose apart of his fanclub knows that and basically anybody who is a fan knows that because its been this way for years unless said otherwise. (It is like this for most artists) He isn’t going to sit there and sign autographs for 4 hours because if he stops and signs for one person, he has to stop and sign for them all. The people who were working there were obviously wrong. Jesse did nothing wrong, he obviously didn’t know.

    Anyway, I’ve watched videos of this show and it was absolutely amazing! I couldn’t love him more and he sounded so great as always. I’m so excited to see him in concert this year, its going to be another great year for Jesse. His interaction with the crowd was great. He’s great live. He’s one of the few singers these days who can sing live and sound better than the CD.

    I love you Jesse. <3

  • anonn

    i saw him in houston
    and he’s pretty much AMAZING.
    although i was pissed because he was a diva afterwards
    and wouldn’t meet any of his fans
    even though we waited for 2 freakin hours in the rain.
    he thought playing video games was better than meeting his fans
    he only showed his face from his bus when this random chick decided that she’d flash him to try and coax him out

  • teenactress(:

    hahaah the first pick he’s scratching his balls!

  • ;alskjfasfd

    and yeah the opening act wass called Anjulie. she was pretty nice and her performance was ok, but i think everyone was really anxious for jesse.
    ps, JESSE MCCARTNEY IS KIND OF A DIVA! but thats ok because i still love him:))
    pps i know the girl who commented above me hahah

  • Jane

    he is so weird he creeps me out!

  • anonn

    no the meet and greets were only for those people who got the passes from radio stations
    if you didn’t get a pass then you didn’t get to meet him
    only like 10 people actually got to meet him before the concert

    i’m not saying he sucked or anything
    i absolutely loved the concert
    i was just pissed that i waited for 2 hours
    and it didn’t matter if he stopped to sign things because he wouldn’t even sign autographs after there were only 6 people there

  • mary

    LOVE HIM !

  • natalie

    i saw him tonight in austin.. concert was great but after I waited for over an hour and he FINALLY came out.. DIVA fo shooo.

  • louise

    he’s pretty much AMAZING.

  • Anonymous

    He should date selena gomez

  • ;alskdjff

    shut up

  • kountry_gurl_2

    Me and my friend saw him in Houston too and he was a little divaish in the way that it took him almost 45 minutes to set up (tho its not rlly Jesses fault)…..half of that time the stage was just bare, no one was even doing anything! But i rlly liked Anjulie. She is such a sweetheart and I love her music. I knew all of her songs already :)

    Oh and if he is such a diva and didnt meet any fans then why did a few ppl get pics with him that night? I saw the pics of him with girls from there. Not sying ur making it up but im just saying.

    ANYWAYS……BEST Valentines Day ever! :)

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  • Nikki

    Haha we see him on Thursday.

    Wish I could say I was excited. lol (my sister is a

  • Erin

    I saw this show, and it ROCKED! omg i lovedd ittt :)

  • lola

    seriously jesse is a frieakin’ HOTTIE!! :)
    his performance was good !!!
    his music is amazing !!!

    Go Jesse [ ILY!! ]

  • anonn

    yeah some people had met him earlier at the meet and greet, but that was only available if you won things from radio stations
    i think he was more of a diva in the fact that he didn’t tell anyone that he wasn’t meeting fans or anything
    because the people who worked at house of blues was all like he’ll come out and you’ll be able to meet him and get pictures and what not
    and all he did was walk out with his body guards and look down and walked super fast to his bus without even waving
    we waited 2 hours for him and it was sprinkiling, the least he could’ve done was tell people he wasn’t going to take pictures or anything