Jessica Stroup BUSTS OUT IN NYC

90210 starlet Jessica Stroup wore an ultra low cut form fitting dress to to New York Fashion Week, Sunday afternoon. Wasn’t it cold there? Photos: Fame. +4!

  • LaLa Land

    Love her eyes!

  • Anonymous

    shes so pretty.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I have that dress:) she looks great in it:)

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  • Steph

    Wow…where’s her boobs?

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  • annonymous

    i have that exac t dress got it at a fashion show beautiful on her:)

  • aaallleeexxx

    she looks fiiierce

  • Anonymous

    she is so skinny 0_0

  • catakfjdah

    she is wearing HERVE LEGER

  • Anabel

    It’s actually not that cold compared to previous days here in New York.

  • Erika

    she looks like she is scared in half the photos haha

    he eyes are like really pretty

    but not as pretty as jared leto’s<33

  • Anonymous

    here’s pics of Joe and Camilla thats not from justjared
    so I hope you post it

  • Anonymous

    Haha.Small boobs

  • Kristen Lyn

    she’s so freaking pretty!

  • bridget

    hahaha omg jared leto. he is sooo hot

  • Kiara

    here’s pics of Joe and Camilla thats not from justjared
    so I hope you post it

    aww they look cute together

  • Anonymous

    Ya jared leto is like super hot!
    if i was older i would marry him!

    OH YA! her green dress is soooooooo prettyyy
    And why is shhheee soooo skinny!

  • Anonymous


  • Megan

    Omg I love her and 90210!
    She’s so pretty!

  • f…

    eww! she looks disgusting, she looks so old. Sin 90210 she’s so hot, but OMG!!! eat something

  • A.

    That dress is not flattering at all.

  • Anonymous

    gain some weight!

  • An

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  • Anonymous

    she looks so tired

  • Anonymous

    Even though it isn’t as cold compared to previous days in New York, it’s still pretty cold. LOL
    It’s 40 degrees.

  • A.


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  • Sabrina

    Incredible, she kind o looks like lindsey lohan

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  • ..

    fucking hairy armed spotty tramp.

  • anonymously

    um how can she when she has no chest

  • Jane

    i think she’s pretty and it doesn’t matter that she doesn’t have boobs!

  • dfjs

    Damn she looks shit, what happenned?

  • Anonymous

    shes wearing HERVE LEDGER, duhhh. totally love his dresses. same designer who made danielle panabaker’s dress in the other post.

  • gloriaaaa[:

    it was FREEZING in nyc today.

  • Anonymous

    her eyes are really pretty

  • lC duBB

    she’s gorgeous and supppa duppa
    luvs it

  • Anonymous

    whoa, very beautiful, hot! Thanks for posting. Wonder if she is using the turbo fire workout to stay fit?

  • Kat

    shes flatttttt

  • Anonymous

    Hot hot hot!! Look at the eyes, I can see what she’s thinking!! I would like to be like her slim trim!!web hosting

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  • Anonymous

    well isnt this just lovely, Procerin

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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  • Nicoles

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  • Anonymous

    Too thin

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