Leighton seductively posed for her Feb. ’09 InStyle feature. Credit: YKYLM. 5+

  • Sinclaire

    This girl is absolutley gorgeous, she makes all those disney little girls look like dots, wow shes beautiful.

  • tori bass

    she very goregous xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Anonymous

    aw i love her!
    she’s a great actress
    and she’s so pretty as well
    i agree, she makes disney stars look like nothing.

  • Anonymous

    shes gorgeous, but i liked her with dark dark hair more.

  • fkdkfj

    Prettiest girl in the world.

  • Steph

    She is gorgeous but she looks like she is half-blinking in a bunch of them. This photoshoot definitely did not do her beauty justice. She could have looked a lot better with better makeup and lighting.

  • Anonymous

    She’s pretty, but she needs to learn how to smile with her eyes. There’s absolutely no emotion there.

  • Anonymous

    you can’t compare her to the Disney kids–they’re KIDS. She is a grown ass woman.

  • flavia

    i love her ?

  • Anonymous!!!

    She is so incredibly beautiful!!!

  • Anonymous

    my fucking goodness when will oceanup put up a new post, this is so boring

  • Anonymous

    just perfect.

    Leighton *-*

  • beee

    hey eyes are very weird but who cares!
    shes stunning!

  • Anonymous

    If it’s not Swift, Cyrus, Jonas, Gomez or Lovato the posts don’t get alot of comments.

    That’s really too bad, because Leighton is about a billion times better looking than all of these people combined and she’s also way more talanted and very classy and smart.

  • Andy

    1???? beautful

  • Anonymous

    She’s insanley gorgeous!!..But this photoshoot isnt :/

  • Jonas 4 Canada !

    WAY too late!
    I’ve had this mag for awhile!

  • sjdf

    By disney kids I meant Selena, Demi & Miley since those 3 are the only ones talked about around here & they aren’t kids they are teens & we’ll see if they are as hot as Leighton when they turn 22, I doubt it, maybe Selena.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    she soooooo gorgeous just like camilla

  • Kyle Massey

    Love her! Get her a guest appearance on my show!

  • maria antoniette

    ahhhhh!! its leighton meester!!

  • Anonymous

    If it’s not Swift, Cyrus, Jonas, Gomez or Lovato the posts don’t get alot of comments.

  • Anonymouse

    somethings wrong with her eyes heree

  • Alaina

    She is so freakin pretty, its not funny.

  • Anonymous

    Pretty (:

  • Jonas 4 Canada !

    Why are you posing as Kyle Massey lol?

  • selina

    she’s real pretty def. couldn’t be a model…she’s not working it with her eyes at all!! she’s just looks tired and uninterested…rather than seductive.

  • andrew

    love herrr she is so gorgeous!

  • Anonymous

    I know!Seems like tweens only have interests in non-talented kiddies who have no idea what real life is like.

    Also, Leighton looks tired…:(

  • Anonymous

    she honestly looks terrible. She is gorgeous but this photo-shoot does her no favors. She looks like she’s on antidepressants/about to fall asleep. The only half decent one is the one with the trench coat. I do like the wardrobe though. Mostly I think it’s the makeup that is the problem

  • anonymous

    she looks amazinggggg! her eyes are lookin dead, though. but There is def room for improvement i mean she’s an awesomee actress and everythinggg! go leighton.

  • anonymous

    go leightsss!

  • Anonymous

    i love that trench coat.

  • Teresa

    They put to much make-up on her.. :/ But,she still looks beautiful! I love Leighton Meester. TEAM BLAIR,BISH! >:o

  • Anonymous

    She’s soo pretty…just not that pretty in here, in some she looks like she’s all blinds :P lol or to make terms more simple, she looks like she’s high.

  • Anonymous

    she’s pretty;
    but seriously in these photos
    she looks like a dead person

  • Anonymous

    lmao, youre show is cancelled.

  • Judy

    She looks amazing!
    But she looks tired too, :[