Lucas Till Emily Osment DINNER DATE

Hannah Montana: The Movie costar Lucas Till uploaded a new photo shoot to Myspace. You can also follow him on Twitter here. He went out to to dinner with Emily Osment and Jason Earles on Friday. Thx Taylor! 5+

  • Anonymous

    omg hot hot hot i am on fire i am druling over him hi is so hot i love his hair it is perrrfict

  • Camy

    Uh, who has dinner at 11AM?

  • Jane

    he’s kinda hot

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  • Lesliee

    OMG NOO!
    the hannah montana movie is on my birthday.
    and i HATE miley

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Sorry but that’s an UGLY boy.

  • :)iloveselena.


  • pokerface

    add me on myspace for miley cyrus ashley tisdale taylor swift rares and moreeeee (:

  • Anonymous

    omg 1?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    cool :)

  • Anonymous

    lol his category is “random dudes”

  • Anonymous

    good looking mann.. glad that its not always miley that gets the man!!! (well, miley is a MAN but that’s besides the point). THE POINT IS.. good for emily :) she deserves it :)

  • MILEY > OCEANfuckingUP

    too white for my taste. but he seems like a nice guy and he is really cute and hot

  • Anonymous

    i dunno, i thought he was cute back in the summer but now im not so sure…he looks different

  • Anonymous

    he’s cute!:)

  • jonasfreak

    hes so hot
    i met him at mileys sweet 16 hes so nice and even hotter in person
    nobody knew who he was so me and my friends got to hang out with him for a while hes really cool

  • retah

    OMG NOO!
    the hannah montana movie is on my birthday.
    and i HATE miley


    Do you want a pill or something because you are straight tripping……

    MiCy Fan 4EVA!!!!

  • rii

    lol is it really a date if its 2 guys and a girl? lucas and emily werent alone. dont just read the title of this post people. read the twitter that lucas actually wrote.

  • hey!


  • Anonymous

    eww him and emily dont match

  • Anonymous

    GORGEOUS!!!!!!! he is soooo sexy!! can’t wait for the Hannah movie! :))

  • Anonymous


    why do my comments never show up. it takes a while for them to.

  • mimi

    wow! he is hot miley is always surrounded by hot looking guys! she attract good looking guys well she is gorgeous! wow! i guess she right she always around good looking guys it depends on how good they treat her that she actually notice them!! but he seems like a nice guy and he talks so good about miley! i always thought emily and him had a things since almost all his photos envolved emily! but he is hot i cant wait for the hannah movie is going to be great! he is smoking hot!!miley is such a lucky girls!

  • :)

    hes hot !
    although not a big fan of the black and white ‘un!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    holy shit miley y didnt u go for him? yea justin’s s,exy but this dude is smexier and hes closer to you age

  • ady


  • Anonymous

    He looks alot older suddenly, like I think it’s his jaw line or something, but he looks much more manly,
    it’s pretty hotttttt =]

  • Anonymous

    he is fcking gorgeoussss.

  • Anonymous

    not attractive…

  • Anonymous

    sooooo prettyyy :))

  • Anonymous


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  • cahya

    I luph u Lucas Till!