Zac Efron may star in Warner Bros. new live action film The Adventures of Jonny Quest, reports
IESB. From the source: ‘Traditionally Jonny Quest has been a 12 year old boy in need of a caretaker [Race Bannon], that goes on fantastic adventures hence the name The Adventures of Jonny Quest.

But, with the new adaptation of the story, it looks like WB may be upping the age of the lead character.. seeing a 17-18 year old Quest in the form of Zac Efron. With Dwayne Johnson as his Race Bannon.

If WB had wised up and gone with Efron for Speed Racer instead of Emile Hirsch, it would have been a completely different movie and would have done much better at the box office.

That film needed the acceptance of the teen audience and it didn’t get it. Efron already has a built in audience, he’s money in the bank essentially that tweens and teens will go see regardless.’ Photo: Limelight.

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    haha agreed.

  • Anonymous

    love zac…is there anyone else here that thinks him and miley look like brother and sister?

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  • Jonas 4 Canada !

    Hes losing his abs!

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    fuck uuu oceanup
    emile hirsch is 10000000000000000 times more talented than zac efron

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    What’s with the headband? LMFAO.

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    Zac Efron=YUMMEH! :)

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    Zac Efron=YUMMEH :)

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    if you can’t post the joe and camilla pics because its from justjared

    there’s other fish in the sea


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    I’m not really feeling the who Zac Efron = Jonny Quest thing, but It’s true that tweens and teens (including me) would go see the movie just because he’d be in it

    PS: Go and watch an episode of Jonny Quest. It’s hilarious. (Not because it’s good, it’s more like it’s so bad it’s good)

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    sounds weird

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    This should be good… maybe? I can’t imagine any decent reviews coming out of this.

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    damn, fuck Jonas Brothers, give me Zac any day

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    this is ridiculous.