Emily Osment SUMMER TOUR?

Emily Osment
talks to Popstar! about her new album and possibly going on tour. Also, a clip with Jason Earles & Moises from the Dadnapped set under.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Can this bitch even sing live?

  • waaaaaaaaaaaa

    she cant sing

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    yay im so happy for emily shes so awsome

  • peache4u

    if she does i would totally go

  • Bigest Emily Fan

    I loveee Emily so much, Emily is so pretty

  • Anonymous

    Emily is a perfect singer, I love Emily so much
    Emily is perfect person! Love Emily!!

  • Agustina

    She’s so awesome !
    – i can`t wait for her album :)
    – she’s an amazing singer too.
    I love her so much.

  • J

    Go Emily!

  • Anonymous

    she sucks at singing!
    does every single disney
    star need to sing? i mean seriously.

  • Randomly Anonymous

    Shes a great person, but she cant sing at all. To me, her voice sounds fake. I dont like her songs very uch. Shes a good person though.

  • *cough*…rightt

    love her
    the girl cant sing