Jemma McKenzie-Brown SHOPAHOLIC

High School Musical 3 sweetheart Jemma McKenzie-Brown attended the ‘Confessions Of A Shopaholic’ UK film premiere at the Empire Leicester Square in London. Photo: INF. Jem recently chatted with The Mirror about her success:

‘Since doing HSM3 I’ve gone from getting auditions for radio plays to getting auditions for films. It’s like, ‘We’re considering Tom Cruise for the role of the father,’ and I’m thinking, ‘Oh God, this is crazy.”

Jemma on Miley Cyrus: ‘It’s strange when people compare me to Miley, because she’s such a massive star.

It’d be amazing to be as successful as her but it’s just nice to be classed in the same category. It’s just too huge. Everything is really surreal, it hasn’t sunk in yet. You have to step back. It’s crazy, it’s not something you ever imagine happening to you.’

  • Anonymous

    I agree Jemma is only just starting out on her career, but there are more people wanting to take her photo than yours. As for fashion, well lets just say when America catches up with Europe in the fashion stakes, it’s the day hell freezes over. Of course she isn’t Miley, she doesn’t want to be Miley, Miley has her own style and her own fan base. Jem Jem isn’t dissing you, so leave her along. I think she has a bright future and if she never does anything again, hey she has enjoyed her self, Met Zac and Vanessa,. Not bad for a 14 year old. I bet she didn’t get her break because her father had a “one hit Wonder”

    Well done Jem Jem

  • ee

    people never compared her to Miley, ew

  • lori

    whats up with all these high school musical stars.
    its starting to get really old
    like vanessas naked pics and that other dude

  • ashley_1989

    woah shes pretty but her legs look HUGGEE

  • kdfjfk

    Who the hell is this chick? at first glance i thought it was Jessica Biel, man all these white girls look the freaking same. Thats why I like Selena or Vanessa, their way prettier.

  • Anonymous

    Your fat!

    See how’d u like that?

  • Hey


    PPP – Promo

  • totally

    seriously no one even knows her she thinks she is a huge star because she sang
    in a movie, nobody knows you! im like who the hell is jemma
    she thinks she is popular nobody knows you and seriously shut your mouth
    no one wants to see your ugly smile skank

  • Anonymous

    jemma is a good freind of mine she is lovely
    and can be very inseure about things but not ossip , so if she saw this
    page you might think she gets anooyed upset, she just thinks
    your all pathetic

  • Anonymous

    Um, ok?
    Why would ANYONE compare her to Miley?
    She’ll NEVER be as big as Miley!
    Repeat, NEVER.

  • Cassie

    can’t believe she’s 14.she looks 18 or 19…

  • Denis

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  • SWE3T23

    THAT IS RIGHT………..MILEY IS A MASSIVE STAR……..bigger that you will ever be!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    she’s not pretty.

  • Anonymous

    Holly. You speak the truth.

  • jenny


  • Anonymous

    she’ll never be as big as miley, i don’t think.

  • MILEY > OCEANfuckingUP

    yea…not that into her

  • Anonymous

    she’s compared to miley?
    in her dreams.

  • MILEY > OCEANfuckingUP

    but she is pretty :)

  • http://fffff erica


  • eeeh

    why does she talk like she’s a superstar now

    she’s not.

    AT ALL. omg.

  • Serena van der Woodsen. ® you know you love me!

    Serena Says: her outfit’s a hot mess.

  • Anonymous

    shes wayyy hotter then miley

  • Anonymous

    off topic but did u guys no hilary duff had a stalker in 2006 and wanted to kill joel or something like that and i”ve never heard anyone compare her to miley

  • andrea

    wow!!!she looks gourgeous…

  • sjd

    Who the hell wants to be as big as Miley. I mean do you really know the future Miley she’s bound to fall & be irrelavant, you just wait & see.

  • Claire

    hahahahha who compares her to miley?

  • Anonymous

    she is so pretty! I don’t know why you guys are hating on her. And yeah she is famous. Maybe everyone doesn’t know her, but being in HSM3 is huge for her in getting roles for other movies. It’s probably opened a ton of doors.

    And who cares if she’s never as big as Miley. Miley is mainly successful because of her personality. People buy her image. She’s cool, don’t get me wrong, but she’s not an amazing actress or singer. She’s just funny and relatable.

  • angela

    she’s really annoying when she does a really posh accent.
    she’s not popular over here or in the US.
    and when she was singing in HSM3, she sounded sooooo bad!!
    she wont be as popular as miley if people cant stand her.

  • kimmy4

    no offence but when the hell was she compared to miley

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    she cant sing or act but she has a great personalty
    time to bitch miley fans

  • Cinta

    Backstreet boys, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, Nsync, I mean nobody even cares about those people, the only one who is succesful is Justin. I don’t care how many cds Britney has sold she’s still a joke. Maybe she can be like Madonna who’s always been in the limelight & succesful but people can’t stand her now so who knows.

  • anna

    ehh …
    she will never be miley anyways …
    she can’t sing ….
    idk on what she is wearing …

  • Anonymous

    she has a horrible smile
    yeah work on that jemma..

  • Ella

    I don’t think she’ll ever be as “famous” as Miley.


    her outfit is so uglyyy but her shoes are okayy (:


    oh and yeahh her legs does look huge even though her body is skinnnyyy ..

  • Anonymous

    lol can someone please post the “interview” where someone compared her to miley cyrus?

  • Sonny

    Really? you mean the same Justin that was in the
    biggest flop movie in 2008(The Love Guru)
    really? are you referring to the same
    person who no one gives a crap about anymore?

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  • Serena van der Woodsen. ® – – you know you love me!

    Serena Says: yawwwwn.

  • elloooo

    she’s bigger in the UK than here…

    her dress looks more suitable for prom though.

  • hh

    id say shes making it up…

  • vxvcc
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Mundii

    I can diss her cause my friend knows her, they went to the same theatre school. She said that Jemma is a complete stuck up bitch who thinks she is better than everyone else!
    I met her and i agree, she was soo rude to us!

  • Anonymous

    shes a fucking nobody. hsm did NOTHING for her and when has anybody compared her to miley?

  • Anonymous

    what!!! I go to her school and she’s really niceee!

  • Anonymous

    Oceanup post this. It’s old but it’s adorable.

  • Mary

    Of course she sounded weird in the film, the director wanted her to sound like that so thick Americans who think england is the same as France or Germany could understand her! If she did her normal Yorkshire accent (yes that’s a place in england) you would all be like ‘what I don’t get it? I thought everybody in England speaks like the queen’. So do us a favour and shutup about her voice, it’s for your benefit.

  • Anonymous

    wtf? who the hell is comparing her to Miley??

  • A

    Ew. Who’s comparing her to Miley?

  • Jane

    ugly dress, she’s really pretty

  • KaiRob

    I don’t like Miley but this chick will never have Miley’s status.
    And she is seriously ugly.
    It’s not even funny how ugly she is.
    She looks like a mouse or a possum or some shit like that.

  • MILEY > OCEANfuckingUP

    Oceanup post this new Hannah song:

  • Anonymous

    It was MTV that compaired Jemma to Miley.

  • Anonymous

    off topic but did anyone know that miley had a twitter and someone hacked it

  • Anonymous

    Jezz. i cant belive how rude people can be.
    Who cares if she not amazingly pretty, [even though she is]
    Shes the one whos working and is making something of herself.
    Unlike the people on her just making her feel like nothing..
    I think shes great.
    so get a life

  • Anonymous

    Shes great she looks lovely.
    At least she working and making something of herslef unlike any of you bitching about her.
    She seems like such a lovely person

  • Sandy

    you guys are assholes!
    stop dissing her! Her smile
    is gorgeous, her dress is
    beautiful and so is she!
    Fuck miley, this isn’t even
    about her so stop talking
    about her!

  • jonasbrothersareamazing

    shes so pretty.
    but who compared her to miley cyrus.
    they are two completely different people

  • mary

    she has a horrible smile
    yeah work on that jemma..

    how about your work on not bullying 14 year old girls! stupid shit, i bet your some fat ass, cellulite thighed moron who sits at home all day posting stupid comments on these websites, get a life!
    Jemma is a lovely person and deserves all the succes she gets. Yes she does look older but how can she help that? it doesnt make her a slut and i think people should stop using that word especially about someone you have never met.
    peace out dickheads.

  • mimi

    shes wayyy hotter then miley
    oh!please put some glasses on! and who is she! that right miley is massive at least she recognized that!!
    but miley is way prettier than her!!

  • Anonymous

    Holly. you cracker.
    JEMMA’S HOT i love her.!!!
    look how amazing she looks on the red carpet..

  • Anonymous

    shes not pretty at all

  • matt prokop’s WIFE

    ugh, she’s cool or whatever.

    but matt’s mine :)

  • g v n
  • Dick in your armpit

    This gurrl is hot!
    She’s been in one movie more than YOU have and she is working her way up!
    Considering this time last year she hadnt even been to america!
    i think she’s done pretty damn fucking well dont you?!
    now stop slagging this girl off!

    just because your mums a smack addict and your dads an alcoholic dont take it out on this site
    go join a suicide forum or something


  • g v n
  • mary

    well said dick in your armpit!
    now if anyone wants to slag of JMB i suggest they jog on.

  • Delsy

    no i don’t think so i live in the UK and i only heard of her through HSM3 she is not big here

  • mary

    i am with dick in your armpit!
    now if you want to slag off the godess that is JMB i suggest you jog on.x

  • Anonymous

    What are u talking about.
    who is she?
    Im sorry but is she not in one of the biggest box office films.!!
    Ok obvisiley she isnt as big as miley. But shes only been around for like 6 months.
    Wow! you people are obvesily crazy talking crap about her!!!!!!!
    any way its not her fault people compare her to Miley.
    shes not the one saying it.LOL
    So why take the piss outta her!
    Just cause ur jelous.

  • Stef

    wats with dat outfit eww her hair is pretty thou

  • Anonymous

    OMG. u did not just diss her outfit.
    wow u have some guts.
    She look amazing
    whats she’s wearing is called FASHION
    obvs you dont no what that is.!

  • Anonymous

    she mentions Miley in the damn post einstein!

  • g v n
  • Anonymous

    she is fat.

  • g v n
  • Anonymous

    i didnt like her that much in hsm3 but i met her the other day when i was shopping with my friend and she was so lovely my opinion has completely changed.
    i think people should give her a chance
    i wish her all the luck in the world

  • Angel

    shes not even big in the uk (i live there)there was
    only a hype about her the week hsm came out

  • =]

    umm…she’s not a superstar.
    miley will always be bigger and better.

    she is pretty though and not fat. if you say she’s fat, you must be crazy.

  • =]

    oh and just because she’s not a twig, does not mean she’s fat.

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