Lindsay Lohan Chace Crawford Hookup

Is Lindsay Lohan cheating on girlfriend Samantha Ronson with Chace Crawford? After attending a boutique opening in New York City on Sunday night Linds went out party hopping. At 6 AM this morning she was caught popping into Chace Crawford’s apartment, according to this TMZ video.

Back in Oct. 2008, Lindsay crushed on Chace at Diesel XXX Rock Party in NYC and they exchanged phone numbers. The insider told OK! ‘She has a habit of over texting people, especially when she’s attracted to them which is what happened with Chace.

She’d have insomnia and he’d wake up to 5 or 6 text messages asking what he was up to. She has a habit of getting bored in the middle of the night and likes to flirt and get attention in order to keep her busy.

Chace never acted on some of the things she suggested like meeting up, it was a little stalker like and creepy to be honest. Chace was just trying to be friendly!’

  • Frank [the real one]

    i love mean girls!
    [random sorry]

  • anonymous

    what happen to her?

  • kdjfk

    Its cause the tweens are obsessed with anything the Jonas do.

  • Anonymous

    wtf !

  • Anonymous

    You mean Chace?
    Haha that was douchey of him, but
    I don’t see how Joe is a douche!
    A phonecall isn’t that bad!
    maybe he didn’t want Taylor to bitchslap
    the shit out of him!
    lol jk :p
    but ya phonecall isn’t bad…

    actually, it is..

    if you break-up with someone
    through a phone call, it shows
    how much of a coward you are
    that you cant even tell a girl
    in person because your scared
    to see how she’ll react. 8-)

  • sophia

    yooo she looks fuckin nasty

  • Anonymous

    is she going anorexic again?

  • mmm mary.

    shes like gorgeous
    but that picture is beyond unflatteringgg.

  • Anonymous

    looks like someone got botox
    her lips are disgusting

  • Anonymous

    What a douche.

  • Anonymous

    omg she looks so different
    and a little unhealthy dont get me wrong not trying to judge but shses not looking healthy

  • Naureen

    Poor Chace. LMAO

  • Anonymous

    well she went under the knife…

  • s2rob

    are you insane?? she looks like she’s about to drop dead from malnutrition!

  • Anonymous

    She looks anorexic.

    Haha. This is so gonna be on Robot Chicken.

  • bridget

    lindsay is a trainwreckkkkkk! =[

    hahaha jared leto needs to cut his hair. and what in the world is kanye wearing?!

  • karen!

    is she anorexic again?..oh linsey when will you learn!!¿

  • Mary

    let me borrow that top!

  • Anonymous

    woah, thats what i said? what happend to her?
    she used to be like super pretty before.

  • Frank

    i get hungry just by looking at her.

  • Sinclaire


  • http://lynniee11 Sara Lynn

    she looks awfull.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    chace is so hot!

  • Boop

    Well, she looks awful. What happened to the child on Parent Trap? Where’s that fake twin when you need her?

  • Jen

    i get hungry just by looking at her.
    haha oh frankk

  • Anonymous

    umm waddupp witth herr facee in thee 1st piccc ? LOL.

  • Anonymous

    She’s fucking gnarly. I’ve never liked her, and now I know why. She’s cracked out and horribly skinny.Disgusting.

  • A

    ew she looks DISGUSTING. why would you lose that much weight and then make your boobs explode out of your dress like that, that is so disgusting. she’s a really pretty girl why does she do this to herself…

  • DanyPeace!

    WTF!!! She was so beautful! but now! Eww..!

  • haha

    she looks like a walking corpes! hah

  • Anonymous

    she looks dreadful

  • Anonymous

    what the hell is she on
    she looks so bad.

  • Jonas 4 Canada !

    Camilla definitely out shined her!

  • jessie

    seriously this has nothing to do with the jonas brother
    please stop bringing up other celebrities in posts that have nothing to do with them
    and yes i am a jonas fan before you go assuming

  • Jonas 4 Canada !

    You mean Chace?
    Haha that was douchey of him, but
    I don’t see how Joe is a douche!
    A phonecall isn’t that bad!
    maybe he didn’t want Taylor to bitchslap
    the shit out of him!
    lol jk :p
    but ya phonecall isn’t bad…

  • Anonymous

    shes aneorexic.
    its so can tell cus her head is too big for her body.

    come on lindsay…and she used to be so pretty!

  • Anonymous

    eww. what happened.

  • Jonas 4 Canada !

    I know it doesn’t but by just looking
    at posts about Chace and especially Chris, it pisses
    me off on how girls FREAKED at Joe, yet they
    just let these boys slide, even though they were worse
    to their girlfriends.I know this is not a Jonas post,
    but if you saw how much hate Joe got for the Taylor
    thing, its not fair!

  • Anonymous

    shes so skinny :O
    it looks really horrible

  • Jane

    yep she is creepy!

  • Alice

    is that SERIOUSLY Lindsay?
    She looks drugged out.

  • :)

    what the hell did she do to herself??

  • Anonymous

    She looks creepy

  • Team Miley Taylor Jonas

    chase is a babe :)

  • Alex

    look at her lips lol

  • Sydney

    OMG she’s anorexic again!!! OMG i hope this never happens to Miley cyrus. But you never know, because at one time, Lindsay was a positive role model. What’s happening to this world?? :(

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Wow, chace is more desperate than I thought..eww

  • Anonymous

    Huum.. taht thing.. that’s Linsay?

  • hannah

    what happened to her

  • Anonymous

    what the hell happened to her..

  • Meka

    she needs to eat something

  • me

    wow thats creepy that she texts him soo much


  • Anonymous

    she looks so different

  • d

    she looks like a crackwhore.

  • Anonymous

    Holy shizz.
    She looks nasty.

    Well, I hope he had fun with that tranny.

  • Carolinaajobrosfan(:

    I can’t belive that’s her,she used to be so gorgeous,what happened? is that even her? she’s anorexic again or what? and her lips and hair,what happened to her hot body, No there is no way this is the girl who played Cady Heron in mean girls.

  • Anonymous

    im sorrry, i don’t like to criticize celeb’s bodies, but she looks extrmeley unhealthy. yikes!

  • abby jonas :)

    OMFGGGGGGGG shes so fucking skinny.
    she looks like one of those fax figures rofl

  • Anonymous


  • Team Taylor Swift

    wtf that is not even lindsay.

  • KaiRob

    Oh lord.
    She needs to sit her ass down somewhere and chill out with one person.
    And she looks terrible.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Omjz; Where’s her red hair. Her curves.
    && What the hell; HER LIPS!


  • Anonymous

    is she aneroxic?
    she body looks more disgustin than that other two
    girls from 90210

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    well doesnt she look like a mess.

  • Jonas 4 Canada !

    I love Chace, but y does everyone think JOE JONAS
    is a douche for dumping Taylor on the phone.
    Chace Crawford dumped Carrie via TEXT MESSAGE!

    You can’ text message breakup (haha who remembers
    Kelly :P)

  • Ahkane

    She looks like a meth addict..

  • cristal

    shes too skinny now

  • Anonymous

    tooo skinny eww

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    She had so much potential. :(

  • Marcus

    If this is true.. HAWT!

  • Marcus

    Push up bra to the maxxxxxxxx


  • Anonymous

    I think that one of her boobs is bigger than her head.
    I miss the redheaded Lindsay.

  • Anonymous

    what the heck happened to her

  • Jonas 4 Canada !

    Yup it is!
    Look on Perez Hilton, he has a better pic,
    but ya thats her.
    Gosh, she used to be so beautiful like
    in Mean Girls. Shes still prettyish now, but
    she was much better pre hot mess!

  • Jonas 4 Canada !

    its called he ws in europe, and so many
    people dump people over the phone, its not
    a big deal!

  • jenny

    she looks freakin 50 years old….or older!!!

  • Frank

    i have that song stuck in my head now thanks ;]

  • Jonas 4 Canada !

    haha :P

  • ~Yasso~

    umm whats wrong wid her?

  • kdjfk

    Seriously Samantha fucked up Lindsay’s life. Lindsay needs to get the fuck away from Samantha. Those Ronson’s are messed up.

  • Jonas 4 Canada !


  • Anonymous

    ohmigod, that’s lindsay? wow, and i was literally JUST watching mean girls … what happened to that lindsay? :(

    AND as much as i love the jonas brothers, they aren’t mentioned in this article, so why are some of you brining them up? its unnecessary.

  • Anonymous

    She’s not a pretty at all now. I mean, I guess she is if you like that 2 dollar whore look.

  • http://ofihg merissa

    She looks SO bad now!!!!!

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