Mandy Jiroux LOSIN’ IT Fallbrooke

  • sdfsfd

    this is seriously hilarious, i love it.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    for a wierd reason i really like this song and it was hilarious

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Who is this band?
    & Mandy was hilarious haha!

  • Anonymous

    OK just saying, the lead singer looks like he is 12 years old :P

  • kayla

    Miley cyrus sucks!?
    okay i have this weird hatred for miley cyrus…idk what it is. my 4 year old cousin worships her! i saw her slutty myspace pics, she has a lisp too( SHE DOES LISTEN 2 HER TALK!!) and she cant sing, live. on a computer, she sounds pretty good, but live, I can do better. I dont know, am i alone here? does anyone else hate hew, or do you all

  • Anonymous

    Haha thats good!

  • Anonymous

    that was one of the worst songs and videos I have ever seen.

  • sdfsfd

    I was first! That’s exciting… although slightly anti-climactic. I feel like it should be more exciting than this. where’s the balloons?

  • Anonymous

    yeah,you’re alone,gtfo of here!!

  • Anonymous

    funny stuff,love it.

  • Anonymous

    love the song and loooove Mandy, she is so so pretty !

  • mimi

    this band is really good! better than those ftsk band! mandy is hilarious! this video had me laughting the guy dancing after she dance and making fool of himself. man miley and mandy always have funny stuff for people to laught about! this made me laught so hard hahah!

  • GossipChiick

    this sucks. -_-
    the worst music video on eartttttttttth.

  • Anonymous

    that was one of the worst songs and videos I have ever seen.

    yea the lyrics are gay

    but the video is funny

  • :)

    you’re alone … now GO.

  • marta

    haha mandy owns it ;d
    such a cool video < 3

  • Beiirutty


  • emily ford

    aww that was cute! i love Mandy she’s the shit. and the lead singer kind of looks like William Beckett, but not as cute =)

  • Anonymous

    i love it!
    this is like the coolest music vid

  • Miley [ not Cyrus ]

    ahah soo funny! I love it!

  • Anonymous

    ive never heard of this band b4 bt they’re pretty awesome! and i thought the vid was hilarious. i’m slowly liking miley & mandy again. u know, like i hated them at first cause i always thought miley was this super whore, but idk, she just seems more normal now cause shes not perfect. and mandy was hilarious in this vid. so yay! lol. i have a new band to like lol.

  • kels

    is the band called “fallbrooke”

    that’s stupid. i live in a town called fallbrook.

  • omg

    no wonder miley took all those pictures, mandy is so much older, and she acts her age. miley hasn’t really hung out with people her age much so she acts older.

  • Anonymous

    aww that was a cute video ;) i really liked it! and mandy looked gorgeous. the song was awesome too!! :)

  • Anonymous

    woaaah mandy`s REALLY PRETTY ! and that guys`s chest is REALLY HAIRY !

  • Anonymous

    this band is really good! better than those ftsk ban

    hail naw , ftsk pones .

  • Anonymous

    you’re alone
    I Pray for You.
    miley is awesome.

  • McKenzie

    i LOOOVEEEE Mandy. :)
    she KILLED it.

  • Anonymous

    haha that was better than i thought it would be

    mandy looked really prettyy in the video and i have to say the vid was funny xp

  • amie

    mandy looks really pretty!

  • malyn