You’ll Always Find Your Way Back Home
, Hannah Montana The Movie. Thx gee!

  • LOL

    Sounds like something the Jonas Brothers would write…


  • Anonymous

    Im not just saying this as a Miley fan, but this is gonna be one HECK of a soundtrack!!!

    I love MOST i’ve heard.. especially The Climb.

  • Anonymous

    ‘hannah’ is miley!! duhh
    & ‘hannah’ has already gotten #1 albums

  • hannah montana

    no matter what, all of her songs basically have a great message: i miss you, wake up america,good bye, right here, as i amand so on.
    of course this is a hannah song so it isn’t going to be the best. but it will make more sense when we see the movie :) it will be a great sucess! GO MILEY! team disney! they’re all in it together so why choose sides? ROCK ON DISNEY!

  • Frank

    I have those shoes XP

  • Emily
  • bojo

    its gone. reup plz.

  • kimmy4

    more like something selena would sing
    besides this is a hannah song though miley could have written it since she said she does co write hannah songs too. hannah songs are mostly for children miley songs arent

  • mimi

    i love her tracks she always have a positive message on her hannah song i hope she does more like that on miley songs too like the climb style with more rock in it! but something about like help the world or something like the six sense movie on giving a little back when we all unite she might bring in a award for that! i hope she does amazing she is very talented and i love her voice. i hope she milks disney until the ends and stay on hannah for the longest so we can grow with her like going high school college entrance exams franternety parties or iniciation their is a lot to still do on hannah. joining school teams clubs year book,prom night we still missing that! she needs more of hannah she should definately contact me i will give her a lot of ideas for the show!!

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Not as good as I thought :(

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like something the Jonas Brothers would write…

    Not at all, haha. Nice try though(:

  • rii

    this song was written by taylor swift. shes done an interview on it before saying how she just thought of writing for hannah montana/miley without knowing the movie storyline at all.

  • dana

    hey retah and Kaz, i dont know if you guys go on JB posts, but this was a topic today..OCEANUP CELEBRITIES

    who is yvonne
    oceanup’s very own celebrity, known as a JB supporter and Kevin Lover, always there to mention him when he is being ignored by Nick Girls and Joe Girls.

    Jonas 4 Canada is another JB supporter, although at the moment i do not know “whose” girl she is, im thinking it’s Joe or Nick…yeah, maybe Nick.

    other OceanUp celebrities are:

    Retah, Kaz,and Dana: Miley supporters (the mature ones who do not go post to post bashing seleni, demi or JB) togethey, they along with other miley supporters, have created the “CSI:Thats so Suite Life of Hannah Montana” (because in their opinion, Hannah Montana, Suite Life, and Raven are the best TV shows)

    Mandy is a frequent commentor, does not like Miley, although she doesn’t HATE her either…she just doesn’t like some of the things miley fans may or may not say…

    Anonimous is an idiot and likes to tell people they can’t spell when they spell everything in their comment incorrectly. (notice how they mispell anonymous)

    Carey supports Selena (one of the few on this site) and likes to bash Miley

    and then there is one girl who likes to post under different names, the most frequent one she uses is: Mimi, Sammy and Cristal
    sorry, i sent it in before its finished….continuing:

    and then there is one girl who likes to post under different names, the most frequent one she uses is: Mimi, Sammy and Cristal and is crazy about miley.she mostly writes these long paragraphs about miley and also supports “Jiley” (Justin and Miley)

    Emily Ford: well, there used to be one, we haven’t heard from her in a while. now there is some poser who likes to post under that name and make lesbian references about her and Miley and how Miley is her lover.

    SerenaVanderWoodsen confuses me, so im not gonna try to explain, but i think she wants to fuck nick jonas in the back of a limo while wearing a Vera Wang wedding dress

    Jerseygirl : a JOE girl

    Carolinajobrosfan: JOE girl who i still dont know whether she likes miley or not

    Frank: Oceanup’s very own sweetheart and is always polite and may be the only guy here


  • MILEY > OCEANfuckingUP

    It’s catchy, not gonna lie. Can’t wait for the HQ…I wonder how miley feels about her songs always leaking?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like it. AFter hearing The Climb, Just a Girl and Mixed up from HMTM, this sounds to kiddish, still love Miley!

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  • Anonymous


  • andrew

    omg loved it she is the best cant wait for HMTM!

  • Anonymous

    i smell something…
    you know what it is??

    #1 ALBUM

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • himynameisgee

    hahah thats meeeeeeeee!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    This is super cheesy :/

  • Anonymous

    hannah has no 1 album by kids and children
    miley has by teenageers jb too


    I can see this movie being a HUGE SUCCESS!

  • Anonymous


  • casey

    lesley patterson has this as her ringtone hahahaha
    how cute

  • Anonymous

    i cant hear it (im at work) can someone tell me how it is?

  • Anonymous

    this is a kids song
    only jb and miley can get no 1 albums not hannah



  • sanna

    she’s the best, hands down

  • rachhhh:D

    idk if its just the quality but her voice sounds extremely edited.

  • heather

    its ok. not her best but that’s why this is a hannah song not a miley one.