Victoria & Simon DO GOOD DAY LA

Spectacular costars Victoria Justice and Simon Curtis hit up Good Day LA this morning. Victoria talks to Popstar! about the audition process, Simon and new photo shoot under!

  • Anonymous

    im SOO upset i think that oceanup shouldn’t post anything disney for a few days b/c these nick stars are SOO underrated.

  • Annonymous

    victoria justice is so fucking fake, my friends and i met her in real life and she is the biggest bitch

  • Anonymous

    i watched the movie tonight. it was actually pretty interesting.
    they dont “nose sing” like vanessa.

  • =]]]

    She’s so pretty!!! Heyyyy where’s the hotish guy?!?!?! He should have been in this!!!

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  • Anonymous


  • jana

    fuckkk, she’s absolutely gorgeous!

  • Anonymous

    she’s really pretty!!

  • Hummingbird9311

    OMG, it’s sad to see young men go to waste like that. No NO offense, to gay people.

    Has he come out of the close yet? People said he was gay, but I didn’t believe it at first. NOW I do

  • Marcus

    I think we can all agree, gay or not that Simon Curtis is a very attractive looking guy!

    ps. love when guys wear white t-shirts (espeacially nick jonas)

  • Marcus

    pps. that girl is faker than selena gomez, and i love selena gomez!

  • Anonymous

    Oceanup, when will we be seeing some David Henrie shirtless pictures on the beach?

    Hopefully soon! Can’t wait ;)

  • love.

    she’s pretty and kind of a good actress, but in this interview she kinda seems rude. simon’s really goodlooking though. (:

  • Sara

    He’s a super great singer. I just got done watching the movie and he was GREAT!

  • Anonymous

    She’s really pretty, but I heardno one likes her.

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