Chace Crawford ARMANI STUD

Chace posing at Armani / 5th Avenue store opening in NYC, Wednesday. +1!

  • Aniqa

    he’s soo hot…he seems to have lost a bit of weight…lol

  • Nancy

    What a hottie. He looks very handsome as usual.

  • vee-roh

    fkn gorgeous omg hes to fkn hot

  • erica

    knight in shinning armani…

  • fbfgbfgnfg

    ATTRACTIVE!!! kinda girly looking though…

    and he cant pull off differnt hair styles like brad pitt can…

  • Anonymous

    oh my…he is definitely working that scruffy look…omg…omg…omg…omg…i think i found my new wallpaper…oh lord, someone help i am getting a heart attack

  • Anonymous

    love his hypnotized

  • Jaslynn (:

    lmfao he’s hott.

  • Steph

    Yea he definitely has gay face, but I still love him. He’s so hott!

  • abbyjonas!! :]


  • Jane

    he’s super hot! kinda gayfaced but still really hot~

  • yum


  • taytayfan

    CHACE + TAYTAY. she deserves a good looking man.

  • Anonymous

    OMFG I’m obsessed with his looks..
    soo shmexy!! ;)

  • Anonymous

    His hair is gross.
    I used to think he was super hot but now I just think he’s a manwhore in rl like in Gossip Girl.

  • Anonymous

    of course no one on oceanup would think he is cute, this site is full of teenies who think Jonas is hot…kiddies, when you get older you will laugh at yourself for thinking they are cuter than this gorgeous thing right here