Demi Lovato TWITTER

Demi Lovato opened an official Twitter announced in a Myspace bulletin.

  • Anonymous

    You are a retard.

  • Anonymous

    lol at you guys thinking she’s “fat”.

    oh and you guys don’t know if she’s a bitch or not or whatever. you don’t know her…

  • Anonymous

    I get that she used to be a bully but she’s ~changed her ways~. Good for her. But I would at least have some respect for her if she didn’t go around painting herself out to be the victim.

  • Anonymous
  • Day

    that looks like that guy from honor sociaty
    and that is NOT Joe Jonas

  • lucasgrabeeladdict

    that guy is from honor society but it’s not alex….
    then maybe this proves they’re not dating…she’s just
    friends with the band…

  • Anonymous

    When I was in HS I had the option to graduate early, but I chose not to. I wanted to walk the stage with my friends. :D

    High school was pretty rad.

  • Anonymous

    sane here, the martyr complex she seems to have really turns me off.

  • Anonymous

    thats demis new boyfriend! i know for a fact!

  • Chelsea

    Are you kidding? She looks disgusting there.

  • jeni

    that guy looks like a perverted old freak! but demi looks so freaking pretty here!

  • Anonymous

    what’s his name?

  • lezzy:]

    how do you guys know she’s dating alex noyes? thank god she isnt dating alex deleon anymore. he’s freaken UGLY!! alex noyes is a H-O-T-T-I-E!!

  • Yay

    Who’s the guy ?

  • Rebecca

    whoever that dude is, he is SO HOT.
    yep, and a lot of people probably wont
    agree with me.

  • Anonymous

    im sure he’s just a friend.
    i mean, why would she put that picture?

  • Anonymous

    that guy is not from honor society! it is not and its not joe or alex n. who knows who he is…i wouldnt be surprise if ut was demis new boyfriend! we all know demi!

    and her taste in guys lol

  • Mandy

    Demi is smart awesome, smart, gorgeous and talented. Anyone who thinks other wise is lame!

  • hmmm

    who’s that guy with demi? is that her new boyfriend? that’s not alex though….

  • lindsey

    i really hate how she just starts *loving* john mayer. seriously demi, back the fuck up and listen to FTSK and that other crap that you like. you’re just another follower.

  • Anonymous

    demi is hot! mmm…. i hate that guy!

  • Anonymous

    considering she posted THIS twitter account on her’s not fake..

  • Anonymous

    How do you know ‘for a fact’ thats her new bf?
    because she took a picture with him??

  • Anonymous

    demi looks so cute here…and haters go away…damn get a life!

  • Anonymous

    i dont think that her new boyfriend because last tim i checked shes still dating alex noyes

  • Anonymous

    is it just me or does he look from one of those guys from honor society?
    lol idk :/

  • ame

    demi always takes private pics with her boyfriends..
    for some reason…
    is that her new toy? he looks old as hell!

  • Anonymous

    don’t make fun of her chin.
    bc jesus has one too.
    do you hate jesus!?

  • Anonymous

    dont think that her new boyfriend because last tim i checked shes still dating alex noyes
    _ _ _

    how are you sure shes dating alex noyes though?

  • Anonymous

    she didnt start loving john mayer just now.
    she already heard his songs since november.
    she doesnt even like ftsk.

  • jess

    demi looks gorgeaous here!
    i wouldn’t be surprise if it was her boyfriend.
    she likes older guys!
    and who’s sure about alex noyes or deleon, anyway?

  • Anonymous

    idc demi moves on fast so…i wouldnt be surprise!

  • Anonymous

    he’s just a friend.
    not boyfriend.

  • DAY

    whos the dude

  • Anonymous

    she aint dating alex noyes.
    no proof.

  • anna

    LISTEN TO DAVE BARNES HE IS SOOO AWESOME, HE NEEDS MORE CREDIT! Good job Demi, I love Dave Barnes too. Not only can he sing, but he’s really funny too!

  • jen

    she looks really pretty! but…who’s that guy? it better not be her bf cus seriously she only likes guys that look really old and jerks

  • Anonymous

    first bitches go to hell

  • LaLa Land


  • Anonymous

    who’s the dude?

  • woowww


  • Lauren Watson

    3rd ?> love her


    i used to get bullied by demi she would take my candy ayay and made me cry.

  • Lauren Watson


  • Anonymous

    i hate alex deleon for cheating on demi…is obv. she moved on so fast and he did too i dont understand wat really happened

  • Anonymous

    i love demi! haters go away!

  • Anonymous

    ha ha this is so funny:

    See the Jonas Brothers as kids!

    Nick also offered advice to the audience about wearing purity rings. The guys all wear the bands as symbols of their virginity.

    “It’s about doing your best every day,” said Nick, who’s been dating Selena Gomez. “It is tough sometimes, but you do your best.”


  • Blah

    Do they actually add and talk to fans on this thing??? What is it???

  • vickiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    i looooooove.

    Slow Dancing in a Burning Room.

    John Mayer is not a tool dispite what anyone says.


  • Anonymous

    THATS A FAKE!!!!

  • patrick star

    That guy is so cool i bet he is a rockstar ;)

  • Coolness

    Ew you fat emo bitch cutter go away you are nasty pale and ugly. The only pretty Disney stars are selena miley and number one vanessa hudgens.

  • megan

    seriously as far as school goes celebs always seem to get the easy way out. i mean i find it hard to believe that all these teen stars get to graduate early because their “smart” because theres just too many of them that do.

  • Anonymous

    he cheated on her with his high school sweetheart, logan. they’re back together, demi is with some other guy. no big deal.

  • Anonymous

    how do i know demi is dating alex noyes well some girls so them on a double date with tiffany and michael

  • elloooo

    He was asked what advice all three boys would give to teens wanting to wear purity rings.

    It was on the CBS early show.

  • Jane

    who’s the guy?

  • stalker..

    who’s the guy??

  • Anonymous

    what a fuckin bitch only a couple of months and im done for good and shes younger then me lucky duck i hate fucking school

  • Anonymous

    this is a fake twitter.

  • Bitch

    Agreed. She needs a chin implant. She walks around with a butt chin. LOSE WEIGHT FATO LOVATO

  • Allie

    yurr lame.

  • Anonymous

    ur and idiot! thats not joe!

  • woww

    ur and idiot! thats not joe!

    its def joe its obvious omg that looks nothing like alex noyes it looks exactly like joe.

  • Anonymous

    she aint fat shes just got a big ass which isnt a bad thing

  • Allie

    She doesn’t need to get a ‘chin implant’ and she’s NOT fat.

    Your just jealous…
    why else would you be picking on Demi?
    Face it…she’s cooler then you, prettier, then you..and just better in every way. haha. wow.

  • Anonymous

    i really hate how she just starts *loving* john mayer. seriously demi, back the fuck up and listen to FTSK and that other crap that you like. you’re just another follower


    um you’re retarded! i love john mayer…and i dont tell that to anyone…though i just did lol and i also like other bands and singers from different genres…i’m just music freak like that….that’s what most musicians are…we just listen to any good song or watever!

  • Cristina

    It kinda looks like Joe when he had a beard.

  • Melissa

    yay!!!! Demiiii!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    WHo the hell is she ‘following’? Shut the fuck up. You don’t even know what you’re talking about.

  • jen

    ive seen her with alex noyes but that aint him
    he is a lot whiter and less hairer … he is 22

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    its def joe its obvious omg that looks nothing like alex noyes it looks exactly like joe.

    nobody ever said it was alex noyes…but this dude is more hairier lol

  • Anonymous

    They don’t get out because they’re ‘smart’. They get out because being on home studies gets you ahead and you can graduate earlier than the rest of your class.

  • Anonymous

    She never posted this twitter on myspace…I think..
    And that’s jay from honor society..
    Interested by the house of fools is kinda not disney haha..
    It starts off like this:
    I’m interested in making,
    Love to see you shaking, there
    And I could go on and on….
    ……sounds like demi is thinking of sumthing haha just saying.

  • Anonymous

    his name is tucker and he is hott, like fire

  • Bitch

    Okay she used the jonas brothers to make herself more famous she’s a bitch why doesn’t she admitt it. I do. I’m a bitch and damn proud of it. She’s fat too at least she admitts that. There’s nothing wrong with anorexia. Get some.

  • Amaris

    ok tell me who you think it is i think it is the guy next to her in the picture go to it

  • Anonymous

    Who is that guy?

  • alyssa

    I love her :)

  • Anonymous

    ew she gets to graduate early? she’s like a sophomore.. whatta dumbass.

  • Anonymous

    Who’s the dude?

    And I already listen to those songs.

  • crystal

    Demi lovato is nice. i can not believe demi and selena gomez are fighting. if you ask me,demi and selena should not be fighting because thay were great friends.