Trailer for Hayden Panettiere‘s new movie ‘I Love You Beth Cooper.’

  • Anonymous

    lol for some reason this reminded me of sleepover with the girl form spy kids idk y

  • Anonymous

    hmm……. interesting i guess ha

  • aly

    this was filmed outside my school and some parts inside. i got to meet the whole cast :]]

  • Anonymous

    this reminds me of twilight :))
    the whole.. the guy has weird strong power
    the car thing

  • NJ_Cutie

    veryy stupod..like WTF.

  • NJ_Cutie

    Very stupid..this does not belong in theatres..

  • Olivia

    Looks kinda like The Girl Next Door.

  • paparazzi

    lookz quite stupid
    i like hayden though…

  • bojo

    What are you guys talking about! This movie looks good! And Hayden is always awesome, even in movies that aren’t.

  • Anonymous

    Looks boring.

    She’s so pretty.

  • Anonymous

    yeah it does look stupid

  • holly

    this seems like a lot of other movies. not original at all, but i’ll go see it

  • Anonymous

    wow it was a great book. looks like a funny movie. cant wait to see it

  • Lacy

    OMG im so excited!
    I love Hayden shes my idol!!

    Lacy Anne

  • Anonymous

    wow it was a great book. cant wait to see the movie. it looks funny

  • Anonymous

    FIRST!!!! ill go se it

  • Jane

    i think it looks really funny….hahah guess i’m a loser

  • Anonymous

    my friends was up for the lead male role; it was between him and the guy who got it (obviously). he was really excited to meet hayden!

  • iziah

    its a bummer |:
    the book was x10 better then this