Lucy Hale DATING Paul Iacono


Lucy Hale & David Henrie are OFF again. First, David answered a fan on his official message boards saying that he was indeed ‘single‘. [Thx Ticia for that!] Popstar! was recently on set of the upcoming remake of Fame [Starring Asher Book, Kay Panabaker & Anna
Maria Perez de Tagle

They found out that one of the actors, Paul Iacono, has been dating Lucy for ‘the past
couple of months!’
On Valentine’s Day, David also Twittered, ‘Valenties day, lame.’ No more David and Lucy for now! Random pictures under with AMPDT.

  • Lauren

    Lucas? How do you know?
    I had a guess they would be together. But how do you know are together?

  • Anonymous

    Aw lol

  • cappy<3

    aww thts a shame

  • T

    shoulda believed me when i sent the thing from his website to you. hahah

  • Anonymous

    awwww he is probably still in love with her:( poor boy.
    he is so hotttt how could you breakup with him!?

  • Ashley <3

    Lucy is cute! i love her show! :)

  • Anonymous

    Hmm…Nick (I love you<3) and SELENA broke up recently.
    Now DAVID and Lucy…
    I smell something fishy…well…

    haha, jk. David & Selena would be pretty cute though.
    Almost as cute as me & Nick Jonas. Haha also just kidding, never going to happen. But a girl can dream, eh?

  • Janica

    ew he’s freaking ugly! Wow what a coincidence sel and nick just broke up and david and lucy too, maybe david and selena are together now.

  • Anonymous

    he looks like the guy who played gordo on lizzie mcguire.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm…Nick (I love you Now DAVID and Lucy…
    I smell something fishy…well…

    haha, jk. David & Selena would be pretty cute though.
    Almost as cute as me & Nick Jonas. Haha also just kidding, never going to happen. But a girl can dream, eh?

    I mean’t to say Nick(iloveyou) and selena broke up now david and lucy**

  • Anonymous

    the other paul in fame is gay. paul MCGILL not IACANO. trust me.

  • Anonymous

    idk his myspace doesn’t say in a relationship

  • Yay

    David & Selena should hook up.

  • sandyLove

    paul iacono is wayyyyyy hot and awesome

  • Anonymous

    saw them both at a party last weekend.
    they’re adorable.
    and fame looks sick.

  • Anonymous

    NO :(
    i love them together.
    they’re pefect for each other
    and i dont like david/selena to happen


  • sami

    how can you compare this guy to david!this is gossip shit.

  • Anonymous

    Good for her LOL

  • sandyLove

    david is a disney channel punk.
    icon is an ****n movie star.
    good for her.

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  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    awww they were sol cute together

  • Lauren

    I heard that David was now dating Emily, not Selena.

  • cindy malkin

    I met Paul twice in Cali, he’s definitely the bomb!!!! Besides his looks his personality just takes over. Major step for my favorite girl

  • A

    he’s cute haha. i did really like her and David Henrie together though :(

  • disneylover

    They are not off and she is not dating paul iacono.. because Paul Iacono is GAY. I know several men he has been with. He is ooooober gay

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  • ash

    muffin…gahhh well shit happens we live and we learn

  • lalaland

    David isnt dating Emily wtf
    they were in a movie together.

    Emily is dating that guy Lucas

  • tori

    talk about step down,
    david is walking sex
    this guy looks like a who

  • Steph

    I had a feeling they were probably “off” again based on what his twitter was saying. I know that David and Selena are close b/c their castmates and whatever. I don’t know if it’s wishful thinking or not, but I can’t help thinking there is something going on between them. I think there is at least a mutual attraction there. Maybe since they’re both single now and Lucy has moved on something will happen between them!

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  • Anonymous

    who cares.. he looks like a loserrrrrr

  • tanya

    i met him once at a party and hewas really weird

  • http://jen jen calabri

    Dave was ok looking…. Lucy and Paul seem like a nice match. Dave was kinda of stuck up. Good Luck Lucy

  • asdfsd


    she and nick broke up last month. coincidence? i think nowt

  • roel

    A monthly magazine also revealed that Paul and lucy met each other on a online dating site(name not published).They are happily seeing each other now from the past and seem to be a perfect couple in the future too.