Vintage JoJo Levesque on TV show ‘Kids Say The Darndest Things’. +1!

  • Vicki


  • Anonymous

    “does the audience know who cher is?”
    “yeah…she was back in their time.”

    “what`s cher?”
    “she`s…what we do at passover.”

    she was so precious! :)
    i hope she comes out with a new freaking cd soon, i hope she didn’t die or something… :P she’s such an amazing singer, why isn’t she popular?? i don’t get it, i love her.

  • justdance

    hahaa! i sent this! :]

  • KaiRob

    She looks exactly the same. :]
    Exept with more teeth. lol
    She has ALWAYS been talented.

  • Anonymous


  • (:

    BAHAA. she’s what we do at passover!

    i remember this show.
    the kids on it were SO hilarious/talented. i will always wonder how they found such great young kids.

  • ash

    lol. i love jojo

  • Anonymous


  • =D

    HAHA the little boy is Will Stabile. He goes to my high school!!

  • sophieeee

    she sounds amazing at that age wowa

  • blubberz

    she’s sooooo adorable.
    omg and soooooo talented .I mean look at her she was like such a little kid with such a great voice.

  • Anonymous

    first i no someone who was on that show

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    do you know who cher is??
    Yeah, shes what we do at passover!!


  • Anonymous

    ha that was so cute..

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    she sings sooo similar to how she does now.
    with like all that voice control stuff. haha
    she was so cute!

  • Kelly

    lol i remember watching this on tv when i was younger

  • Anonymous

    first, that passover kid is hilarious!
    second, she sounds just like fred here.

  • Anonymous

    Joe went out with her?

  • Anonymous

    yeah, did joe went out with her?

  • mariannnnnnn.

    i loved this!
    that`s adorable.
    “what`s cher?”
    “she`s what we do at passover.”
    i seriously cracked up when i
    heard that.
    hahahaha. jojo is adorable.

  • <3

    hahaha omg, she’s like really good at singing and shes like…7 years old..

  • Anonymous

    i remember wtching this when it aired, lol