Amanda Bynes T-SHIRT DRESS


Amanda Bynes multi-tasked while wearing a barely there printed T-shirt dress to Coffee Bean in Studio City on Friday afternoon. Photos: Fame. +5 under of Temporary Tisdale.

  • Anonymous

    So badass (L). hahaha
    she looks gorg.
    if she can wear it, use it.
    I mean she looks fab even though i could have wore short shorts and more with stalker paparazzis.
    And i LOVE her hair. god bless it. :)

  • A

    She looks hot!

  • justdance

    she looks like she’s trying too hard.. and she also needs a pair of pants.

  • LaLa Land


  • morgannn


  • reah


  • Anonymous


  • katie

    all this type of clothing is really in at the moment in the Uk, and i know she is not in the Uk but she might be taking it from that, everyone is wearing like tops as dresses i tihnk it looks really nice. first? -x

  • himynameisBITCH

    wooow short much?

  • Wow

    to think she was annoying as hell on All That! and the Amanda Show… now those legs go on for miles and i could look all day.

  • Wassup

    I like her outfit…I think she looks pretty

  • Anonymous

    FIRST for the first time
    wow im coool

  • what ever


  • justdance

    heyyyyyy i was first!!


    shw is so gorgeous but i dont like her hair like that it is making her face shape look long and weird


  • yeahh

    shut up.
    she’s amazing. she acts, and is really funny. i think she looks great. she’s old enough to decide what she wants to wear. plus i think she looks pretty good, and i like her top. and at least her legs are in shape and very good looking. and shaved lol.

    go amanda!

  • hanna

    i like the idea but wwaaayyyy too short. she could have gone like 2 inches down and would have been perfect,

  • Anonymous

    anybody else see the creeper in the background of the fourth picture…

  • Robin

    cute dress. i would probably wear it with leggings, tho. :)

  • Anonymous

    put some pants on!

  • V

    Wtf? at least wear short shorts, that better than no pants
    she’s weird

  • Ac

    how is she the temporary tisdale?

  • Ac

    well she’s not going to be thirsty!! 3 drinks?

  • Anonymous

    you forgotyour pants chica

  • Jane

    amanda, please girlfriend. i love you to death, you’re an amazing actress, but please put some pants on. you look hot, but can it seriously be comfortable?

    haha amanda is awesomeee

  • deanna

    uh the dress or shirt isnt that bad? shes super pretty.

  • sheilla

    omg audrina patridge wannabe
    she wore EXACTLY the same outfit in the hills
    i even think the top was the same

  • apprill!!

    she has a fattass face lol but cute

  • Anonymous

    she’s really pretty

  • Anonymous

    i would hate to drop something on the ground if i was her lol

  • Serena van der Woodsen. ® – – you know you love me!

    She’s adorable! :)

  • a

    lindsey lohan much!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i like her shirt

  • Anonymous

    shes so cute :]
    i love her

  • patricia

    lemme borrow that top!

  • Anonymous

    She is really pretty!

  • sdfsfd

    she looks cute, don’t be dumb.

  • bojo

    She’s so pretty and has great legs. Glad she shows em off! So Sexy!

  • Anonymous

    i loooove her sandals! haha at 1st sight i read Amanda Bynes t-shirt less! and i was like =O wtf

    haha (x

  • Taryn

    I love he acting and stuff, but I bet she’s loving the attention from the paparazzi these days.

  • Anonymous

    amazing style…
    this girl knows whats in fashion
    lovely her too
    but hate shes blonde
    she was much better as a brunette
    cute though

  • Steph

    Seriously why does she dress like that? You would look just as sexy if you just wore leggings under that shirt and left something up to the imagination!

  • Anonymous

    amazing style..
    this girl knows whats in fashion
    lovely hair too
    but hate shes blonde
    she was much better as a brunette
    cute though

  • Anonymous

    thats really cute but for some reason i think of her as a lesbo.

  • Anonymous


  • http://JRR REBECCA <3

    Okay, I get it, Amanda Bynes has pretty legs…but her dresses and skirts are always sooo short, I can’t believe she doesn’t have any panty shots..ever! haha

  • Anonymous

    She looks just fine, great actually. And there is plenty left up to the imagination.

    Stop hating.

  • Jonas 4 Canada !

    I love her!
    Omg I like how she has a normal body unlike really
    skinny stars, because it shows that you don’t
    need to be skinny to be pretty!

  • Anonymous

    i love her!!!
    she looks really good!!

  • kayla

    she’s so gorgeous.