RollingStone added Taylor Swift pictures through the years. 10+

  • rheenalyn yante

    hi taylor! i hope u have a concert here in manila.and i hope that u and justin bieber will sing baby please!


  • :)

    she was a cute baby

  • Anonymous

    sayin you hate her doesnt make her any less pritty and it doesnt make you any prittier

  • amy

    her eyes are amazing
    its called “exotic” ever heard of renee zellweger
    id give the world for her eyes

  • Anonymous

    awww those pictures are soo adorable! Shes ALWAYS been gorgeous, and very talented. no wonder people were/are jealous.

  • alyssa

    aw she was so cute!

  • taytay

    go to dr.90210 and you could get the squinty evil look, show him these pictures or miley’s racist pictures-you know, the BFF’s/look alikes

  • Chanel


  • Ashley

    naww she is so cute
    thats stupid how people made fun of her!!
    thats mean

  • Anonymous

    She looked EXACTLY like my little cousin. It’s kinda creepy.

    I had that Phocahontas plate!

  • Anonymous

    Umm does anyone think that her eyes got slanted over the years?… at least I think that..

    I like her songs and how she writes them.. but she holds her long notes out to much and annoyingly pitched!!

  • Anonymous

    She is soooo cute!

  • Anonymous

    She was so adorable.
    And she grew up to be so beautiful.
    It’s terrible that people were so mean to her when she was a kid.
    I bet she was sweet.

    And I guess if no one was ever mean to her she wouldn’t be making such great music.


    I’m forever a Taylor Swift fan<3

  • Anonymous

    so adorable^^

  • lovelovelove

    excuse me
    she is gorgeous
    always has been always will be
    she was SO beautiful as a child! and people who say she was ugly are clearly either blind, have no taste or are just really jealous because they are repulsively ugly themselves. And don’t tell me that I’m the one that’s blind, because all the magazines shes in and stuff say that she is beautiful, and she did modelling when she was younger and everything.
    seriously how can you say she’s ugly I jst don’t understand!!!
    shes the most beautiful person in the world, and its people like you who bullied her when she was younger, which is what inspired her to write songs and become successful anyway, so youre really having th opposite effect of the one you want.
    so shut up because taylor reads these things and I want her to see the truth and feel happy, not see all these nasty bitter jealous bitches.
    Taylor Swift = <3

  • http://www.lenanj.wordpress.com Lena

    oh my gosh, she was so adorable! And noe she is just gorgeous!!

    but wait, she’s married?? :O

  • Anonymous

    she looks like her mom

  • ~

    Her brother is motherfucking ugly and looks gay.

  • Anonymous

    One Word:ADORIBLE

  • Anonymous

    omg!!im a taylor swift fan!sooo cute!!!!!!

  • Alex Jonas

    ok she has great music but shes kinda annoying, shes all ditzy n weird…im not gunna lie her music is rele rele good but idk she just annoys me, shes talented n u cnt take that away from her…. but after wat she did to Joe Jonas i lost all respect for her, wat an animal she was to make everyone hear how the broke up….TEAM JOE ALLLL THE WAYYYYYYYYY!!!!! n also i love how everybody says shes sweet, meanwhile all the tv shows were saying that her n miley were making fun of everybody at the grammys…like kanye, Jonas Brothers, and more people…..

  • Anonymous

    awww she is sooo cute! xx

  • Demi (not lovato)

    aww she’s so cute! Love Taylor!

  • Anonymous

    Taylor u r 2 cute!

  • Anonymous

    ahhhh i pictures in my uniform when i was younger and still have to take them now as a senior! hahaha

  • Anonymous

    your so cute taylor when ur baby :)

  • Taylor Swift

    I was such a cute little kid(:

  • Anonymous

    She is still a beutiful superstar whe she is young. signed your #1 fan.(ps)I memorized all your songs!!!

  • jessica rose serrano

    ur so cute taylor when ur young :)

  • jessica rose serrano

    ur so cute taylor when ur young :)

  • Jane

    i love taylor she is and was adorable!

  • karlo

    u know taylor that your so beautiful and i like u :)

  • Anonymous

    Jealous much? She is adorable!

  • angel

    hi taylor!i like ur song teardrops on my guitar! i hope u have a concert on manila and i will watch it :)

  • Anonymous

    I think she was really pretty, both as a child and now a teenager. And that’s all I have to say…


  • Anonymous

    yea, no wonder…they were jealous b/c she was gorgeous

  • http://www.youtube.com/mareikexoxo Mareike

    I love her! and she looks very pretty in all the pics


  • haylee

    omg i love her music she looks amazing!

  • http://4:39 bridget


  • emily

    hahaha i love taylor swift! she was so cute when she was little, and now shes SUPER pretty, she is my icon!

  • rache

    she was so adorable and sophisticated

    i love her!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Taylor was really cute when she was lil, now she’s just gorgeous!!! Taylor rock on!!!

  • rade

    u luk so prety

  • http://,mzkjhdknghps Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    get a life people!!!!! she is amazing and I love her music and she is so beautiful. my dream is to sing too and I would give anything to be as successful as her. Rock on taylor and go to hell you jelous assholes!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    2nd picture, her hair looks AMAZING.

  • Anonymous

    that horse was beautiful!

  • Jonas 4 Canada !

    She was more of a pretty kid, not so much
    a cute kid IMO.
    Thats not an insult, but just like there
    are some kids who are more pretty,and some
    who are more cute.

  • Anonymous

    wow, she was so adorable as a baby too.

  • Anonymous

    haha i love taylor! shes so cute!

  • Baileyy.

    She’s so prettyyy

    I love herrr

  • Anonymous

    why isnt anyone else commenting?! shes fabulous.

  • Kimmie

    Awwww these are awesome!!

  • rii

    lol whats up with the wedding dress one? and might i add that dress is ugly =/. but yah, cute pics nonetheless!

  • alex

    i love taylor:D
    she was sooo sophisticated looking even as a child.
    shes a great role model!

  • Anonymous

    oh wow. Is that her mom she’s kissing? She looks EXACTLY like her.

  • alex

    yay! i wa sin the first like 5 comments!

  • Anonymous

    UM EW…
    if she wasnt blonde she’d look ridic FUGLY…
    and wats up with her eyes?

  • Anonymous

    Awww, Taylor’s adorable.

  • Anonymous

    that is so so mean. u probably do’t look better. ithink she looks great!so keep ur thoughts to yourself.

  • Anonymous


  • (:

    awwwww! she’s too cute; and kind of looks exactly the same. haha. love her.

  • Anonymous

    She. Grew up to be really pretty:]

  • Lauren Jonas

    OMG! Shes even drop dead gorgeous as a kid! Taylor you rock! Congrats on back to number 1!

  • Anonymous

    u were

  • Anonymous

    she looks exactly the same
    but in the wedding one she looks fat,
    i don’t hate her, i’m just sayin’
    i don’t love either

  • Anonymous

    well, would you look at that. I thought i was the only child who had it, but taylor has the same pochahontis plate that I did… nice.

  • Anonymous

    i HAAAATEE her
    she was the ugliest kid/baby i have EVER seen.
    and OMG i think the uniform she’s wearing in pic 3 is the same as the one i have to wear to my school… gross

  • Anonymous

    she really is not pretty at all to me

  • Anonymous

    not a Taylor fan, but I like that horse!

  • KayKayKatelyn


  • Anonymous

    She was cute.. but she grew up to be really gorgous.. thank god hahaa.
    and to the people saying she’s ugly.. your DEFINITLY ugly-er..

  • taylorhater

    1st picture, that’s her horse teeth twin.
    2nd picture, is that her grandma?
    and the rest, should’ve been ripped or burned.

    You asked for comments. Be careful what you wish for!

  • lex

    i like the first pic

  • Anonymous

    Wow! She’s so cute :]
    I just don’t see how ANYONE can call her ugly or dislike her!
    She’s so beautiful and sweet..

  • Anonymous

    if thats her grandma she’s kissing on the cheeks..I see a strong resemblance!!

  • fuTaylor

    no WONDER those girls didn’t want her to sit with them at lunch!

  • Anonymous

    she was so pretty as a teenager. :) go taylor, f*** anyone who says otherwise.

  • Anonymous

    Free Fallin

    Shes a good girl, loves her mama
    Loves jesus and america too
    Shes a good girl, crazy bout elvis
    Loves horses and her boyfriend too

    Its a long day living in reseda
    Theres a freeway runnin through the yard
    And Im a bad boy cause I dont even miss her
    Im a bad boy for breakin her heart

    And Im free, free fallin
    Yeah Im free, free fallin

    All the vampires walkin through the valley
    Move west down ventura boulevard
    And all the bad boys are standing in the shadows
    A ll the good girls are home with broken hearts

    And Im free, free fallin
    Yeah Im free, free fallin
    Free fallin, now Im free fallin, now im
    Free fallin, now Im free fallin, now im

    I wanna glide down over mulholland
    I wanna write her name in the sky
    Gonna free fall out into nothin
    Gonna leave this world for a while

    And Im free, free fallin
    Yeah Im free, free fallin

  • katie!

    taylor’s music is amazing and I’m a fan,
    but she DOES have squinty cat-like eyes.
    I’m still a fan though

  • Anonymous



  • Anonymous

    she was sooo cute, but then she got a lil chubby, but then she like stretched and looks amazing!


  • jessica rose serrano

    hi taylor! i hope that i’ll see you here in manila :) please cu’z if I see u here in manila i give my photo to you :)

    Love Jessica :)

  • Anonymous

    To the person who called her fugly , go fuck yourself you jelous asshole. We don’t need you trolls around here. get a life.

  • zeenia

    she looks very cute especialy her eyes looks very innocent.

  • Nooneee

    You really need to shut up. She is not ugly. Not even a little bit. She’s gorgeous and I think you’re just jealous. You have absolutely no reason to hate her. You don’t even know her.

  • Anonymous

    One word:YOUR BEATIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • xyz

    i guess u r gon mad

  • Anonymous

    Actually, to the person that called her fugly, YOU ROCK!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Ah you’re awesome

  • heather

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadorable she is so cute in baby

  • Zac

    I h8 the people here who says she’s ugly , im currently crushing on taylor ryt now and i started searching for pics.She’s cute and also kind . If i were one of the boys at her elementary school i would be her only friend( secretly crushing on her) & i will protect her from the people who hurt her or say bad things to her. People who thinks she’s ugly , get outta here , get a life u idiots , ur just jelous bcoz she’s cute. Im currently lovestruck after seeing these pictures .

  • Zac

    Taylor, ur the most beautiful person to me i get discouraged bcoz i cant be with u…..:(( God made u beautiful thank Him for that , dont mind the people that say ur ugly . Whoever man is with im happy as long as ur happy with him , he is a one lucky guy.If i were one of the boys at ur elementary school i would be ur only friend & i will protect u from the people who hurt u or say bad things to u , i will also be the only boy in ur school to think ur pretty. God bless. ( a message i would say to taylor)

  • Pula

    Taylor looked cute and funny:)

  • estaves

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  • lindsay

    soooooooooooo cute taylor you look adorable when you were a baby love you taylor oh your song are awesome

  • bupphepaY

    ???????????, ????? ???????? ? ??????!

  • Anonymous

    HA HA HA HA HULARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Anonymous

    She was a cute kid. WTF happened to her!?!?! She’s so annoying