Alyson Stoner WARNING

Alyson Stoner
vlog: ‘February 24, 2009, It’s here!’

  • Laila

    ahhah guys its for the Alyson Stoner Project. She has been working on this FOR A LOONG LOOONG TME haha its not for the JOnas Brothers thing hahaha :)

  • Mary Smith

    The Alyson Stoner Project DVD is really cool. I got mine yesterday and love it. You can get it on the website. Some really cool music videos are in the extra features.

  • Sara


  • bojo

    Im going to play this on repeat when i masturbate

  • Anonymous

    i dont get it?

  • Sandy

    thats my birthday ya!

  • Anonymous

    haha its like the jonas brother video when they are running

    haha sorry im bringing jb into this =]

  • christina

    What is coming..?
    Did i miss something?

  • Anonymous

    double u tea eff?

  • Anonymous

    thats RANDOM!
    but what is coming?

  • Anonymous

    the Alyson Stoner Project.

  • Anonymous

    shes pretty gay.
    you know what’s funny?
    she actually called me up the other day
    and said the EXACT same thing about you.

    she is great.
    you are gay.
    try to accomplish what she has.

  • Anonymous

    thats wat she said! haha

  • Anonymous

    she totally copied the jonas brothers.

  • ashh

    i like it

  • ashhhhleeee

    its weird

  • 13Ash<3

    its really random

  • morgan3

    for what he album?


  • MILEY > OCEANfuckingUP

    thats what she said

  • amanda

    i dont get it . . . or do i?

  • Anonymous

    shes pretty gay.



    Alison seems to have a lot of potential

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    no, it’s the
    Alyson Stoner Project.