Jordan Pruitt Jesse McCartney AND Drew Seeley Kick Off MARDI GRAS

Becky sent in awesome pictures of Jordan Pruitt, Jesse Mccartney and Drew Seeley performing at Family Gras in New Orleans, Louisiana, which kicked off the Mardi Gras season. More under!


  • Jane

    ok, this is basically a concert for all the people that have tried really hard to break through and failed. jesse is the most popular. something about jordan pruitt bothers me, and i don’t really know drew

  • jessica<3

    haha is it bad to say I wana fuck drew seely ?! lol & HARD(:

  • JORDAN (:

    haha, yay! I have the same name as jordan. SHES SO PRETTY!!!!!!!!jesse is so hot but using the same clothes every time I SEE HIM! I was at the concert(: OceanUP, you
    u r a lil’ late~


    nobody cares?

  • Anonymous

    drew seely is gorgeous.
    him. me. bed.NOWWW.

  • Anonymous


  • anonymous

    i loooove jesse mccartney :D

  • Anonymous

    Apparently you do.

  • Anonymous


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  • Anonymous

    your a little late
    that happend a week ago
    We The Kings and The Cab were there tooo

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if Nick J still has a crush on Jordan.

  • Anonymous

    jordan pruitt is so pretty. sheesh!

  • KaiRob

    nobody cares?


    You obviously cared enough to comment on how much you supposedly “don’t” care.
    Just because these people aren’t really popular like Britney Spears, Jonas Brothers, Katy Perry or Miley Cyrus doesn’t mean NOBODY cares about them. I happen to love all 3 of these artists and so many of the people that come on this site love them to. So speak for your bitter self.

  • laurenn

    jordan is gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    is that really neccessary to say?

  • Jonas 4 Canada !

    Jesse McCartney is not so Disney, I feel
    bad for him!
    Hes so underrated, he should switch record labels!
    Like I love other artists on Hollywood, but
    I mean Jesse would be better off at a different

  • Anonymous

    you only say “nobody cares” because they’re not as mainstream as the Jonas Brothers or Miley Cyrus. (aside from Jesse though). If you actually gave these people a chance, maybe you would care.

    Seriously, the whole ‘nobody cares’ thing is so annoying.
    it doesn’t make you look big or funny so stop.

  • leigh

    i’m so jealous
    i should have been there

  • hihihih

    omggg. drew seeleyyy = wowowowowowow.
    jesse is .. DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNN.
    (: i love them both.

  • Anonymous

    who cares. slow news day oceanup?!

  • Anonymous

    jesse doesnt amuse me.

    drew was amazing in another cinderella story
    jordon pruitt is prettyyyyyyy

  • hehee

    i feel that drew seeley’s hottness is underrated. lol.
    and jesse, he’s cute and all, but why does he wear that same freaking suit to every concert?!

  • sara

    ergh. i didnt know they were going to be there!
    haha i actually completely forgot about family gras. i wish i had gone! …or at least that celebrities came to the parades on actual Mardi Gras

  • Leah


    i was going to go that weekend but my ride blew me off!!

    i was very upset!

    did you meet jesse?

  • Lynne

    ok, this is basically a concert for all the people that have tried really hard to break through and failed. jesse is the most popular. something about jordan pruitt bothers me, and i don’t really know drew
    Failed? When has Jesse McCartney EVER failed in his career? Never. I think its safe to say he’s a lot more successful than the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus. Jesse was in their same spot light years back. In a few years people will be saying “Miley who?” He’s accomplished so much before he even turned the age of 21.
    He’s a successful talented ARTIST who had to work for it. Not just star in a Disney Channel show and then automatically become a star like too many others.
    Jesse loves to perform and he’ll take the chance whenever he’s offered it. To say he’s failed because he’s performing with these two other singers (who aren’t bad at all in my opinion) who aren’t as popular YET, is rediculous. Jordan and Drew are just getting their start. I think they’ll blow up in the next year or so. Give them time, because they are good singers also.

  • Katie

    woooohoooo ok well i was at family gras and it was wonderful and btw happy mardi gras louisiana

  • tay

    well no wonder nick jonas had a crush on jordan
    she’s gorg!

  • mariana

    I loooove Jesse McCartney :D

  • Anonymous


  • Gina

    She looks really pretty! Like the natural pretty :D


    Drew Seeeley.

    I hate you.

    Come to NYC now?

  • Lynne

    That’s my man Jesse hittin’ it up and owning that stage.
    He’s amazing. I saw some of the performances from Family Gras, he’s great. I’m seeing him soon! <3 <3 <3 And I can’t wait because every one of his performances are AMAZING. <3

  • creepin

    i wanted to go, but i was sick.
    this was a concert series with TONS of performers in Metairie, Louisiana.
    The point of it is to have a more family-oriented atmosphere than what people think of mardi gras.

  • creepin

    oh, and this was like 2 weeks ago, by the way.
    happy mardi gras (tomorrow!) peoples

  • Anonymous

    jordin is really pretty :)
    but her music is not my taste……..

  • mj

    jesse <333333333333333333333

  • Future Mrs.Joe Jonas<3

    yea jmac!!!seein him on friday!!

  • Anonymous

    is it true there’s a picture of mitchell musso taking a hit, lol?
    i don’t see it anywhere.

  • Anonymous

    actually theres more to it

    there were way more preformeres
    liek we the kings sara barreilis and the cab
    and my favorite , THE VETTES

    so its not just all these bad disney people

    I <33 THE VETTES

  • tina<3

    i was theerreee :]
    we the kings
    the cab
    sarah bareilles
    and gavin degraw were there too

  • Anonymous

    jesse mccartney is the most amazing person on this planet aside from joseph adam jonas <3

  • meghan

    ahh i was theree!! :) i had a all-access backstage pass so i got to meet the cab, we the kings, sara bareilles, david archuleta, the vettes, gavin degraw, and a bunch of oher people!! ahh it was sooo much fun! HAPPY MARDI GRAS NEW ORLEANSSS! :D

  • =]
  • a

    jordan is such a good singer.
    love her outfits too.