Tisdale & Archuleta Support V-Factory

Ashley Tisdale and David Archuleta make a brief appearance in V-Factory‘s new video ‘clownin’ around‘ in Utah. Wesley dances around shirtless. Check
the past clips here.

  • alexa

    no they are amazing, they played at a batmitzvah i went to (im 16, were close with the girl’s family) and they were sooooo sweet. plus asher their lead is gunna get big from fame. start liking them now while you can.

  • Alexa

    V Factory is a fairly new boy band, from Warner Bros.
    Their single, “Love Struck”, is gradually being released
    It’s currently on XM 20 on 20 & Radio Disney!
    Check them out!

  • Britt

    They’re actually a GOOD boy band.

  • VF NY

    Aww! Love these boys!
    Ha, hilarious. :)

  • http://vfactorystreetteam.com V Factory Street Team

    V Factory is a boy band consisting of extremely TALENTED, HARD-WORKING, INCREDIBLE guys.
    You HAVE to check them out.

  • mafe

    first !

  • http://www.myspace.com/teammurillo Katie


    Jared is so hot in this

  • Anonymous

    . . . who`s v-factory ?

  • Kymmi

    who is v-factor?
    and that wesley kid
    and i think Ashley and David would be a cute couple
    david archaleta is so freaking hot!!

  • Kymmi

    Forth maybe…
    who is v-factory
    david archaleta is so freaking hot

  • Anonymous

    their a horrible boy band