Kristen Stewart NYLON TV

Kristen Stewart
on Twilight, Joan Jett and sneakers.

  • LaLa Land

    love her

  • Anonymous

    check out

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  • selina

    ahh thats exactly how i want my hair like!

  • as

    this interview is really nice, she seemed to be appreactive of something for once, instead of just dissing twilight fans.


    no sweety, your NNOOTTT joan jett

  • La dee da

    She’s really pretty.
    But really awkward.
    And I love those outifts.

  • Ally

    I love the face she makes after she says, “Yeah, you’re going to play Joan Jett when she was fifteen.”

  • ariadne

    LOVE HER! shes defenetly my icon! hahahahah just her fun personality and the way she is makes her such a cool person, WOW shes doing better all this interviews, shes getting better in all this things , at least she doesnt stuter anymore.. and express herself better XD

  • Anonymous

    I love Kristen! She’s gorgeous all the time, and I just watched a video of her and her fans, and she is soo sweet

  • Anonymous

    her eyes look really pretty but she can be *itchy sometimes and she cusses A LOT!! she pretty thou but she can diss twilight fans alot

  • Anonymous

    those nikes were awesome!!

  • Yeahp .!

    She’s gorgeous, but seems so uneasy whenever being interviewed, like there’s something on her mind.

  • i luv her
    she’s amazing n totally gorgeous!