Camp Rock starlet Meaghan Jette Martin at Jonas Brothers 3D Movie premiere. Jet updated her Myspace blog: Hello! How are you? Good? I do hope so! I thought I would just update you a little in case you care. =]

First of all thank you, thank you, thank you to those of you who wished me a happy birthday! That is so unbelievably sweet and thoughtful of you.

I had a great 17th birthday, I spent the day at Disneyland with most of my
family and best friend. It was rainy at first, but the rest of the day was absolutely beautiful. We rode 26 rides! hahahahaha, we’re crazy, but it was truly great.

Also, thank you to everyone for such positive feedback about the ‘When You Wish Upon A Star’ music video, I’m glad that some of you enjoy it.

If it can make just one person bop their head or tap their toes then I am an insanely happy human being.

Now last but not least.. 10 Things I Hate About You, the tv show I’m working on has been picked up for 10 episodes to air on ABC Family this summer! I’m ecstatic and sooooo pumped for you to see this.

The cast is all so hilarious and the writing is great. I’m a huge fan of the original movie and I’m happy to say that we in no way try to replicate or ‘be’ the movie, we are simply approaching a similar story, with similar characters in a totally new way. I can’t wait for this to air and I hope you all laugh your heads off while watching!

Buuuut for now I am off to bed.

Tomorrow I am honored to attend the Jonas Brothers Burning Up Concert in 3-D premiere, I’m stoked for this and I’m sure you all are too! Be sure to go check that out this weekend and support those wonderful boys and the awesomely talented Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift!

  • Anonymous

    the dress is a little promish idk

  • Anonymous

    GET HER A STYLIST ASAP. …. seriously. she looks like she popped out of an 80’s music video.

  • Anonymous
  • erikaaaj

    eh sorry not pretty at all, well nos he’s pretty, but to me nothing special you know?

  • steph

    love the dress colour, hate the shoes, but she looks good!

  • abc

    sequins, stripes and polka dots? really?

  • Anonymous

    i dont like her dress it looks cheep
    but shes pretty

  • keagan

    cute dress

  • Anonymous

    she looks really pretty. :)

  • Anonymous

    wat is she wearing?? apart from that, shes really pretty! i luv her hair!

  • tish

    hahahah im in the background of this. wierdddd

  • katie!

    she was sooo sweet
    I was there
    she signed an autograph for my baby sister

  • Anonymous

    aw she look soso pretty!

  • Anonymous

    Why is everyone getting all weird about her dress I think it looks fun. And the premiere was about the Jonas brothers not what everyone was wearing I mean come on it wasn’t the oscars.0

  • Anonymous

    Cheap dress.
    But she looks pretty.

  • erikaaaj

    i speel horrible i meant to say is: she is pretty, but nothing too special. she isn’t like the most beautiful girl in the world you know?

  • Anonymous

    wtf is she wearing? she looks pretty aside from the dress.

  • danielle

    she looks absolutely gorgeous.
    i would totally wear this!!!

  • charli

    omfg. this girl seriously needs to learn how to dress properly.

    the clothes she wears are like “wtf is that?”

  • ashleyyyy uhhhh :)

    love the dress<3

    BUT does no one notice this is the same dress tiffany thorton wore in an [[upcoming]] episode of SWAC?

    im pretty sure this was it….

  • caroline

    i saw that dress!
    its betsey johnson!
    she looks good! haha

  • Anonymous

    she looks goregous! :]

  • Anonymous

    she looked so much better in real life. :]

  • Anonymous

    what an ugly dress…

  • jamie

    seriously..she needs to get a new stylist, PRONTO!
    oh god, this is what you call a fashion MALFUNCTION.

    i mean, shes a gorgeous girl but..
    she really has no sense of style :P

  • kels

    she’s pretty…

    but that dress is horrible

  • Anonymous

    The dress is OK but it looks like she got it from a mall.

  • nikki

    you can tell she had something done with her teeth!
    they just dont look the same….

  • Tru

    Shes so pretty!

  • anonymous

    were the hell is taylor swift?

  • Claire

    love that dress!!! Betsey Johnson is such an amazing designer

  • Anonymous

    Yeah! The front ones look like veneers.

  • kelsey

    her make up looks like shes tryign to be like 20
    and the dress looks like shes trying to be 12

  • ari

    oh god…….
    thats a mess.
    but her shoes are adorable!

  • jillian

    That dress is defiantly not cheap. It’s a Betsy Johnson&I think it looks adorable
    on her. Although I don’t like tthe necklace, I thought she looked cute!

  • Jane

    she’s pretty, don’t like the dress

  • random

    she looks really good.

  • Libby

    I loooove her dress! :)

  • jonas

    she needs a stylist… ASAP! her dresses (camp rock. and this) are always soooo bad! im sorry but this is terrible

  • Claire

    betsey johnson dress!

    her eyes are great

  • anonymous

    i actually LOVE that dress
    you dont see anyone else there wearing a dress like that, do you?
    its called being originality
    you should try it sometime(:

    but she looks gorgeousss

  • LoveJonas

    she’s pretty…I like her dress but I hate the shoes!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    that is a ugly dress

  • Brianna

    Okay I love how everyone is kinda like “ugly dress” and I am complete fan of Betsey Johnson and her dresses. I tried it on (and took a pic) and I personally love it…so BAM! My perspective…she was just being different and not being like everyone else…but i don’t like the shoes and ya…something about her make-up makes her look old and her teeth are different. her hair didn’t do it for me tie either.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I love her! :)

  • Anonymous

    too bad that dress was designed by Betsey Johnson. It $500 ..if you think that’s “cheap” then I’d like to see you top that off.

  • Anonymous

    that dress is nowhere near cheap . . . its betsey johnson

  • briana

    meaghans dress by worn by tiffany thorton an episode of sony with a chance at sreling knights party on the show!

  • Anonymous

    yeah that dress is betsey johnson, i think it’s cute, but there are so many cuuuuterrr betsey ones, but oh well it was her choice i’m not going to be all critical on her fashion sense.

  • Anonymous

    love the dress!
    the shoes : ewwwww

    shes prettier than she was in camp rock!

  • Anonymous

    eww what the fuck is she wearing. gawd. does she not know its public. ur not at home playing 80’s. eww who would invite her. who is she anyway?

  • d

    shhe needs a stylist asap
    that dress is horrible and cheap looking

  • meeeeeee

    she looks so pretty! :)
    like a real vampire. haha

  • Anonymous

    Aww Meaghan looks so grown up! Holy cow, 17?! I would have thought she was only 15 or 16 at most. Happy belated birthday Meaghan! =) <3

  • Kristi

    :o Is she sporting a Betsey Johnson? I think I saw it on the website

  • april


  • Anonymous

    whats up with her teeth

  • Katy

    omg tiffany thornton wore the exact same dress on an upcoming episode of sonny with a chance! here is the picture:

    who do you think wore it better?

  • Karrina

    All the dresses she wears look like they’re from limited too or something.
    Other than that she looks pretty, and I love her shoes!

  • stupids

    it’s betsey Johnson . ITS NOT CHEAP.

  • Anonymous

    well, i think her dress is cute.
    its so original, i love it.