Jake T. Austin
update from Puerto Rico where he’s filming Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie with Selena Gomez and David Henrie. Stone is heading out there soon. Jake is going to be directing soon.. Thx Erica!

  • arielle

    he is so grown upppp (:

  • Anonymous

    “and mom, I’m bathing, brushing my teeth, doing my asthma medication, I’m doing great.”
    haha, my mom always asks me if I’m doing my asthma medicine too.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah he seems really cool and normal~ Plus he’s hot!

  • Hey
  • http://www.youtube.com/xoJennaRamdialxo jennalou

    aww, he’s a stunner. and he’s so talented. :]

  • bob

    He seems really cool.

  • Anonymous

    I lovee Jake!
    And Jennifer is going in a few WEEKS?
    That must suck for her. All of the cast is in PR except her. lolz.
    They’re done in April?! That’s so far away.

  • Anonymous

    He has asthma? Aw.

  • MT21

    I love WOWP it is so awesome. & I love Selena and i
    WISH I could be in one episode. ; )

  • Anonymous

    awwww.. ‘and im taking my asthma medication’

    he is such a cutie. easy on the eyes too ; )

  • aw

    jake is so adorable, i love the wizards cast.

  • Anonymous

    what does he wisper at the end of the video??

  • Anonymous

    Pretty please?

  • laland

    is the twist that Justin and Alex arent related? :)

  • sami

    jake your voice is changing! your sooooo cute!

  • Anonymous

    aww i like jake, he is such a cutie, he is gonna be hott when he gets older and i love the whole wizards cast. i hope they have fun puerto rico and that was sweet what he said about his little sister and told his mom that he was doing great:)


    LMAO @ the last part!! haha every time i c him i cant stop thinking about “go diego go”

  • Tru

    Thats my boo! LOL!

  • nani

    hes so cute..i love him

  • Anonymous


  • http://google.com idk

    Good luck with all the other projects buddy

  • Anonymous

    Aw hahaha he is so cute!

  • lettitial


  • Anonymous

    he so adorable!

  • O

    not quite sure why he’s talking like the joker in this video but HE IS HOTTTTT

  • arielle

    he is so grown upp :)

  • Anonymous

    jake i cant believe it your voice is getting lower