Nicole Anderson JONAS 3D PREMIERE

JONAS starlet Nicole Anderson hits up 3D premiere. Photo Credit: PR Photos.

  • Anonymous

    her face in the 2nd picture made me lol.

  • OMJ it`s MIRIAM

    SHES SOOOOOOOO PRETTTY. XXD plus she’s half-filipina. XXXD

  • :)

    Wow! She is gorgeous!

  • Sarah

    She’s pretty and everything, but her eyes look dead. She needs to connect more.

  • brittany*

    aww shes so pretty!
    why cant nick date her ?!
    niley* now means nicole and nick [credit me]
    yayayayayyaayyy nicole :D

  • GossipGirl

    How did she pull that off? Wasn’t she interviewing them on the red carpet? I don’t recall her wearing that! Still, she’s gorgeous, and Demi Lovato has those shoes or ones similar to those!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Jonas 4 Canada !

    Shes really pretty!

  • corrine =]

    her dress is from forever 21!

  • jordan


  • Anonymous

    shes pretty i like her hair

  • Anonymous

    definatley not brown eyes are the color of poop and dirt…blue eyes are the color of a beautiful sky

  • Anonymous

    she in JONAS

  • Mara

    Filipina girls rock :P HAHA!

  • Anonymous

    mm dirent she go modeling school??
    she dosent know how to stand

  • ?

    shes cute

  • alyssa

    she’s really pretty

  • Anonymous


  • kdjfj

    You’re crazy!!!!!!! Nicole is 100000 times more prettier than Miley. Who the hell ever said Miley is pretty, have you taken a loook at that girl she’s not even pretty, Nicole Anderson is gorgeous & im pretty sure Nick is going after her.

  • Anonymous

    her and nick would be like,
    amazingly cute togethre:]

  • hello

    whoah i have the same exact dress but in royal blue
    i wore that to my best friend’s sweet 15 with my chucks!!=]

  • bre

    y is she standing like that

  • O

    she’s prettttty!
    i love her dress, it reminds me of belle from beauty and the beast, ahhahaha
    and her shoes are so cute imma steal ‘em

  • hello

    whoah i have the same exact dress but in royal blue
    i wore that to my best friend’s sweet 15 with my chucks!!=]

  • Anonymous

    when did she change and whyyy?

  • amandaS

    aww, shes so cute (:

  • Anonymous

    whats with the yellow and red

  • Anonymous

    she’s really pretty. i love her hair :]

  • monika

    her shoes are soo cute:)

  • Anonymous

    WOW. shes absolutely GORGEOUS OMG. except the outfit, but other than that SHES SOO PRETTY

  • s

    nick hook up with her for sure!

  • Anonymous

    ha ha iremebered back the days
    when selena first wearing dress on a show,
    she looks the same thing.
    very nervous and can hardly walk with heels :)
    love selena &&misses her :(

  • Anonymous

    y was she interviewing instead of walking the purple carpet

  • sarah

    what do u mean whats with the red and gold?
    its a very glamorous look

    She looks great and I spy new competition for Selena Gomez

  • Anonymous

    shes in JONAS

    she changed clothes too
    she was wearing a differant outfit earlier

  • Anonymous

    my school colors ha

  • Anonymous

    i dont like her
    but iam jealous of her eyes
    damn it.
    brown eyes are gorgeous
    brown beats blue/green

  • Anonymous

    she’s sooo cute! i love nicole anderson!

  • Anonymous


  • anonymous

    i don’t like the red and yellow combo either.
    but royal blue sounds like it’d be cute for those of you who have this same dress.

    to whoever said that this dress looks cheap as if it came from forever 21, there are a lot of cute stuff that don’t look cheap from that store. obviously you don’t know how to shop.

  • Anonymous

    she used to look like demi! now she has the same hair as demis new hair lol if that makes any sense

  • Anonymous

    Actually brown eyes are gorgeous. It depends on the shape of the eyes first of all not the color. I know a girl who has blue eyes and she look like a fucking rat with them. I think girls with big round eyes are gorgeous no matter the color. And the outfit bothers me. I mean the, the dress is gorgeous and the shoes ae too. its just couldn’t she find shoes that matched it more perfectly or put belt around the waist that matched the shoes and purse? I’m sorry I have an obsession with matching from head to toe.

  • steph

    LOVE her dress! that colour is gorgeous. she’s adorable.

  • Shannen

    i have that exact same dress, and it was not a “cheapie”. its by nicole miller, and absolutely adorable. it is NOT from forever 21, thats for sure.

  • anonymous

    her outfit makes her look like belle, from beauty & the beast…

  • fw

    shes not that pretty jeez
    i find her hideous but shes a good actress

  • Anonymous

    Wow she’s so pretty!
    I’m so excited for JONAS!

  • Sinclaire

    Chill Jonas loser fan. She is 18 years old & is studying psychology this girl is not at all like Miley or Selena, meaning she’s not an airhead & she will not hook up with Nick or any of them cause she’s way smarter than that.

  • Anonymous


  • lmao

    i have that dress in blue!


  • Anonymous

    dude because she wants to
    that’s the why she’s stands, got a problem? god.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Speaking of JONAS, some dude requested me on myspace–total date rape face.

  • Megan

    I bet you 200 bucks that Nick Jonas is going to try and date her next.

    She is really pretty though, I love her shoes.

  • kelsey

    gold is soooo beautifull!!!
    but umm, jonas brothers suck dick.

  • Anonymous

    shes like so pretty finally disney hires a normal looking person. lol. most girls have odd features.

  • Anonymous

    i so agree with you.
    everytime theres a pretty girl in disneychannel one jonas boy dates them adn breaks their hearts. poor girls ):

  • Aggie


  • Anonymous

    shes pretty!
    at least this chick looks like shes not trying to impress

  • Anonymous

    what’s wrong with her in the second pic she looks

  • as,fafg

    filipino girls are prettty!

  • deanna

    shes really pretty. her shoes are fugs. and i have her dress haha.

  • rawrambo

    she’s so stunning! can’t wait to see her on the show (:

  • Ashley

    did u ever consider that maybe she was walking when they took that picture??? look at her feet!

  • Anonymous

    love her dress
    she needs more boobs
    hate her shoes

  • Anonymous

    oh cmon…i hate selena and even i admit selena pwns this girl in looks.

  • Anonymous

    oh well, get over it.

  • team melena.

    ha ha c’mon
    this chick is nowhere compared to miley/selena
    miley/selena has this “hook” where they can drag
    a lot of people to like them because of their
    looks. they’re both gorgeous.
    miley has pretty eyes, nice hair while
    selena has one of the most natural gorgeous beauty
    in hollywood
    miley/selena are famous, this girl is just like a pinky compared to them.
    half of the world knew both this girls and
    respect them while this nicole girl only has like what?
    100+supporters? or even lesser
    she’s a nobody..

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i hate yellow&&red together.
    it reminds me of mustard and ketchup.

    she’s pretty though.

  • Anonymous

    she’s pretty but what the heck is goin’ on with that color combo? she looks like ronald mcdonald.

  • Anonymous

    omg i HATEE how she is standing in the last pic!!!!!!!
    likee SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?

  • Anonymous

    her dress is from forever 21!


    when i first looked at the pic i thought “that dress looks like its from forever 21″ hahaha

    and it is ….
    its prob just cuz shes new to the business and dowsnt have the major money yet..

    her outfit is still sooo cute!

  • allie

    she was so nice! she interviewed us for the disney channel.
    she was funny too. if any of you ever see the interview,
    i’m the one with the nick face;)

  • Anonymous

    the dress looks really cheapie, like from forever 21 oro something..

  • cyanna

    she is wickked preeety.
    i bet nick will try &; date her,lmfao.

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  • Jane

    she’s really pretty and i like her dress. it just doesn’t look good with the red, a deep blue or purple would’ve been better i think