Rihanna Pregnant With Brown’s Baby?

Did Rihanna‘s pregnancy lead to her brutal beating? According to Star, Rihanna visited an OB-GYN at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles because she believed she was pregnant with Chris Brown‘s baby.

The eyewitness revealed: ‘She was extremely fidgety. She seemed totally uncomfortable.’  Ri’s friends feared the pregnancy would affect her volatile relationship with Chris: ‘She was scared he would react badly.’

Rihanna told them: ‘All I could think was, ‘Oh, my God, I could lose the baby!”

  • Anonymous

    Likewise gal!
    medela symphony

  • tetee

    rhinna like get beating by chris if that how she want to live her life so be it.

  • http://www.plurk.com/omjitsmiriam OMJ it`s MIRIAM

    Star is full of bull.

  • Adalae

    IM RACIST!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    TOTALY BS!!!! sry but Star mag. is one of those tabloid u can’t trust when people or us weekly come out with that then i’ll believe it but this is not true

  • devon and ashley

    ooo come on tht is bs and besides she wudnt be like tht with him if she knew about the baby she wud be nervous not all guchy guchy like she is in tht pic of them soo tht isnt tru dnt believe them

  • Gossipgirlluver

    I dont beleive it b/c if it was true star wouldnt be the only one telling us
    Chris Brown is sexed
    he may be a womanbeater but still sexedd

  • keke

    i will like to say that i feel for both parties…their personally life is out and everyone knows what goes on in their life which is ashame… some things should be private like this situation…i feel sorry for rihanna but i also feel sorry for chris brown…not just because i am a 15 year old girl who luv chris brown ( im mean can u blame me…lol.) but because he lost the three most important things in his life….his fans…his career…and the love of his life….plus everyone making him out like a monster……that can cause a deep depression….i feel sorry for rihanna because evryone is going to expect her to be the poster boy of abuse victims… everywhere she go she going to be known as the star who got abuse…next thing you know a movie going to be out…she has a lot of pressure on her to be an example and she dont need that right now….plus im sure she have people in her face to make sure she dont see chris which she probaly hate….in half the pics we see of them riri is happier than chris… im just saying that rihanna is is not the only victim and chris isnt the only crimanal

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    star is a piece of fucking bull shit soo stop thinking these horrible things and love rihanna but hate chris brown got it got it

  • KaiRob

    Star should just stop making their crap magazine. Nobody believes it. Stupid shit. -_-

  • hanna

    star is bullshit

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    oh please
    no one believes star

  • Gina

    Thats… wow. IDK if i should believe it or not… prob not

  • Anonymous

    OCEANUP, you dumbass.. it’s STAR magazine!

  • Tru

    Dn’t believ dat at all…….

  • Anonymous

    its star. that’s bull shit. if it was true though… that’d put a spin on things.

  • Anonymous

    After I saw ‘Star Magazine’ I was like how DUMB can oceanUP be?

  • omg

    Oh thanx 4 pointing out the source guys i actually believed that 4 a second!

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t even start reading when I saw it was Star Magazine…

  • debbi and ryan

    the first thing about fashion is tht u wudnt be in those skinny tight dresses if u wer pregnant duh and the second thing about fashion is tht ppl hoo r pregnant often wear very very colorful things since they r looking fat and ik ppl think black makes u look skinnier but it jus reely makes u look goth soo sh wud reely be wearing most colors!!!!!!!!!! well there u hav it fashion speaks everything. duh… never under estimate the power of fashion….

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  • Anonymous

    once you see STAR magazine.
    you know its not ttrruee!
    fuck that shit.

  • Anonymous

    this ain’t true! perez even said so himself.

  • Anonymous

    this ain’t true. perez even said so. plus, who believes star!?

  • xoRihannaxo

    guys if you read other websites, you would know that it was because of a booty call in the form of a text message. Rihanna found it on his phone and she got upset.
    If you don’t believe me go to http://www.tmz.com and look under rihanna’s category for old posts. and also just go to old oceanup posts about Rihanna.
    Star may be a load of crap but people do know what actually happened.
    LOVE RIHANNA! happy bday (though it was the 20th)

  • katie

    what. no.

  • Anonymous

    haha , but if star said something fake and BAD about the jonas brothers , all the haters would jump on them saying they knew they weren`t saints and whatnot . . . people are so hypocritical .

    Haha, I know, seriously.
    Everyone would be like “zomg, douchebags!!!” but for anyone else, they just say “IT’S STAR THEY ARE LIARS!”
    Fucking idiots.

  • Jane

    it’s STAR!

  • Anonymous

    I think people should leave these two alone.
    Yes, he beat her, and yes he did apologize.
    Isn’t that enough for you naive Americans?
    If you are really chris brown fans, you
    will leave these two to deal with their issue
    All you people care is to put the young, black man in jail for a mistake.
    I bet if this was Jesse McCartney or Aaron Carter or whomever, you would
    get over it i less than 2 days.

  • catherine

    nuff’ said

  • Anonymous

    i can`t even believe oceanup is THAT STUPID to post star shit . . . nvm , i CAN believe it .

  • Anonymous

    haha , but if star said something fake and BAD about the jonas brothers , all the haters would jump on them saying they knew they weren`t saints and whatnot . . . people are so hypocritical .

  • Anonymous

    holy shazzaamm is this for realz?

  • hanna

    haha , but if star said something fake and BAD about the jonas brothers , all the haters would jump on them saying they knew they weren`t saints and whatnot . . . people are so hypocritical .

    true dat

  • Chanel

    wtf? lol

  • jhjhg

    They look adorable in that pic together, i think they need to get back together.

  • Anonymous

    oh please
    no one believes star

  • Anonymous

    oh please
    no one believes star

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  • Anonymous

    um its star
    ’nuff said.

  • Anonymous

    u do know that if she’s pregnant that means that rihanna has hiv cuz chris brown has aids, right?

    i dont think this is true

  • Amira

    When have they ever made a baby???
    We’d totally recognize it, and she did a concert a few
    months ago, how could she perform if she’s preg?
    Well I think this is bogus if you ask me, but maybe
    they were planning to have one????
    im seriously lost here…

  • Anonymous


  • kamilah

    star is just pulling shit out
    their asses this is the most
    ridiculous rumor ive heard
    involving rihanna and chris
    whats done is done
    stop tryna add more drama to the mix
    lay off damn

  • <3

    star magazine is SHIT.

  • Anonymous

    i guess you also think domestic violence is totally okay now to right? rihanna isn’t going to let this happen to her again. and joe and taylor were cute together but there not getting back together.

  • 321

    i feel bad for both of them even though i love chris and hate riri.I feel bad for chris because he lost four things his posabaly child , his career ,some of his fans
    (but not me cause i love him), and his love of his life.And I feel bad for rihanna because she got her head nocked off

  • Anonymous

    this goes to to jhjhjg or w/e your stupid name is

  • Anonymous

    star magazine is equivalent to bullshit.

  • have you noticed…

    have you noticed that this story changes every single time? seriously this is all just bs.

  • Anonymous

    i heard this on the radio.

  • caca

    YOUR SO GAY YOU DONT HAVE A DICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • katee.

    she wasn’t pregnant. he beat her cause he contracted herpes from her.

  • Kat

    LMAO. Ultimate FAIL Oceanup.

  • isabella

    ugh,stop it oceanup
    its fvckingg star magazine!

  • Anonymous

    wtf yea she can perform when shes pregnant no wonder ur lost.