Sterling Knight SOULJA BOY

Rachael & Alaina hung out with Sterling Knight for about an hour after the Jonas Brothers 3D Movie premiere: He was really nice and super normal. He told me that he really wants to be in an episode of Law and Order: SVU.

He talked to my friend Ashlee on my phone and did the Soulja Boy dance with a fan. He also recorded a video for my friend and ended it with ‘time for talking is over’ like Chad Dylan Cooper says on Sonny With A Chance! He seemed greatful for all of the fans.’ +2 pictures!

  • Anonymous

    hahahahahahaha I loooove himmmm!!! He is seriously my newest obsesh!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sarah

    this spiderman is hilarious in the background xD
    sterling is cool

  • KhimmyCane


  • Anonymous

    Sterling is a cutie and way too good of an actor for Disney!He would be great on SVU1

  • Violet

    I love him on Sonny with a Chance, he’s not very cute, but he seems like a total sweetheart!

  • karen

    jaja spiderman xD

    aamm his not cute cute but
    ir really carismatic

  • ytel

    spider man is totally creepin (:

    sterling = idiot queer.

  • amanda


  • O

    ahaha he’s funny :P
    i personally don’t think he’s cute but he seems really nice and he cracks me up on sonny with a chance xD

  • KaiRob

    That was actually really funny.

  • Anonymous

    Im glad i wasnt the only one who noticed spidey!

  • b.

    spiderman MADE my life.

  • hehee

    creeper spiderman is the bombdotcom. (:

    i like sterling. usually i get mad at people for partying, etc etc but he seems to be a great guy all the same. he’s cute on the show, but he’s REALLY not photogenic. idk, that’s my opinion. and like someone said already, he’s very charming. maybe that’s what makes him cute. lol. but yeah. he seems cool.

  • BreeAnna

    gawd. he is adorable.

  • Anonymous

    Hahahahauaha the spiderman guy in the back round hahahaha

  • Megan

    I LOVE Law & Order SVU! That’s my favorite show, and I could definitley see him being on an episode. That would be really cool! He seems like a really nice guy :)

  • Anonymous


    looks like benjamin button, but in the beginning of the movie, HORRIBLE

  • Anonymous

    is… not cute

  • Tru

    That video was cute…..He is cute also! Uh Oh! LOL!

  • Anonymous

    the spiderman in the background cracked me uppp

  • Anonymous

    Great guy
    Not many celebs would take the time to do this with a fan

  • Cami

    the spiderman is hilarious!

    Sterling is adorable. =]

  • mireenajonas

    hahahha. he is a cuteee for sure.

  • Anonymous

    lmao! he is the only reason i laughed at the show when i watched it

  • Anonymous

    Spiderman lurking in the background was the best part.

  • Anonymous

    Dani looks kinda mad :[

  • Anonymous

    I hate how girls get all stupid with guys like him.

  • Anonymous

    He’s not that cute. And he’s a horrible actor. He fits right in with the rest of the SWAC cast.

  • Anonymous

    he’s very cute on the show and in real life. he is a new celebrity so he has not mastered the fine art of picture taking yet! Give him a few months!

  • lawreignd

    wtf? spiderman is a creeper.

  • Anonymous

    he seems like the most generous new star on disney channel

  • Anonymous

    haha he’s cute. and down to earth.

  • CaptinCrunchRocks

    He’s not that cute. And he’s a horrible actor. He fits right in with the rest of the SWAC cast.
    Lmfao i agree

  • Anonymous

    lmfao i couldn’t stop laughing at that video.
    Cause the spiderman in the background is watching and he see’s that someones recording, and poses.

  • brianna wade

    my name is brianna wade and i want to say that he is hot.but,he is not a very good actor at