Very Happy 19TH Birthday Tony Oller!

As The Bell Rings star Tony Oller turns 19 today!

  • danielle

    ok all of you ppl need to shut up.
    he is not gay.
    he is a very talented actor.
    and an amazing singer.
    if you actually knew him, or took
    the time to get to know him, you
    wouldnt say this. tony and i have
    been friends for about a year now
    and he is an amazing guy.
    and As The Bell Rings is a good
    show, even if it is only 5 minutes.
    it’s funny and has a lot to do w/
    the things teenagers deal with, its
    not a kiddy show. you really shouldnt
    judge people.
    btw, he is 18 today. not 19.

  • Anonymous

    Nice try but it’s his 18th birthday today :)

    And everyone that’s bashing all need to shut the fuck up because you clearly don’t know him. Tony is the sweetest guy in the world. Yeah he might be on a 5 minute show but so what!? HE HAS TALENT. he’s an amazing actor and an even better singer. If you’ve never listened to him sing check out his myspace .


  • Anonymous

    um… he’s 18… not 19…

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  • Anonymous

    these people dont even know him and they’re talking trash about him

    Get your time to know him a little, and you’ll find he’s AMAZINGGGGGG!

    and he’s turning 18!!! not 19!
    get it straight oceanup!


    I LOVE YOU :)

  • Anonymous

    OceanUp, it’s his 18th. Not his 19th. And Tony is amazing at everything he does and is MOST DEFINITELY not gay…

  • Jocelyne

    aww I love him

    Happy Birthday!

  • Anonymous

    Damn you Oceanup! Why don’t you post the fucking Selena pics?!

  • Christy

    It’s actually 18. He turns 18 today. But Happy Birthday Tony! I love you!

  • maria

    false. hes 18.

  • Anonymous

    This is your last chance.

    I am warning you, if you don’t give me your walrus I will smack you.

  • marissaaaa

    oh hey hottie.

  • lilstaa

    He’s in one lame 5 minute show, he’s a REALLY bad actor and he can’t sing. He’s not even that hot….seriously, WHO CARES about him?!

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  • O

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  • Anonymous

    happy birthday ! *-* I love he.

  • MKSLEl


  • TaELFvy


  • oNfqfb


  • Anonymous

    i thought he was 18 …?

    whatevs, happy birthday tony! <33

  • Jazmin

    Its his 18th birthday!

    He is not gay he is very talented!

  • mandy

    HE TURN 18
    NOT 19

    GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kamilah

    Yeah he turned 18!get your facts straight!

    He rocks:D

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  • Anonymous

    he’s so freaking sexy!!
    Happy Birthday Baby!! (:

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    18th birthday. get it right.

  • Zena

    Thats such a weird picture.
    Because the guy to the right is like one of my best friends, and we went to school with Tony.
    Cy Fair High Schooooool<3

  • Wgflycs


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  • weiner

    hahaha, sama’an.

  • Zena

    Haaaa, he definitely need a haircut