• cassie

    they probably just looked bad like they didnt have any makeup on and they didnt want people to see them and take pictures of them like that not because they have huge egos or something….

  • ash123lou

    hahha i bet when the paps lose interest in them (mainly vanessa) she’ll be begging for the attention.. proably going to the hottest paps restaurants etc.. shes really immature so stupid… shes pretty so whats the big deal if they take pics of her..

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    woow that is soo cool that they are friends
    i didnt even know that

  • Anonymous


  • Bella.

    WTF, they think they’re all that, hiding from paps.

  • Krystal

    Vanessa is always hiding her fucking face.
    stay the fuck home then
    dumb bitch,


    Agreed. She wanted the damn fame, she got it & now she should stop acting like such an ungrateful bitch. She will be begging for her picture to be taken when people finally get sick of her & trust me it WILL happen. She didn’t seem to mind the camera so much when she was stripping of her fucking clothes. She also doesn’t seem to want to hide her face when she is with Zac because she WANTS to be seen with him that’s the only thing keeping her famous. Face it people, her “career” is a joke.

  • Anonymous

    Woah how fucking creepy are those paps following young girls around, mannn thats fucked up.

    give me a break, these girls are like in their 20’s. besides paparazzi do it for the money, not because they have crushes on the girls.

  • s

    this was yesterday justjared jr posted it!

  • misssy

    i know paps are really annoying,
    but hiding your face wont make them
    stop following you, it just makes
    you look kind of arrogent,

  • Anonymous

    Vanessa is always hiding her fucking face.
    stay the fuck home then
    dumb bitch,

  • teamdisney:)

    they look retarded all hiding.
    and screaming!!

    im glad they are friends.
    but they just look retarted.

  • Anonymous

    lol.vanessa was all standing facing the camera then when she notices the paps she like jerks and hides behind brittany! lol then she runs in and gets her sunglasses!
    she must look pretty bad without them.why else would she be so pressed over that?


  • Anonymous

    they’re so immature. Look at them screaming and J-walking. anyways, I cant believe how people post this dumb video. oh, look! its them coming out from a pilates class! WOW so what? they didnt even do anything. Waste of time and space.

  • LOL

    I agree w/ the ppl who say they have a rite to run I’m sry but its their privacy the pale r invading n their job is to non its not their job to be nice r smile for the papz its to act n sing

  • Anonymous

    that was so rediculous how they were running at the end.. yea like they were really trying not to attract attention! ashley and vanessa are talentless idiots who’s 15 minutes will be up soon enough.

  • Megan

    Seriously, who do those two think they are? I gaurantee that more people outside of the tween circuit know who Brittany Snow is rather than Vanessa and Ashley, and she wasn’t hiding her face and looking retarded. They really need to deflate their egos and not let their miniscule temporary fame get to their heads.

    Wonder how they’ll feel when the paps no longer want their pictures. haha!

  • Leah

    im sorry but i agree with everyone, them acting like they are the greatest thing really pisses me off!
    seriously, they are NOT that great, and good luck getting GOOD WORK after hsm…. they are not the best actresses out there…
    it takes a lot more then FAME to get good jobs, it takes talent too, unfortuneatly none of them really have any…

    this makes me loose respect for them. not only was this video a waste of time, but it was POINTLESS! grow up girls, you got into this buissness and this is what you are going to get! stop acting like this!

  • maya

    I agree with everyone’s comments, it’s so arrogant to act like that. Sure it’s more than annoying to have a bunch of people always taking pics of you but get over it. It comes with the job. Go do theatre work if you don’t want to have to deal with fame. But that’s their problem, they don’t appreciate acting enough to even consider doing theatre, they like the fame and money to much. They like being able to shop and eat at fancy places, getting dressed up and going to premieres and awards shows to much to consider doing a play. So since they like being famous this is what you get, dumbasses.

  • jshfjd

    Woah how fucking creepy are those paps following young girls around, mannn thats fucked up.

  • Sinclaire

    Are you girls that jealous of these girls success that you’re siding with those creepy paps. Give them a break id be hiding and running too.

  • bonnie

    Dude seriously your all stupid.
    Well not all of you 90% of you.
    seriously put yorself in there shoes you have people following you around witha camera in a car, You would not like that at all. seriously.
    and so what if they hid there faces get over it, i dont see how that was immature? not everyone is as cool with the paps. following them arou8nd like miley. more power to her that she dosent seemed to be bothered by it, but dont bash the ones that do.

  • Elizabeth


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