Ashley Tisdale PUERCO ESPIN, The New FACE Of ITALIAN Clothing Line

‘Fashion legend’ Ashley Tisdale is the new face for the Italian clothing line ‘Puerco Espin’, popular among teens and children. This project will be launched on March 22, in Milan, and she’s going to host the show. Also, Ash is going to be the cover of ‘PE Magazine’. Article from Ashley-Tisdale.Org:

Fabio Castelli, director of Five Season marketing group, said: ‘For our brand, which is well established in the market, Ashley Tisdale
is the perfect choice. She’s now a legend throughout the world, her
image is very stylish.’

Ashley will be featured in 2009 Spring-Summer campaign which reflects the world of the stars; Puerco Espin will fly to Los Angeles to offer its customers the enchantment of the greatest cities of California, the atmosphere of Hollywood. The campaign will air in major media for teens, like magazines and TV ads.

Fabio: ‘We couldn’t think in anyone better than Ashley Tisdale. Ashley Tisdale is fabulous and has millions of young fans around the world. I think Puerco Espin, supported by her name, is going to be even more sucessful.’

  • Jane

    hahahahhaha she’s lame

  • Anonymous

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  • meghan

    love herr <3

  • Gina

    I’ve never heard of it… but…
    I don’t reallly like Ashley’s style… sometimes her clothes look pretty but :-(

  • CloStar

    I’m italian
    I live in italy actually in ROME
    and I’ve never heard about this brand.

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  • anna
  • Anonymous

    I LOVE her bag! does anyone know what type of prada bag it is?

  • Tiara4613

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    thinking when she named you jane. Or should
    I say what was she smoking.

  • Tiara4613

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  • Sinjuku

    I don’t like such style personally, but she just looks pretty, I love it lol

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