David Archuleta YouTube: ‘At the airport wandering around with Kendra, the keyboardist on tour, during a layover. Sorry, I know my voice is excruciatingly gaspy and more hoarse-sounding than it already usually sounds.

But it’s because my voice really dries out on airplane rides haha. Just thought I’d share our interesting finds in one of the stores. I was late uploading it because it took me forever to find a cable to hook up the camera to my computer.’

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    -Rihanna bikini in Mexico

    -Miley Cyrus “Millions of Milkshakes is the Best!”

    -Lindsay Lohan Gives Paparazzi A Scare (video)

    -Lauren Conrad Shopping in Beverly Hills

    -Miley Cyrus Wants To Drive A Jeep (video)

  • NickLost

    Enjoy some funny photos from Atlanta Airport

  • heather

    OMG!!! he was like 45 minutes away and i didn’t even know it. and my bffs parents were there too!!!!!!!!! i can’t believe he was in my state and didn’t even call to say hi

  • jamie

    i love him.i love him. i love him.

    hes hilariouss <3 :)

  • Sarah

    He is sooo adorable

  • MA

    i love you david!!!!!!!! :D
    you’re awesome xD

  • Dumm Blonnd

    Mine too! D:

  • victoria & friends

    come to canada please!!!(L)(L)(L)(L)
    your amazing, (:

  • JJ

    Get out of my country. Anyway, Hes hilarious. I heard some of the videos from last night’s concert and they were amazing!!

  • dana

    he’s sooo adroable!

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  • Anonymous


  • no.shit.sherlock.rawr.

    wooowww. strange paper.he’s adorable=]