• erikaJOAN

    <3 beautiful

  • Jane

    she’s sooo gorgeous. it’s really classy and vintage. she’s a great role model

  • http://4:39 bridget


  • yesenia

    i think she’s rlly pretty & i prefer 2 c her ply as jane instead of dakota fanning she’s so ugly & boney ugh & btw i dnt wanna c any disney ppl on any of da twilight saga movies dey wud jus kill it & i dnt wanna hear disney ppl or madonna on da soundtracks dey wud jus kill da whole ting

  • Anonymous

    uh amazingg.

  • http://youtube.com/nelena4ever1622 Anonymous

    i think she meke a better jane than dakota 2.

  • Anonymous

    i love theseeeee

  • Anonymous

    do you mean jane from twilight? because i always imagained her burnette(to not offened blondes).

  • Anonymous

    she is SO pretty! and classy i love her!!
    her photo shoots are always amazing.

  • Anonymous

    aaw i love the first pic:D

  • Anonymous

    She looks like a little girl playing in her mothers makeup and clothes. It’s still artsy, classy, and cute.

    haha, i totally agree with you.
    she looks very classy and photogentic and beautiful lately.
    i hope she doesnt turn into a plastic barbie doll.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Shannon

    after she made that whole speech about sexy being embarrassing etc?
    Whatever. Still love her!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i love her

  • jane

    she’s so pretty !

  • Anonymous

    gftyjdry hg muyk

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • kayla

    so pretty…love her! :D

  • Clarissa_ team jb. miley & demi_ (and Niley)

    She’s so pretty, she should be a model.

  • mar

    I think she’s always been developing into a beautiful
    girl -& someone said she’s not ? I wonder who they think is..-She’s the only one left in the HP series going on with university and I don’t think these photos are the slightest bit cheap, yes she is more elegant because its not falling out & exposed – the photos are whimsical, and have a retro esthetic also they for a high fashion mag VS and not every day life …. nice shoot!

  • ?

    arent there any new jonas posts ??????
    im bored as hell !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hayden

    i think she is really beautiful and a great actress. she is a great role model and insparation. i would love to be able to meet her in real life becasue i think she seems so sweet. so everyone should just be nice and think about how you would feel if people were rude to you like some of you are rude to her.

  • Anonymous

    she’s so fuckin gorgeous.
    i love her.

  • anonymous

    you’re right she should play jane, and camilla belle as leah or freida pinto as tia

  • anonymous

    you’re right she should play jane, and camilla belle as leah or freida pinto as tia

  • Anonymous

    She looks like a little girl playing in her mothers makeup and clothes. It’s still artsy, classy, and cute.

  • Anonymous

    I dont like her, and she’s not gorgeous

  • Anonymous


    also, you’ve never met her, so how would you know if she’s sweet? you cant just assume they are b/c of their interviews or what they’ve played in…

  • Anonymous

    you dont know what classy is

  • delani

    she is so prettyyyyyy!!!!!!

  • Hi!

    Now that I think…She could be a good vampire!
    Maybe Jane?
    At least she would look better than dakota.. (but i’m am not saying she’s a bad actress)

  • rawrambo

    she is SO stunning! and very photogenic – i dont think i’ve ever seen a bad picture of her. she makes a very good high fashion model. –but i also respect her for speaking out and saying that its not all about beauty and glamour, its about the brains too. very very good role model, i would have to say. especially compared to some other youngsters in the biz…COUGHCOUGH.

  • Anonymous

    This is classy since her ass and titties aren’t hanging out and actually leaving things to the imagination unlike some other stars. So yes this is classy. Clearly you don’t know what classy is. U problably a miley teenie who thought her vanity fair photos was ohso ‘classy’.

  • Anonymous

    ha ha i bet if it was selena/miley/demi
    was offered to do this.
    disney wont allow them :)

  • Leah


  • Anonymous

    she’s so pretty

  • StephLOVESkevin

    AH! SHE would be the perfect jane!!!!!!!!!!!

  • love is love

    she is such a good model!!!!
    so pretty!

  • mexican girl

    thats wierd! what happend to her? i prefer seen her like hermaione grenyer

  • http://thynameiswit.wordpress.com/ pdaervo

    these are fabulous

  • Anonymous

    first pic she looks like britney

  • Miriam

    Oh my, she’s so pretty… These pictures are NOT cheap. they’re super-beautiful and funny. <3<3

  • Anonymous

    what a gorgeous girl!

    hahahah, today some guys were talking about harry potter
    in class…

    boy next to me: when did hermione start getting hott?
    the 2nd one?
    girl in front of me: no! it was the 3rd!


  • Anonymous

    Yeah kind of. But so does that one blonde girl from sonny with a chance.

  • Anonymous


  • Steph

    She definetly is classy!
    Gorg pics!

  • nadi

    aaaw she is so pretty
    i love her:]

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  • Dyaris

    I think you agree with Rupert Grint,’cause he is very cool actually!