Hilary Duff WHAT GOES UP Trailer

Official trailer for Hilary Duff’s new movie ‘What Goes Up.’

  • Caroline

    I’m glad she is doing some indie films, it shows her diversity as an actress instead of sticking to kids/teens movies.

    This movie looks interesting!

    “Special Ed”
    “Who’s special Ed?”


  • Muirne

    Looks Like the type of movie I Love.
    Looks Good. ;) Cant wait.

  • Anonymous

    dang josh peck is looking smexy now! anywayz i might see this idk!

  • Eeks

    Ok you need to chill you don’t see alot of people cussing and dissing people so calm down keep your comments to yourself luaren. Can someone tell me when this movie comes out the clip was removed from this thing

  • eeks

    Hey when does this come out the clip says its removed????

  • lauren

    who the fuckin hell is hillary duff—never in my life have i heard of her? wow shes ugly.

  • Anonymous

    i cant believe hilary casted in this movie it looks extremley stupid and boring and i would only look at 10 minutes of it. this will be the only hilary duff movie im not watching

  • Afra

    I love Hilary duff and all of her movies. I’m going to watch this movie…because it looks good….! and stop all the bad comments…and shes not ugly who evers lauren….and by the way you don’t know who she is? you are so behind the times

  • Anonymous


  • Sara

    Ummmm I DON’T GET IT?

  • http://www.whatgoesupmovie.blogspot.com Insider

    Hilary Duff does an excellent job in the film, which is due out for a limited release in May.

  • becka

    its seems fun!
    I want too se it.
    And 1 years ago i loved hilary duff.