Jessica Szhor SELF SULTRY

Jessica Szohr featured in Self Magazine. Credit: Gossip Girl Online.

  • latoya

    Definetly a gorgeous girl

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  • Anonymous

    she is soo PRETTY!

  • TinaTalks2MUCH

    lol i thought she was ugly in person.

    but my mistake

  • Anonymous

    LOVE her!

  • Charlie

    Jess is gorgeous, for sure.

    But in person, she’s so STUNNING!

  • Anonymous

    Shes insanely gorgeous

  • Jane

    i think she’s super pretty

  • cookiemonster

    She def. one of the prettiest actresses out there in my opinion. She looks different which just makes her even more gorgeous!

  • Anonymous

    I love her eyes, I want them

  • emma


  • alsjdflkj

    this girl is so pretty, it’s not even funny

  • Anonymous

    she is gorgeous!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like when her hair is sleek and straight. I think
    it looks a lot better curly. Her eyes are gorgeous though.

  • KaiRob

    She’s pretty

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

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