90210 starlet Shenae Grimes enjoyed dinner with a special male friend at Hollywood hotspot Katsuya on Wednesday night. Photos: Fame. +4 under!

  • Anonymous

    what is he? like 40?!

  • Anonymous


  • gaby


  • Anonymous

    hes like 40

  • sam

    their not dating!Im not postive but I think hes the producer or whatever for 90210..something like that but yea their defiantly not dating or anything.Shenae looks gorgeous tho

  • Anonymous

    thats probably her dad or something or manager shut the f up everyone

  • Anonymous

    how old is he??

  • Steph

    I hope that’s not a date. She needs to take that guy shopping and get him some new clothes pronto.


    the guy, obvi not her :)

  • hsh

    haha the first pic looks like she has a huge dick

  • jhjr

    Wow she just stepped over sex goddess Rita Hayworth star

  • Maria

    That’s Gabe Sachs the exec. producer for 90210, he does that w/ everyone. The other week he took half the cast to the restaurant, he’s got a kid and is married so no it’s not what anyone is thinking.

  • Anonymous


  • Jane

    eww he’s old fat and ugly

  • Dwayne

    Like the above post said, thats Gabe Sachs producer of 90210. If i’m not mistaken, she has a boyfriend in her hometown in Canada.

  • Anonymous

    hes like 40
    they def are NOT dating

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    shes so pretty!

  • viccto

    that better be her dad….

  • Anonymous

    she’s lame

  • C

    he has a wedding ring and looks much older than her so i doubt he’s seeing her i mean they are prblly family or something maybe a manager or family friend from canada

  • jen

    That guy she had dinner with is Gabe Sachs, one of the creators of 90210.

  • Melissa

    That’s not her bf she has one and he’s her age and a college student in Canada.

  • Carolline

    I ADORE her. Keep posting Shenae stuff OCEANUP! :)