Pictures of Zac Efron when he was young. Daily Record interview: ‘I think when I was 17 we started High School Musical. That was very much the beginning. I didn’t know what I was getting into at all. I was a pretty standard teenager, I’m not just saying that. I had a very standard high school experience for a typical guy.

I looked like a kid, a kind of awkward, lanky, little kid. A late
bloomer. I wasn’t a geek and I wasn’t the coolest kid in school. I was
somewhere in-between. I was not in any particular clique. I didn’t hang
out with the coolest kids. I wasn’t necessarily the subject of bullying, but I’ve witnessed it a
whole lot.

I still do at times in life. It doesn’t stop
happening at school, it can happen with adults. I have a brother, Dylan. There have been a couple of times
where I’ve been out with him and someone has said a couple of words to
him that weren’t nice, and I’ve had words back. Bullying is one thing
I hate in human nature.

Personally if I had to deal with it, it never got to a situation where
it could be considered bullying because I would find some clever way
around it. I tend to make a joke. I defer everything with laughter. Even when it’s blatantly disrespectful, I would just laugh it off, to
avoid all confrontation..

..and I still use that on a daily basis. I was not the heart-throb of the class in any way and not a total geek, I fell somewhere in-between. I was just a regular kid. My life was set, I was going to go to college, I was going to try to do something great, like be a doctor.’

On college: ‘It didn’t really work out. I decided after I
had done High School Musical and after I had done a couple of films
that I wanted to go to college to study films. I had friends in the program and they just raved about it.

I was so
jealous that they were there. After I was accepted to go, I was
deferred for one year and since then, I haven’t really had time to go
back. I’m studying films on a daily basis now but in a very different

On ‘older woman’ 17 Again costar Leslie Mann: ‘After five minutes of talking
with Leslie, I had a crush on her. She so natural and funny and sweet. She is very interesting. That was one thing about working with her. Leslie is unlike any actress I’ve worked with before.’

  • kk

    He turns out to be that gorgeous, remember the ugly duckling tale.

  • hehee

    he looks mega cute in the one where he’s wearing preppy clothes. the others i think he hadn’t grown into his face yet or something.

  • Anonymous

    He’s such a nice guy.

  • Anonymous

    He looks so cute in all the pictures! It’s so crazy to think that people in high school who aren’t necessarily the coolest kid in school, will grow into some huge celebrity like him!

  • Kate

    he is still hot!!!!

  • Jane

    i think he’s a genuinely nice guy

  • Anonymous


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    Han er sååååå deilig (L)(L)(L)

  • Anonymous

    I Love Him!!

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  • Anonymous

    omg! look at him! eww i still dont think he’s hot

  • kathleennnn :)

    aww hes so cutee <3

  • Anonymous

    hahaha the one in the right at the top is when he was in SUMMERLAND!!! i remember him like that :)

  • Anonymous

    he looks like the sprouse twins…or they look like him

  • Anonymous

    I cant believe thats him.

  • Anonymous

    he had a gap?!?!

  • Laura


  • Anonymous

    haha he look likes such a nerd in the last picture. other than that he looks cute.

  • <3jonas

    he looks like frankie munez! thank goodness he got his teeth fixed! this shows that can do a lot! and haha yess summerland!

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha, that’s adorable!

  • Anonymous

    I have a friend that looks exactly like him! It’s so weird how much they look alike.

  • http://qld Beccy Scuderi

    I love zac he’s so cute
    I just love him lol!!!!

  • Anonymous

    he looks like a Sprouse twin in the last one!
    He’s awesome. I totally agree with the bullying thing.

  • Anonymous

    He looks like chace Crawford in the collared shirt one.

  • Anonymous

    haha, i love this kid…i ALWAYS have, i remember i used to watch summerland religiously and then i saw HSM and i was like, isnt that the same kid? and then i became obsessed

  • cristal

    love zac efron he such a gentleman and great actor! love him he the best!

  • O

    the frosted tips!

  • Anonymous


  • Tiinnaa
  • serena the original. ›› nobody does it better. ®

    Anonymous | February 26, 2009 12:27 PM | Reply

    haha, i love this kid…i ALWAYS have, i remember i used to watch summerland religiously and then i saw HSM and i was like, isnt that the same kid? and then i became obsessed

    he looked hot mess in summerland, LOOOL!

  • Anonymous

    ew he was so ugly!

  • Anonymous


  • anonymous

    he had one in the first hsm, retard!

  • jfjsh

    He seems so real. Vanessa doesn’t deserve him.

  • sdfdsg




    he looks like one of the twins sprouse dylan!! equal!

  • Anonymous

    I love him. He’s so down to earth and like…normal. He acts like he wasn’t really in a movie that he’s just living a regular life.
    He seems sweet.

  • imani

    he looks fcking hot in the one with the collared shirt.
    and hes so cute :)

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  • Anonymous

    he is so not cute !!!

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