Demi Lovato Impersonator LA LA LAND

Demi Lovato’s impersonator Jordan performing ‘La La Land.’

  • Anonymous

    okay yeah anyone who thinks this girl is singing La La Land, is a COMPLETE idiot

  • Smv;<3

    Yes she is a wannabe she always try to be like demi lovato i know her , and her family are like the demi stalkers her sister is horrible and try to be like demi too i mean Jordan is 18 and demi is 16 she should stop doing that , because she doesnt even do it good ! :D

  • Anonymous

    well she does resmble Demi!


    Hence the name “Demi Impersonator”

  • Anonymous

    From a distance shes really similar, close up you can tell its not Demi. But shes better then some impersonators who look nothing like the celebrities
    their supposed to look like..

  • Anonymous

    she should be embarresed

  • MR.

    All you people on this site being negative toward Jordan.

    IT SURE SHOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    From a distance shes really similar, close up you can tell its not Demi. But shes better then some impersonators who look nothing like the celebrities
    their supposed to look like..

  • hi

    omg, i hate demi and this is my new favorite video.
    she looks excatly like demi but a prettier version (:
    and why is everyone saying she can’t sing? she didn’t sing on the video? great video!

  • Anonymous

    She sings like her just her voice in some parts can be slightly strained this is wAaay too much impersonation LOL and her YouTube is all I don’t sing just demi lovato but all her videos involve demi lovato she subscribed to her and most of her favorite videos are her only 1 video is her involving no demi

  • <33

    she looks like demi but her nose is sum how different. and shes lip syncing not actually sing.. OH AND BTW FIRST!!

  • Anonymous

    ok she always says be yourself and she’s not trying to be demi. well obviously she is trying to be demi cuz she posts all these videos! she needs to get a freaking life

  • rawRR_itzEM(ily)

    she lookz like her she jus needz 2 fix that little poof thingy tht she has going on with her bangz

  • eva

    haha everyone who says; she needs singinglessons. this is demi herself. cause jordan isnt singing. go check out her youtube account if you want to, shes so good at singing.

  • ThenamesfeliciaNOOB

    Wow…she could totally pull the demi look off.;

    I like her smile better though, demi’s is too big XD

  • sarah

    i cant watch this.
    this girl is trying to make herself on the enternet by being a demi lovato look alike
    demi would be kreeeped.

  • .

    kinda creepy, but she does look like her!!!!

  • Kelly

    DANG. SHE LOOKS LIKE DEMI. But Demi can take her down anyday :)

  • emily ford

    she actually looks A LOT like Demi hahahaha. and she’s got the overly used hair flip that Demi does in the video down haha. very funny.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, for one dont be such a bitch.
    for two, she has OTHER(hence other, look at the word other) video’s of herself singing.
    And for three dont act like anyone is stupid when your the dumb one here.

  • Anonymous

    are you guys stupid? shes not really singing. shes
    lip-syncing. thats demi’s voice in the back.

    she does look like demi though.

  • katieeeee

    im scared

  • Anonymous

    pretty good

  • anonymous

    I completely agree…I personally get offended when people say this girl looks like Demi because she is no where near as beautiful as Demi. It’s a bit disturbing when people try to copy everything down to hair, makeup and MOVEMENTS another individuals makes….I got goosebumps

  • Anonymous

    she is prettier than demi, but can’t sing better

  • Becca

    demi wears that much make up. so that was kind of the point!

  • ?

    wow she looks like demi
    she needs singing lessons,tho


    It’s the CD playing in the background idoit!!

  • AM

    oh my god this is too embarrassing to watch… i dont think i can watch this im so embarrassed for her.

  • Anonymous

    she looks freakishly like demi.

  • Julia

    wow.. scary, she looks EXACTLY like her.

  • yes

    She looks like a slut version of Demi.

  • Anonymous

    wow. seriously?
    she does kind of look like demi, but if she didn’t copy her hair, make-up, and style, there wouldn’t be THAT much of a resemblance.

    fame whore much? :/ (not demi. this girl.)

  • Anonymous

    that´s so weird…..

  • lawreignd

    LMAO! wow! apparently they are an idiot!
    or not a demi fan

  • Steph

    That girl seriously creeps me out.

  • Anonymous

    she freaks me out

  • alliegator.(:

    she looks a lot like demi,
    her little sister is my friend on myspace.
    and before she even started singing demi,
    i’m like holy mother, she looks like demi.

  • Anonymous

    Think she’s got enough makeup on?

  • Lia DiNunzio

    omg this is horrible.
    haha so awful!

  • Anonymous

    wow she looks like demi

  • meggy


  • ashley is a girls name too

    wow thats like maria canals-barrera&+ demi lovato mixed together….hahaa cool.

    nono hilarious. =]
    wow camera man: great jobbbbb


  • Anonymous

    LMFAO. I can’t stop laughing. I’ve watched fourteen seconds of it and I’m already laughing.

    BTW, this girl’s kinda creepy.

  • JT/HSMDemiLfan01

    She doesn’t look THAT much like Demi.. And who else thinks this girl is trying way too hard and has a little too much makeup on?

  • CaptinCrunchRocks

    well she does resmble Demi!

  • Anonymous

    y is she trying so hard 2 b like demi. u can tell she’s got plenty of make up. be urself girl!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • monique

    she needs to stop trying so hard to look like demi.
    like demi walks around being herself…does this girl cake on makeup and make it her life to walk around looking like demi to get compliments and so she can be like “Oh i just look like her naturally!”
    she really bothers me.
    demi is 10x prettier then this girl because she is demi.
    this girl can be pretty being her and having her own voice and star power.she needs to stop feeding off of demis.

  • CDK

    creepy….i only like the ORIGINAL demi!

    Team demi and selena!

  • demiii

    wow she looks like demi
    she needs singing lessons,tho

  • Anonymous

    She is waaaaay prettier than that demi girl

  • Anonymous

    k that’s really annoying
    she just wanted to be noticed

  • DVB

    Wow she really looks like Demi….but shes trying waaayyyy too hard on the singing.

  • Anonymous

    dude she could be her twin

  • Anonymous

    I think she should try bieng herself
    and not demi lovato!

  • AnaLove

    not gonna lie, it’s a little bit creepy

  • sarah

    she looks so much like demi, mindblowing!

  • Anonymous

    wow she look alot like demi

  • aly

    holy crap….
    I would of totally thought that was Demi if it didn’t say impersonator.

  • Anonymous

    …The video is sorta creepy…

  • Anonymous

    Oh my lawd, girl. Get yourself your OWN identity.
    And when they showed the ‘converse,’ my word she had white socks on with that black dress on! WTF?

  • Daniellleeeeeeeeee

    uhh this girl needs a life, and to stop trying to be someone she’s not.
    Demi doesn’t look like that….

  • katie<3

    that’s sooo weird! she looks so much like demi but I think because of all that makeup and she doesn’t act like demi

  • Demi Novaro (not lovato)

    she sucks

  • Anonymous

    She looks like she is having a seizure.

  • Anonymous

    That’s weird.

  • abby jonas :)

    ROFL she looks like a fucking drag queen.
    she just cakes makeup on.

    I think she purposely trys to look like demi.
    get a life.
    thats pathetic.

  • Anonymous

    Lmao. I thought she was going to start foaming at the mouth!

  • Anonymous

    Her acting is kinda bad. She doesn’t really act like Demi, it’s weird haha. And she’s kinda laughing while doing it too, cause it’s just a spoof. But on the other hand, she looks A LOT like Demi!!!! She could pass for her twin!

  • uvu

    baha she’s a better demi.

  • Chelsea

    Whoa. That’s scary! I thought it was Demi, until I read it was an impersonator. SO creepy! If she could sing that would be even more crazy! She even moved/danced like Demi.

  • Anonymous

    gosh she looks like her!

  • Alaina Kurman

    She’s a wicked bad lip-syncer.

  • jess

    is she serious?
    she looks like demi lovato a lotttt
    but seriously…who does that? weirdooo

  • bm

    Hey Jori,
    Everyone who really knows you KNOWS that you are 100% yourself!! You looked like you were having a great time impersonating Demi. I enjoy your videos and your singing and hope you go far!! No, you don’t need Demi to go far, you are already a star to all who really matter!!!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I watched one of her other videos where she’s actually singing, and people say Demi screams when she sings? All this girl DOES is scream. And her voice is wavers when she does. Not good, creepy girl, not good.

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  • Niki-tastic

    The camera was moving way too much. And she was moving WAY too much too. But still, very big resemblence.

  • MR.

    Hey all you negative people, JEALOUS MUCH?

  • Anonymous

    thats scary she look like her that much and acts like her

  • corona & lime.

    She’s prettier than demi.

  • Marie

    She looks like Demi but the video is just horrible

  • Anonymous

    omg i really though that would be demi
    she looks so MUCH like her

  • jonas4life<3

    holy mother of god!!
    she looks exactly like her and she also does the same moves as her:P lol
    i love demi!

  • Carolyn

    wow haha

  • Anonymous

    i say she needs to be herself rather than trying to be demi…
    just my opinion.

  • Anonymous

    wow.. she looks a lot like her


  • Anonymous

    wow creppy. she really looks like demi though. in a creepy way not a cool way.

  • nicholas

    jordan is awsome her youtube acount is jordan1617

  • nicholas

    jordan is awsome her youtube acount is jordan1617

  • Anonymous

    demi having a seisure . . . this chick FAILS . she only has demi`s hair .

  • Anonymous

    I HATE this girl!!!! She’s 18 so legally she’s an adult acting like a 5 year old.

  • Anonymous

    That is extremely creepy…

  • joose

    she really looks like demi!

  • culllenlove

    They even have the exact same smile,
    pretty damn creepy.

  • Anonymous

    i hate in all her other videos she looks like she tries to say something she says “um” and “so” everyother word. it’s so annoying.

  • Maryyy

    I saw this once on youtube.

    She looks like Demi, but scares me out a bit.

  • Anonymous

    woahh she really does look like her though…

  • FAt Bitch

    Yeah right she wishes she had Demi’s smile.

  • b.

    I would say her impersonation sucks but she looks a hell lot like Demi.


  • Maryyy

    And i saw her other videos,
    She DOES sing..very well actually.[atleast i think so]

  • Anonymous

    I think she was only trying to be like Demi for the video. She’s just having some fun…

  • Anonymous

    i think does kind of look like demi butt if u look at her closely she has her lips and eyebrows like a chola and thts sooo ghetto and her eyebrows she got them tatooed to maybe look like demi’s she mayb trring to look like her put theres only one person who can ROCK THE DEMI LOVAT LOOK AND STYLE IS………………….MISS DEMI LOVATO HER SELF!!!!!!!!!!!!! (NOONE ELSE) )

  • Lisa Lisa

    Yes, she is trying to look like Demi, that’s why she’s an impersonator! And she does a good job at it, too. Demi herself where’s a LOT of make up. Besides, isn’t imitation the highest form of flattery? Don’t be so foul, guys.

    :o I don’t see what’s wrong with her being 18 imitating a 16 year old? Only two years apart!

  • Anonymous

    what the heck.

  • http://oceanup shayla


  • biaa


  • Anonymous

    i think i just pissed my pants.

  • Anonymous

    wow creppy. she really looks like demi though. in a creepy way not a cool way.
    it looks like shes trying too hard

  • Anonymous

    well i guess if demi ever wanted some downtime to herself she could hire this girl as a double..she really could pass for demi in public

  • Anonymous

    This girl’s a freak. I bet she’s into voodoo and shit like that.

  • Anonymous

    holy crap.
    if you fix the eyebrows then you have demis twin.

  • Anonymous

    tits or gtfo

  • Anonymous

    Wow, she’s even better than the real thing.

  • jonas4ever


  • Anonymous

    this is really stupid.
    who has time to do this…
    probably the same ppl who post comments on oceanup.
    lmao ;)

  • jaimie

    have you run out of fake news to post?

  • Anonymous

    i know she was lip syncing in this video,
    but in the other videos with her actually
    singing, i think that she is horrible.
    there is this one close up video of her, and
    she is really obnoxious with her looks.

    demi is so much prettier.

  • Anjigirl

    Wow she looks exactly like demi!