Lucy Hale Paul Iacono DATING Picture

Privileged cutie Lucy Hale picture with new rumored boyfriend Paul Iacono at a recent Fame, the movie, cast GAME NIGHT. Read on Lucy‘s dating drama here.

  • Anonymous

    hmmmm wine coooler i seee, interesting how if this was miley therd b sumthing wrong with having only 5% alcohol

  • Carissa

    AH! my last names iacono to! haha i no random,]

  • ben dover

    ok if paul is the 1 in the red hat im happy for her hopefully its not the kid with the jew fro in the back lol (wanna b jonas brother)

  • Jane

    sad, they were so cute together

  • Caris Rianne

    the guy on lucy’s left is in high school musical 3.

  • dan cole


  • Anonymous

    Selena and David is soo much better.

  • j

    i love how there is just a single wine-cooler on the table…haha

  • annie


  • bbleh

    no she needs to date david henrie again!

  • Anonymous

    the jonas brohters have those shirts.

    i’m sorry, i know this post isn’t about them.
    it just reminded me.

    lucys cool – i thought she was going out with david?

  • Anonymous

    It doesn’t matter if it was 5% alcohol or 50% the problem wouldn’t be with how strong the alcohol is but the fact that she is underage and shouldn’t be drinking alcohol at all…

  • Ashley

    What about David?
    Oh & I spot a wine cooler

  • Anonymous

    She & David broke up a while ago.

  • corrine =]

    awww poor david. plus i havebt watched privelegded in a while. its kinda vboring to me

  • sarah

    David Henrie should come be my boyfriend.

  • Emz

    OMG is it just me or that guy at d backk looks a lot like nick..but wiv blonde hair!
    lol Nick would look super weird wiv blonde hair doe…:D
    and Lucy looks better wiv David i think…

  • :)

    hahaha, i have that empower darfur shirt.

  • vivalajuicy17

    what?! what happened to david henrie?!

  • xxdaniellexx

    I know people noticed this already, but that kid in the back has the same shirt as the Jonas brothers wore in a picture for BOP MAGAZING. I was just looking @ it too. It’s the one where there all laying down on a bed, and you get an arial view. Damn. It’s hottt… Babaahhaha

  • Anonymous

    lmao @ the Nick Jonas-looking boy in the background.

  • Maggie Jonas

    the jonas brothers have that shirt with the fists! hahah i have that poster! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • McKenzie

    The kid in the back looks like Nick Jonas!

  • jonas

    i love lucy shes cool. privileged is my fav TV show

  • skittle alley

    I have seen papparazzi photos of Paul Iacono attending charity functions in NY. It looked as if he arrived and left with a “date” — only his date was not female. Methinks Paul plays for the other team. I mean, how could someone who looks that good be straight?