Jonas Brothers Who Looked Best In 3D

Jonas Brothers North Carolina theater invasion clip from MTV. Joe on who looked best in ‘Jonas Brothers: 3D Concert Experience': Big Rob, he’s the perfect person to be in 3-D! Nick added, ‘He’s larger than life.’

Kevin: ‘Big Rob has 3-D written all over him.. but I definitely looked into the camera more than I should have. I didn’t realize they were going to use every time I looked into the camera in the film.’

Nick on Joe Jonas’ shirtless backstage scene: ‘It’s funny because that scene was not planned. We were shocked when we saw it. You can tell on Joe’s face [because his look] is priceless.’

  • Anonymous

    nick=the sex

  • Ashley

    Joe is so sexy

  • http://oceanup annony

    personally i would watch big rob in any 3d dimension.his got such a cute baby face id love to pinch….i love how enthusiastic kevin gets and he did over do it a bit but kevin u r super awesome and you looked hotter than ever.nick is such a natural hotty and the older he gets well lets just say he is certainly breaking alot of hearts…as for joe he used to be my main squeeze but i lost all respect for him since the whole camilla/taylor saga….he has changed alot in personality BUT i will say that although he has more sex appeal about him and he does look hot in any thing he wears or even with glasses or shirt off his personality is what use to draw us to him…i think this fame or i can date any one i want has given him a huge fat ego and head and is not very appealing…looks aren’t everything its personality and this is coming from a 21 year old not a tweenie…overall the movie was great…so congratulations to the jb on another great project…

  • Kasey

    Hottest motherfuckers ever.
    Love them

  • kimmy4

    their more talented than youll ever be
    and their 3more goodlooking then you
    grow up and get a life

  • Claire

    best like 10 seconds of my life

  • JessJ

    I wanna see Joe’s penis

  • Briana

    Wow, how much time did you have on your hands to copy and paste that all. And, besides at least they care for their fans. Some celebrities curse out theirs.


    Sorry to break it to you girls,
    but OJD is official over.

    Its now called OSD,


  • jenn

    people in my theater screamed louder than that and they weren’t even there.

  • jerseygirl

    God damn snow day! All the toddlers are home on the computer, spamming!

    Get a life losers!

  • Yvonne

    I thought Kevin looked extra yummy in the movie, but I know I am of the minority sadly.

    Big Rob is the man! Go Quob!

  • Anonymous


    hands down

  • Yvonne

    Oh, crap! That was her doing? Bad Felicia

  • Carly

    EW Selena has like 5 fans.No one likes her.Im a Jonas fan but OJD is gay.Only teenies claim to have it.




  • steph

    uff joe shirtless scene made my day
    i can’t wait to see it again
    I LOVE JOE<3

  • mee


  • Anonymous

    JOEEEE <3

  • Anonymous

    they def planned the shirtless scene! ahahaha

  • Rafaela

    He’s looks is princeless?! 0_o”
    I think only Nick thinks that, right girls??

  • Anonymous

    that scene was not planned

    lmao. riiiiiiight.

  • Anonymous

    His face really was priceless lol…
    His reaction was like “WHOAH, hey!”

    Hahahahha (:

  • Rafaela

    never make it before… dar :)~

    Love it!

    JB3D May 8th in Brazil…


  • Anonymous

    joe is so fucking hot, i want to bang him.

  • Jonas 4 Canada !

    QUOB (L)
    And kevy was delish, too bad Felicia decided to ruin the scene for us.
    She doesn’t even work for them anymore!

  • Anonymous

    ojd is so yesteeday.

  • jerseygirl

    Joe’s whole body is priceless!:D

  • Rafaela

    I loved Joe glasses pictures!!

    IT’S SO HOT!!!

  • Jonas 4 Canada !

    cuz ojd is a lame word.
    osd is worse.
    here is my take on OceanUp fans.

    JB= can be a tad too defensive, yet are not total teenies.
    Miley= overly obsessed and worship the girl and think no one is better.
    Taylor= Pretty much same situation as Miley.
    Logan Noh= idiots.
    Selena= retarded. some are cool, but then some of you are like osd, osd, or Selena so is going to perform at the Oscars with her hit single Tell me something I don’t know. Selena is awesome, but you guys can be delusional!

  • Dumm Blonnd

    “Big Rob has 3D written all over him.”

  • Bryony Luvs Jo bros

    I watched the shirtless scene on YouTube cos JB3D don’t come out in the UK till may :(:(:(
    Very Hot!!!
    And Joe Jonas wif glasses = extra sexy ;):)

  • Anonymous

    no way girl

    its all about OSD now!!!!!